Entergy blocking access to fuel costs

A story in the Vicksburg Post Friday indicated that Entergy is refusing to disclose to Attorney General Jim Hood information related to its fuel purchase operations, fuel price adjustments, and fuel cost recovery practices. Since this information is the basis for the fuel adjustments that have been responsible for higher bills, what do you suppose Entergy is hiding? Do you wonder if a part of those higher profits that Entergy has been bragging about may be a result of their “fuel adjustments?”

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  1. It has to be profits and salaries of execs

  2. Since Katrina the city of Vicksburg has had the highest gas rate in Mississippi, when you include the fuel adjustment. The local newspaper refuses to do a comparison of the different surrounding cities rates. The City of Vicksburg is doing the same thing as Entery, when you do not have a voice for the people and State Law allows City Administration to price their rates as they see fit. Now because it’s close to election time and Entergy has admitted to the public that natural gas rates have come down – we get a redution in our gas rates.
    The Administration of Vicksburg cannot say that they are still subsidizing the natural gas when they do a fuel adjustment to recoup the subsidized money spent. You can’t recoup the money if you are subsidizing.

  3. The city fathers are just like the Entergy “fathers” – neither give a d… about the people they are serving.

  4. i find my energy prices are lower when i conserve the amonut of power i use in my home. the problem may be that your trying to live a lifestyle that is beyond your means as far as that weekly paycheck goes.

  5. Surely I misread what you wrote, smokepotworshipsatan. Are you implying that your bill didn’t go up the %28-%30 like the rest of us? Or that you are able to absorb, the %28-%30 increase?

    Obviously conserving energy at home lowers the energy bill. Because I have been conserving Energy around my house anyway, that’s the way my grandparent and parents taught me. For the environment’s sake and just because it wasteful to have lights on if you didn’t need them. I would get popped in the back of the head by my grandmother if I left something on and I wasn’t using it.

    If we are not in a room the light is off. In the summer, I dry my clothes at night when it is cooler so my air conditioner works less. I use energy saver bulbs through out my home. In the daytime, when we are at work no lights are on and the air is turned up. We do not turn the lights on until it is almost dark nad it’s only in the room that we are in. My home and windows are well insulated. Even though I have done this for as long as I can remember, according to my energy bill comparing last year with now, I am using less energy this year than I did last year but yet my bill has almost doubled. HHHMMMMmmmmm…..one has to wonder? I called Entergy to make sure my meter was read correctly. It was, according to them.

    My family and I are making do with the excessive energy fees, but what about the elderly who are on fixed incomes?

    I am grateful that the Attorney General is stepping up and trying to make Energy accountable and show us what they are doing. It’s about time! I wish it would have been sooner. I, too, want to know exactly where those higher profits came from. How dare they raise our prices and then turn right around and brag about higher profits!

    So, you bet I am angry with them, you bet I think they are robbing us blind and you bet I wish I was powerful enough to do something about it too.

    Ok, I feel better now. Glad I got that off my chest. I will get off my soap box now. 🙂

  6. The Attorney General should go get the information from the State Public Service Commission who already has the data, as does the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. AG is just creating extra work for lots of people.

  7. If Entergy already has the information, why can’t they just give it to the AG? No, I think they’re hiding something, probably how much extra money they’re making with those ridiculous fuel adjustments.

  8. I just had a conversation with two fellow workers about our Electric bill. Out of the three of us my home is the largest and they were saying my Entergy Bill must be outrageous. I was surprised to find that my bill was the lowest of the three, including the one who lives in 1/3 the square footage. I explained that we turn off the air(or set it at 85) when we are not at home and never drop it below 75 when we are there. 75 with the ceiling fans is very comfortable.

    One of my co-workers said she keeps it at 65, all day, the other said she keeps it at 70 all day.

    Our 2800 sq ft home cost $130 on our most recent bill, it is a very old home with no insulation. The 70 degree co-worker had a $200 bill for 1500 sq ft and the 65 degree co-worker had a $170 bill for 950 sq ft apartment.

    Every time your air conditioner comes on think of it as money spent. Air conditioning is the most expensive electric drain in your home. Up the thermostat, turn it off or set it high when you leave the home.

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