Is the FDA your friend or your enemy?

Certainly, some feel they are your enemy, as can be concluded by reading this article by Mike Adams…

What’s your reaction?

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  1. How many times, as a kid growing up, did your mother tell you to “wash you hands” before you eat? Good grief people, it’s common sense, come on! Would you eat something from your own garden without washing it first? Just common sense would tell you that A N Y T H I N G could have wondered through your garden during the night, from a snail to a deer to a horse, etc. Then while they were wondering around your garden, they “relieved” themselves. Therefore, the next day whatever “deficated” in your garden you will possibly handle it! That’s why my father, the farmer, always made us wear gloves to work in the fields, and made us wash our hands with soap when we left the garden, and why he made us wash the produce we collected in a soap and water bath before we prepared a meal with it!
    If you want the government to STOP irradiating produce, then use your brain and wash your produce thoroughly with soap and water BEFORE you eat it!
    Even when you purchase produce in a grocery store, think about how many other people have come through that produce area before you, picking things up, squeezing things, examining things, etc. Would you lick a melted chocolate bar from their fingers, if they offered it to you? Then why would you eat something before you wash it with soap and water? Do you really think that the “little sprinkler system” connected above the produce spraying water on it is going to wash the “oily” residue of someone else’s fingers off the produce you just picked up (like with grapes, I swear I see people letting their kids eat them going through the store shopping BEFORE they pay for it even) and pop it in your mouth? COMMON SENSE, what happened to COMMON SENSE?

  2. reading as i eat a big ol pepper from out of my garden whole, no soap, no water, just like they did back in the day before the news and television.

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