Will there be a Warren County tax increase?

The Board of Supervisors is pondering whether to cut expenditures or initiate a county property tax increase. What would you advise them?

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  1. With the economy the way it is,no tax increase. It’s unnenesscery. Be creative and find more avenues for revenue.

  2. Since when has government on any level said “We are too big, let’s cut back”?

  3. What we are seeing is the beating of the drums prior to a tax increase.

    We keep voting these guys in and they keep doing the same thing – the minimal and mundane, no vision, no understanding of how they impact our lives and no effort to find areas to cut expenses.

    Over the past couple of years they have removed the mailing of notices for your annual tax. They have assessed huge increases in your property tax based upon…well, apparently based upon no one paying attention to them. They are in their first year of operation since the election and are going to increase your taxes, because we will forget about it by the next election. Just before the next election they will donate county funds to various charities and get some good press.

    When will we ever wake up and realize that government can be efficient and work for the people. To make this happen you have to replace those who have been in power for too long.

    In the county we can reduce expenditures by combining animal control, police protection, the road department, inspections, licensing and administration with the city. Of course that would mean those in power in the county would have to give up some power.


  4. Yazoo City is cutting employee salaries by 10%; should Warren County consider the same? Another thing – with all the additional casino dollars flowing into the county coffers, the board has managed to spend all those and more. They should probably return to the real world. CUT! DON’T TAX!

  5. Those in power would certianly lose power if certain services would merge. Stepping on toes is not politically correct I do not think. Everyone should remember this next election.

  6. We had one decent, honest man on the Board of Supervisors, but he was ineffective because the rest of them were so negative. Everyone wanted Lauderdale off, so they voted Flanders in. He was holding citizen meetings, listening to people, trying to do everything he could, but he was having to fight the rest of the Board and got nowhere. So, what happened? Lauderdale got put right back in and Lauderdale, George and McDonald are all big buddies. Selmon seems to be a decent guy..at least he listens. The others don’t even listen. They have a whole list of excuses already made up. They won’t give you a direct answer. It’s always, “We’ll see about it or we’ll see what we can come up with.” and nothing ever happens.

    The whole Board needs to be ousted and a new one put into effect. Maybe then, the county could improve as the city has. At least they could be adult enough to work with the city instead of acting like 2nd graders.
    The best thing for Warren County would be for all of them to resign and let us start over with new blood with new ideas with positive business people. Otherwise, you can bet your bottom dollar our taxes will be raised again. We have more money coming into this city and county than there ever has been. Remember when we voted to let the boats come in? Remember the big selling point? Taxes will go down!

  7. Fed up, I’m there with you except the part about one honest man.

    They are all honest and good men.

  8. Just Sayin, what makes a man honest or good, what they say or what they do? As a group they have done a disservice to the people of Warren County for years, and as individuals they are ALL equally, and legally, responsible for that. How they act on Sunday, how they speak in casual conversation, what they say, is meaningless.

  9. Jay I must agree that action speaks louder than words. That doesn’t change my perception of these men.

    I have been very vocal on this board about my concerns regarding the Board of Supervisors and their job performance. I don’t think they do a good job of providing services to the Warren County residents living in the city limits. I don’t think they do a good job of making Warren County an attractive destination for industry or investment. In my opinion they lack the vision to move forward.

    I still believe they are men of good character. I also would like to see the residents of Warren County who keep voting them in wake up and realize things can improve, like they have in the city. Character assassination is not the path I choose to take when talking about the Warren County Board of Supervisors.

  10. Why do we provide a county vehicle for the elected officials to drive home? Our employers do not provide us with transportation to work, that we must provide ourselves. Why do we provide the county officials with gas cards? Our employers do not provide us with that, we must provide our own gas to work. Why do we continue to let them give themselves raises? Our employers “assess” our work performance and give us raises only if they see productivity, etc. Even though these are “elected officials”, and I am using that term loosely here, they still do NOT answer to the taxpayer’s of the county! If you want to stop the abuse, then, the taxpayer’s are going to have to become INVOLVED! PERIOD!

  11. Well said, Just a thought. But it’s really hard to get the people of Vicksburg/Warren involved.

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