Rick Warren’s McCain/Obama interviews

Saturday night saw the first of the two candidates “interviews” within the bounds of a religious forum. The event, conducted by Rev. Rick Warren of Saddleback Church, California, exposed a sharp contrast in the candidates’ styles and positions. What were your impressions of the two?

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  1. Religion and politics go together like nitro and glycerin so I was pleased to see no bombs and fireworks go off at this unusual forum Rick Warren held last night at his evangelical empire. I was not surprised to see Obama do so poorly as he had no teleprompter and he seemed awkward trying NOT to talk over the heads of people in this Lions’ Den. As I expected McCain kept his nasty disposition and mean-spiritedness under control and gave answers that were music to the ears of the audience. I am dismayed and disappointed to see in these two men what a poor choice we have in this election, and to realize that unfortunately Americans will have to vote for the lesser of two evils for president.

  2. From where I sat, I thought McCain delivered a knockout blow. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him overtake Osama in the polls. But you are right, Jon, he is the lesser of two evils – the FAR lesser.

  3. McCain did a great job. Vote McCain.

  4. McCain did fantastic. I’m in agreement that he knocked the ball out of the part. It was interesting to listen to the fallout yesterday over this forum which everyone liked. Someone from the Obama camp stated the McCain knew the questions before hand. Last night Rick Warren shot the tale down on the issue. Becouse McCain was late.
    Senator Obama came across as weak. But to be a bad sport about was even more stupid.

  5. It should be clear why Barack Hussein backed out of the other 10 face to face debates he agreed to earlier. The man has no substance. I am sure, over the next couple of months, Barack Hussein will have more chances to demonstrate his shortfalls.

  6. Jay Kilroy I agree with you that Obama has no real substance. He is a gifted orator delivering speeches written by probably a team of professional writers. If ever I saw an “empty suit” and someone “all hat and no cattle” as they say out West, it is Obama. What baffles me is why this upstart who has come out of nowhere has the vast support of voters under 35 who seem to think he is like a rock star or the next Messiah…. as if able to walk on water, cure leprosy, and bring about the changes America needs to solve all our problems. He sure has millions fooled, but just the fact that he had Jeremiah Wright as his pastor and mentor for over 20 years is all I need to know to totally discount his judgement and prove his lack of common sense. Alas, McLame is only a tad better choice, but when thinking of Dubya, one of the worst presidents in U.S. history, I think anybody would be an improvement. It will be very revealing just who the vice-president selections will be on both tickets to prop up these two deficient nominees.

  7. only brainwashed MTV kids think Obama is a messiah. I wouldnt ever put my trust in any man who wants that kind of power or influence. and Mcain is geritol lite.
    I doubt i vote at all thanks to major news corporations like Fox and MSN broadcasting to the world how ignorant Amercians are.

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