The ill effects of Obama? – in Vicksburg

This email from Anna received today:

I went to see the Air Force Band at the city auditorium tonight.  They were really great.  They started the program with the National Anthem.  I was amazed to see almost every black person in the audience stand with their hands  by their sides. They would not put their hand over their heart as did everyone else in the audience.  Maybe the film clip of Obama standing with the other candidates during the playing of the National Anthem and failing to put his hand over his heart is a black thing.  It would be pretty sad to have a president that wouldn’t pledge his allegiance to his country.

Indeed, this seems to be a sad commentary on Obama’s ill effect on the citizens of our country, black and white. Will the USA survive as a viable nation? Only time will tell. Your comments are solicited.

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  1. Obama’s problem is that most voters don’t honestly know who he is. Voters are more familiar John McCain and Bob Barr. But Senator Obama is realitively new. And being the new kid on the block can be a real problematic concern foro the informed voter.
    With Russia invading Goergia it begs national security question: how would a President Obama address say another invasion of another former Soviet state by Putin? Right now the future is an undiscovered country.

  2. The real ill effects are not even here yet. He wants a 28% capitol gains tax on proceeds from the sale of your home, no exemptions or roll-overs. You just THINK that the real estate business is down now. He will raise income taxes and increase social spending. He will increase taxes on businesses, with the US business tax rate already #2 in the world. Investment will plummet, unemployment will skyrocket, and inflation will climb like a goat!

  3. Honestly I believe that Obama’s economic plan which taxes small businesses could send small and smaller towns into depressions.

  4. I was at the AirForce Band event last night. I saw several people with their hands at their sides or behind their backs, not just those of African American descent.

    I also saw some African Americans with their hands over their hearts.

    This is a created non-issue.

    On Obama not putting his hand over his heart, that is a big deal to me, that alone is a reason to not vote for him as our President. The greater concern is the amount of people that support him for not showing loyalty to the flag or our traditions. I don’t agree with it, but it is their right to have a differing view point.

    I wonder … if Barack Hussein Obama is elected President will he reinstall his hand to his heart when the National Anthem is played? Will we finally be able to say America has overcome it’s racist past? At what point can we say enough of this separate standard based upon birth?

    Anna, I am curious, what is your involvement in our African American community? Of the hundreds of people there, mostly older whites, why did you only notice the few African Americans that did not place their hand over their heart?

  5. It really is alarming that a person that wishes to become president of the USA would not place their hand over their heart when our country’s national anthem is played. And where is our country going when our citizens choose not to do so as well? Are they rebelling? Is it in support of Obama? Will the USA be the next country in need of assistance from Archie Bunker’s daughter?

  6. Anna, at least the black people you saw had the decency and respect to stand up while the national anthem was played. Perhaps out of ignorance they did not know about placing their hand over their heart. Who knows? One thing is for sure is that most blacks certainly don’t care what white people think about their behavior. It is curious to me to watch Obama and Michelle bump fists and high-five with blacks on the campaign trail but do shake hands with whites. I am appalled at the mixed messages coming out of Obama and how young people look upon him as the next Messiah almost like he can walk on water and cure leprosy. With his quick answers promising to solve every problem facing America, he sure has a lot of people fooled. To me he is truly an empty suit and all hat and no cattle lacking the substance and experience necessary for the presidency. God help us if he is elected. “Change we can believe in!” he rants. What a crap shoot that line is….and so is he. Geraldine Ferraro was right…if he were white, he would not be where he is now.

  7. Obama bumps hands.

  8. No, he bumbs fists not hands. High-5’s are given at the bowling alley.

  9. he bumps fists because hes black. how dare he not shake hands like a white man. how dare he. Hi 5 jesus.

  10. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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