Are any members of the VPD online?

If there are any present or former members of the Vicksburg police force who read or contribute to this blog online, we would like to hear your opinions about the operations of the Vicksburg Police Department. We do not want character assassinations, rumors, persons with an ax to grind, etc., just facts or well-thought-out opinions and recommendations. If you prefer not to use your true identity, pick a screen ID; your identity will never be revealed to others unless you want it revealed.


The people of Vicksburg read the words of the Chief or Assistant Chief of Police regularly in the Vicksburg Post, but never hear from those in the ranks. Enlighten us. For example, the Holmans, who just decided to move from their house on Oak Street due to criminal activity, charged that the police were slow to respond and unconcerned about their welfare. Is that true? What can be done about the crime in the Oak/Speed Street area? The force has only 57 members out of an approved number of over ninety. Why? Why is there such a tremendous personnel turnover? Is it true that there has been over a 100% turnover in the ranks in the past year? Why all the resignations? How do you feel about the sheriff’s department? Would combining police and sheriff’s department improve law enforcement? Are you using the automated crime reporting system effectively? How can the public help you to better do your job? What would you like to say to the public?


Your comments will contribute to a better understanding of the problems facing the department, and to an appreciation for the job that you are doing. Your input is sincerely requested. Others who wish to thank the VPD for its work, or who have another message or recommendation for them, are also invited to comment.

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  1. I would like to thank the Vicksburg Police Department. “Thank you.” It is often taken for granted what they do and they are usually met with people in stressed situations. We are fortunate to have these individuals collecting facts and remaining unbiased. Help them by being aware of our surroundings and watching out for eachother. Call 911 when you see suspicious activity. Show your respect and appreciation for law enforcement. What additional do you think would help?

  2. The vicksburg Police are not to be trusted.

  3. Why not? Smoke pot worship satan?? Elaborate please

  4. because im not afraid to.

  5. So its seems that Mr. Smokepotworshipsatan, has in fact been smoking a lot of pot, because you come across as a complete idiot. Back up your opinion with facts or take a hike.

  6. your the one who smokes pot Jay Kilroy. you are.

  7. Drive by shooting is not acceptable anywhere in Vicksburg. I are sick of the judges that put these thugs back on the street. We have a broken down judicial system so maybe the chief of police should escort them to the edge of the county and tell them don’t come back ever. Better than that maybe we could drive them to New Orleans and leave them there. Maybe the next big hurricane will take care of them.

  8. settle down Donna. you sound like a retard.

  9. Crack Fight, the drive by shootings in Vicksburg don’t bother you? People killed as they sit on their porch. What about the thug that over a video game starts shooting wildly and kills a young mother hiding behind her couch because she was so afraid? Does nothing bother you? It doesn’t make you angry?

  10. I would like to know what y’all think about the old sherrif paul barrett.He was sheriff when i lived in vicksburg.My aunt said if you were lost in the woods,there is no one else you’d rather have look for you than him.Wonder what he would’ve done about an increase in crime if they would’ve let him handle the situation.

  11. The VPD are underpaid and under appreciated.

    Thank you VPD for what you do. I appreciate you putting your life on the line for my, and my families safety.

  12. Donna, Paul Barrett was one great sheriff. I don’t know that he could have done any more than Sheriff Pace is doing to combat crime. The problem is that the sheriff’s department is reluctant to respond to calls within the city limits. They prefer to let the VPD handle such. I’ve wondered what would happen if we all started insisting on a response from the sheriff’s dept. when we call 911, or the sheriff’s dept. directly. After all, city residents pay MORE of the sheriff’s budget than non-city residents. Doesn’t sound quite fair, does it?

  13. I agree Malcolm. Since the city pays the lions share of the Sheriff’s budget the Sheriff’s department should respond to calls within the city.

    Suddenly the issue of staffing is a county wide issue and not just a city one.

  14. Barrett was a great sheriff.

  15. Barret was a great sheriff.

    I know Denise, the girl murdered, and I also know Eric the man accused both personally. I was a freind of both of them. I know the real stroy of what happened that night and that story is one that wasnt reported accurately by the Vicksburg Post but that isnt to say they were to blame but the picture that most of you have in your heads about that murder leaves out alot of the details of what was going on in that house that sparked the gunfire. Im not by any means saying it was justified but it wasnt just thugs shooting at pregnant women.

    Same goes for the drive by shooting. You read the paper and pass your judgement on these people but you do not know them personally and use their deaths as a platform to display your ignorance and fear.

    If you personally knew any of the people involved in either of the murders or had a first hand account of what happened then you would be wiser.

    Please do not try to talk to me about the deaths of my friends and act like you have any idea what happened because you do not.


  16. Awsome, you are so wise! You should run for mayor and solve all our problems!

  17. Im too busy having fun and being young to get involved in politics plus i seriously lack social climbing values. Im not very good at mathematics either to be honest with you. Why dont you run? Or cant you?

  18. I love Martin Pace and the wonderful people working with him. I live in the city and I called the sheriff when someone broke into our home. The police came in first and they were very nice. I just felt better talking to Martin about it too.

  19. Donna, you brought up a significant point about the differences between the chief of police and the sheriff, i.e., Martin Pace is proactive – he gets out and meets the people and helps with their problems – while Tommy Moffett is reactive (or invisible) – I think he must respond to crimes, but you seldom ever see him or hear from him. And if you call and try to talk to Moffett, you will always get the runaround from a subordinate. When was the last time Chief Moffett was seen or heard from? Is he still around?

  20. You see or hear from Chief Moffett when there is a problem, he always takes the lead and accepts responsibility when things go badly.

    When things go well you see the arresting officer or someone else gets the credit.

