Vicksburg is a safe place to live?

VS received this email from a lady in Illinois today:

Please understand that I do want to offend anyone. I would like to know how safe Vicksburg really is? My husband and I are both white and we are being transferred to Vicksburg. We would like to stay at a campground in the area. After reading about the racial tension in  Vicksburg on the Internet I am scared to death to leave the small town in IL that I am from.
Sincerely, IL Country Girl

Vicksburg Speaks responded with reassurance that Vicksburg is as safe a place to live as most other small towns, and that the races here generally get along well together. We do have occasional “tensions,” but racial bias, and certainly violence related to racial differences, is relatively rare. Can you add your views?


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  1. Vicksburg is safe. We moved here almost 5 years ago and have not had a single ‘personal’ incident where we felt threatened.

    It is a beautiful town situated on the bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River full of historic mansions, a rich cultural diversity and an eclectic mix of individuals from all social and economic backgrounds.

    We plan on staying here for the rest of our lives. Once you arrive you will find extremely friendly people of all races. Like any community we have our characters too. This is the Old South and it’s values have come into the modern age, but pockets of the old world remain.

    You will not feel threatened or uncomfortable in Vicksburg. You will have culture shock, y’all will have to learn a new language and will come to appreciate all that our little community has to offer. I suggest you contact the Visitor Bureau (601-636-9421), the Chamber of Commerce (601-636-1012) or the Mayor’s Office (601-631-3718) to get exact info on the community.

    You will love it here.

  2. I grew up here in Vicksburg. Moved away for 10 years to various areas and have to say there is no more racial tension here than anywhere else i have lived. Attitude speaks volumes.

    I love Vicksburg. People are friendly here, black, white, hispanic, etc. as long as you are friendly to them. There are old fashioned country values as well as a new generation of thought.

    Good luck with your move. We are just as country as you are and hopefully it wont take long before ya’ll feel right at home.

  3. I have lived here for 27 years & would not live anywhere else. I have lived in many places in my 49 years & it is no different than any other place in Mississippi, as far as racial tension goes. It is home. You will enjoy it here!!

  4. Dear “lady in Illinois:”

    I hope you love it in Vicksburg as do we.

    How are race relations where you are?

    I will tell you a wonderful story I heard from a nice southern gentleman:

    When he was asked if people were nice in his town he said they were extremely nice “and how are they in your town.” The person replied, “I find them to be mean and unpleasant.” My southern gentleman-friend replied to his guest, “then you will find the same here.”

  5. Thank you everyone. We are coming to Vicksburg this Saturday 8/9.

    Bertha- How are race relations where you are?

    The reason I asked the question we don’t really have race relations here, we have 3 black people in our town and they were all raised (adopted) by white families.

    IL Country Girl

  6. IL Country Girl, I hope you will enjoy the color of all the people in Vicksburg. The diversity here adds to the flavor of the south and to the charm of our heritage and culture. Be sure to stop into the Attic Gallery and Coffee Shop, Lorelei Book store next door (both located at the corner of Grove and Washington Street), if you are here between 8-11am saturday come to our Farmer’s Market at the same corner down the hill (watch for the signs). You will find plenty to see and do here. Enjoy our food. Try LD’s Kitchen and Unique Impressions. Check out H.C.Porter gallery on Washington Street and her pictures from Mississippi’s post-Katrina.

  7. You should be warned there are pirate ships on the water. Avoid them at all cost (some people call them casinos). If you are here on Sunday try HorseFace Harry’s Cafe for their Sunday lunch, open 11-3.

    Check out the Murals at city front, Catfish Park and if you have time the National Military Park, The Musuem at the Battlefield Inn and the Old Court House Museum. We have a rich and diverse history that is well represented at these venues.

    You will be impressed with the beauty of your new hometown, the friendliness of the people here and the variety of activities available to you. What we don’t have is only a short drive away in the larger cities.

  8. I am looking forward to being in Vicksburg, everyone here has eased my fears/concerns. We don’t have anything in our town so I am use to driving. I chuckle when I read people say Vicksburg has nothing to….nothing to do is my hometown, we have a Casey’s, Dairy Queen and a grocery store, oh I forgot Dollar General. We have no malls (50miles away), no movie theater(30 miles), Walamrt (30miles).

    I will never again believe what I read about a town until I talk to people that actually live there.

    Thank You

  9. Dear Il.Country Girl
    I arrived here from Honolulu, Hawaii and Princeville,Kauai (25 year resident) in March of 2004…… having lived all over the world, Germany, Spain, Thailand a combined six years and that all before the age of ten… have been to every state except Idaho, Montana and North Dakota along with Alaska… i’ve been to Hong Kong and Japan, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, Monaco Italy Belgum, England and France… so when the byline here goes… “it’s like that everywhere… belive me “NO” IT’S NOT”
    In the past two months let me give you my personal experience…I am 58 years old retired real estate agent (25 years) I live at the corner of Speed and Washington Streets, Vicksburg, Mississippi, the southwest corner formerly referred to as the OLD Mississippi hardware building.
    On June 7th my neighbor (David Yates 27) who lived at 712 Speed street less than a hundred yards from where i live was murdered by a drive by shooting, His uncle Sherman Yates age 40 was shot in the foot and is crippled for life all while sitting on their porch
    the alleged perpertraters all out on bond …
    On June 9th 7:30pm in the evening while riding my bike on washinton street the 3600 Block was shot at, but they missed as the bullet passed less than an inch from my waist…
    on June 30th Denise Jackson (25) with a 4 1/2 month baby in her womb was shot and murdered as she hid behind her couch…she was the mother of a 8,2, and 8month old, this is less than a half mile from where i live, two days later the same attacker murdered Preston Quall’s age 25
    On July 4th a huge rock wat thrown through my window
    On July 21st 12:45am kids five of them all under 18 years of age packing up the street after curfew (12pm) were throwing rocks trying to break my windows… upon confronting them they were aggresive and beligerent, police did nothing to them even though they saw them… and i told the police what had happened…
    two hours later 3:30 am the same kids now six came back to my building and attacked me with rocks bricks boards and stones for five minutes, i had no phone and called my neighbors for help yelling and screaming the kids became even more aggressive when they realized i had no phone… response from neighbors…”NONE” when they left i went outside and used my neighbors phones… it took a long time for a reponse… the same kids broke into a restaurant and were caught 45 minutes later… i went to the police station and i’d these kids… upon my i.d. ing them the kid said to me i’m gonna get you i’m gonna get you …this was in front of 5 police officers a detective and his parents… they all are to go to court the 12th of august …i will be there to testify…
    on June 22nd a 75 year old Walter Cole was fouind murdered in his car with a bullet hole in his head, Walter Cole was a retired police chief of Vicksburg and had served the community for over 35 years..the current Mayor Laurence Leyens and alderman Sid Beaumann chose not to go to his funeral.
    One week later June 29th because of my persistent “not putting up with this any longer” the police added a non marked car to our neighborhood, the officer witnessed and apprehended four suspects on Speed a drive by shooting 21,21,21, and 18 years of age… the next day three of the foue were out on bond… when i confronted the Judge..Waltrine Longford… do any of these men have a criminal record her response to me was… i don’t know these men are entitled to bond… this to me is incredulous with all the murders and shootings going on here…
    i talked to one of my neighbors today and he said one week ago friday the 1st of august he was shot at on his way home at 11:00 pm he dove behind a car and they fired three more shots at him…
    now the amazing thing about all of this is… i personally went to the Vicksburg Post and talked to the owner Pat Cashman and they would not run the story, i went to the board of alderman and the mayor Laurence Leyens, wanting to have this aired on channel 23 the city tv channel they said “NO”…
    they the current board of alderman and mayor have passed an ordinance that you cannot speak on an issue on channel 23tv unless it’s approved by them, you can only speak on selected “sensitive” issues once a month the tenth of the month with no tv, at one pm.
    they have cut the voice of the people out, many of you living in Vicksburg can hardly believe your eyes as i write this about your “Beloved City”, lets get out of denial and the little quips, “it’s like that everywhere” and “everywhere police departments are having staffing problem”… THAT IS JUST NOT TRUE
    i then went to a zoning board meeting tuesday august 5th dealing with an issue in my neighborhood invoving the request of a variance… i shared with my neighbors all the criminal activity which i had personally experienced about 30 citizens showed up to speak that they did not want to add anything to the neighborhood that would “ADD TO” the already exisitng problems…
    the next day out of reprisal the city put a ‘CONDEMNATION NOTICE” on my building, restricting me access to my property
    the current administration now in office for it’s seventh year hired the existing police chief Tommy Moffet, the size of the police force has gone from 107 to 57, the byline is “WE ONLY want to hire “QUALItY people” and we just can’t find them with 330 million people in the United States, thats a lame excuse… our existing officers are trying the very best to do the best they can… and we support them fully… in the last two years the police department has had a 109% turn over… that from the triad commission…
    in my 58 years on the planet up until a month or so ago i had never been shot at i have never heard of anyone being attacked with rocks and bricks and stones, (with the exception of St.Paul acts 14:19 and St Steven acts 7:57-60)this having happened to me
    “THAT IS IT”
    I am one hard headed Swede who became a “Christian” (not a church goer) back in November 11,1970… there’s a lot in this city that is not right… and the time has now come…
    i apologize for this lenghty post, but all i have shared is true… be very very careful where you buy property here… in fact i would rent for six months first… many of my friends here say “if only i had known”, but they are two deeply invested to get up and leave without taking a huge financial loss…
    mark n adino… “adino” is my portuguese waterdog
    2nd samuel 23:8

    if anyone desires to communicate with me positve or share their story or negative you can reach me

    every city needs to give its citizen at least three things these are non compromisable, they are foundational and bedrock.
    1. Protction of their person and property
    @. Safety in regards to fire and health (EMT)
    3. Services… ie: water, gas, sewer, electrictity passage and access on the streets safe lighting…

    if you are not happy about any of those or other concerns you have please contact me… the city belongs to we the tax payers… Laurence Leyens Sid Beauman and Michael Mayfield are all our employees…
    the other key issue is the “selective” enforcement of the International Maitenance Property Code, picking AND CHOOSING WHO AND WHEN AND WHAT GETS LEANED ON… this is going to STOP NOW

  10. Mark, the information you list is indeed disturbing. The area you speak of is a known trouble spot in the city. Every city this size has problems like this. You are in the center of the storm, I understand.