    Not very smart politically from his point of view, but it is what true leaders do. Tommy Moffett is one who lets his staff take the credit when things go well and one who takes the blame when things don’t go well. That is probably why he is not liked or respected as much as he should be. Excellent leader, excellent administrator and our VPD is as good as it gets for a small town police force.

    Martin is a known quantity, he has been here all his life, is a truly good person who cares about everyone, even the bad guys. It’s not fair to Tommy to compare him to someone as unique as a Martin Pace.

    Look at the VPD for what it is, not what we want it to be.

    Hey, what happened to the paperwork and evidence problem that the old DA screamed about? We have a new DA and suddenly the VPD became efficient?…or was the old DA using Chief Moffett as a scapegoat?

    Get your heads out of your ….. Vicksburg, we have good protection from county and city.

  21. Sorry, Just Sayin, I have to disagree. From personal experience I can attest to Moffett’s refusal to enforce laws, and for the near impossibility to talk directly to him, and then to get a commitment from him. I don’t know where you get your information from, but you need some new sources. When was the last time you saw or heard of him actually being present at a crime scene? Heck, when was the last time he was seen in public? Has he ever visited downtown?

  22. Does anybody have an opinion on State Trooper Davenports sex crimes. Innocent till proven but im just sayin.

  23. If he is found guilty I hope he get the maximum sentence. with no early time out or parole.

  24. Malcolm, where do you want him, on patrol?
    What laws does he refuse to enforce?

    I see him all the time. The time I remember most was when a Code 3(officer in trouble) went out in Kings. The look on his face and the speed with which he made it out of the parking lot were amazing. I will tell you he is someone I want on my side, that look on his face …

    I also saw him speak up at the hearing for Club XXX. I also saw him on channel 23 explaining how 500 bad guys can’t take down a city of 25,500 who are against them. I also saw him standing in the courtroom testifying about a murder. I saw him comforting the family of a young man just arrested. You don’t see those things because he doesn’t make a point of having his face on the front page every time they get a kitten out of a tree.

    Tommy plays the administrator role better than the politician role. He is an officers officer.

  25. “# On September 11, 2008 at 12:33 pm Awesome J Said:

    Does anybody have an opinion on State Trooper Davenports sex crimes. Innocent till proven but im just sayin.”

    I do. Wait until the trial is over.

  26. i see what you mean.

  27. Will wait…

  28. Yes, David, I would like to see Chief Moffett on patrol. A good leader, like Martin Pace, patrols his “beat.” I don’t usually eat at the Klondyke (sorry, I eat “in”), so I don’t see Moffett “all the time.” But I see Martin Pace every two or three weeks, driving his “beat” and checking things out. I seldom if EVER see Moffett, and as much as I walk my dogs all over town, you’d think he’d drive by occasionally. As far as comparing Moffett to Pace, why is it not fair? You contend Pace is unique, but is he more “unique” than Paul Barrett, who was an equally great sheriff who was also constantly “patrolling his beat?” There are stark differences between the management styles of Pace and Moffett, and they deserve to be explored.

    Chief Moffett’s management may contribute to the following:

    1) The high rate of turnover in the VPD, reported to be 100% over the past two years.
    2) A shortage of police officers; only 57 (at last count) officers on the force when there is approval for over 90. Moffett has been unable to lure more to join the force, even though the pay for VPD officers is apparently better than most other cities in the state.
    3) Scores of posts on this site attesting to the failure of some members of the VPD to demonstrate any compassion for victims of crime.
    4) Ignorance of criminal activity, specifically Asst. Chief O’Bannon’s lack of knowledge, three days after the incident, of the would-be mugger who took a shot at me down town.
    5) Asst. Chief O’Bannon’s – and Chief Moffett’s – response to my request for foot patrols – “Oh, they’ll just move to another part of town!”
    6) Much can be added regarding the checkered past of VPD management, including charges of sexual harassment.

    I could, of course, be wrong about Chief Moffett and Asst. Chief O’Bannon, and I do wish them the best. I know some of the VPD officers personally, and they are good people who care about the city and their responsibilities. They would influence my judgment, and yours, if they would post their feelings pertaining to conditions within the department.

    I wish I knew of all the laws that Moffett declines to enforce. The ones I am aware of are 1) noise from sound systems, vehicular and neighborhood, 2) noise from vehicles with improper mufflers, 3) vehicles with overly-tinted glass, 4) vehicle parking violations, 5) vehicle speed violations.

    I admire your optimism, David, but I’m a realist.

  29. sometimes i drive by malcolms at night and blast my subwoofers and flowmasters when i leave the bars downtown around the corner. You act like you didnt move downtown and that downtown moved around you.

    Just Sayin. (:

  30. May you be the first victim of my new noise-activated anti-rap license-plate photographing 911 notification system.

  31. since the current administration has taken over every dept. within the city has been deteriorating.Mainly the vicksburg police dept. with Moffett and his regime.I believe its time for him to step down and lying lyons needs to put someone in there that does care about the people and its officers.the maybe 57 officers but out of that 57,about 30 is what we have to patrol our city and protect our citizens.they are short handed and when something goes wrong moffett wants to blame the only officrs he has left rather than himself for putting this city at great risk.

  32. Lying lyons has made alot of promises to the citizens of vicksburg and thus far the only people he is interested in helping are the upper class citizens.He don’t care about us poor folks.But he sure will lie to you when it comes election time!What happened to the playground he promised to put in a certain area for a guaranteed vote.LIAR! LIAR!

  33. A-J, “downtown” is moving in around Malcolm and I hope they move in on you! It is your disrespect that is the problem here. YOU expect your rights yet you disrespect the rights and privacy of others and show it in your comments on this site. Think about what your write and when they pull you over for your loud boom-box may you breathe alcohol on their breathe too.

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