    You have to acknowledge that our city has its bright spots too. The bright spots far outweigh the blight spots. The blight spots are in the minority by far. Your particular area is set for revitalization with the bond that was passed last year. The millions of dollars about to be invested in your part of our little city will improve the visual appearance, the sidewalks and roadways. Your area has already seen a flurry of investment from the private sector to restore homes and pride to that section of town.

    Over the past seven years of this administration the buildings that were blighted have been addressed by the city via code enforcement. As a result the number of fires in the city has reduced drastically, the cost associated with home ownership has been improved because of the improved insurance rating. Property values have improved too. Your particular building needs some work. It has broken windows; a collapsing roof and it is an eyesore. I am sorry the city has chosen to address this with you; it is a costly and unpleasant process. I feel your pain.

    The crimes you speak of are horrific. No one should have to be subjected to that kind of cruelty from his or her fellow man. Again, I feel your pain. I would suggest to you if this area is hostile perhaps you should consider moving to another or continue your fight there. If you choose to continue your fight then you are well aware of the challenges before you. I admire your dedication to address the issues in your neighborhood. Blaming the city administration for the problems is well within your rights, but is it the right thing to do? The city administration has put forth a bond issue to improve that area. It has beefed up patrols based upon your complaints. It has addressed the club across the street from you. Beyond imposing martial law in that area what else can they do?

    You mentioned the staffing issues with the VPD. Chief Moffet runs a tight ship. He holds his officers to a very high standard and does not tolerate poor performance. Anytime you have a strong leader like that you have turnover. The 58 (is that accurate?) officers we have are top notch, as you mentioned. I personally would prefer 58 top-notch officers to 107 mediocre or corrupt officers. That is what we had before – a well staffed and ineffective police force with constant issues of corruption and poor performance. We had a higher crime rate back then too with numerous lawsuits against the VPD.

    You cannot blame the police for crime; you can credit them for capturing criminals. As has been said before in this forum, crime is not the fault of the police. Place responsibility where it is due, with those who choose to commit a crime.

    James 1:27

  11. The decision by the city to remove public complaints on Channel 23 is a concern. It is my understanding the decision was made because some citizens chose to use that forum as a political tool. They could make any comment they chose with impunity. It turned into a soap box with spurious commentary aimed at creating division and hatred based on hatred.

    I would prefer the city restore that part of Channel 23, as I would prefer our fellow citizens not abuse that privilege. Just like the crime issue, a few individuals with ill intent ruined that opportunity for us.

    You could write a letter to the editor or submit a story to the post. You could request to be put on the agenda for the weekly meeting with the Mayor and Aldermen. The administration still has an open door policy. There are avenues for getting the information out there.

    The newspaper still has an editorial page. I understand your frustration at the paper not running your story, but that is their right. As this forum has pointed out before, the paper has little love for this administration, I don’t see a conspiracy there.

  12. JS, I agree with you 100% concerning the last paragraph: not to blame the police officers for the crimes committed.

    Vicksburg has a number of positives in spite of our negatives. See for yourself, CG and decide.

  13. As a point of clarification, the area mark and adino is referring to is about a mile from downtown, at the intersection of Washington and Speed Streets, the same location as “Club XXL,” which has been denied a zoning exception to operate a “nightclub.” Hopefully, things will get better for them. However, unless the late-night gathering of groups of teenagers is ended, problems will continue. An active police presence will be required for some time to come; the prosecution of those responsible for the theft and violence is mandatory. I hope mark and adino will keep us informed of progress, or lack thereof.

  14. vicksburg has to be safer than houston,tx. where i currently live. Have wanted to move back to vicksburg for a while,but there are few openings in the job i do.Vicksburg was where i found God years ago.My aunt says it’s not the same,but think she is blaming the casinos.I think y’all are all luckier than you realize,to be living there.

  15. Robert, dead on. Those who have lived here their whole life have no concept of how lucky they are to call Vicksburg home.

  16. The ones that get sentenced for anything get their sentence “suspended.” Watch the crime report on page 2 in the newspaper and keep a count on how many cases for 3 months crimes will be in there saying “sentence suspended.” We need some new judges!! They know they will get just a slap on the hand so that’s why they keep doing all the crimes.

  17. Jenny, with the change in the DA’s office the ‘suspended sentence’ plea bargain game is over. First time offenders of non-felony crimes generally will get a suspended sentence.

    The ability to house criminals is the real issue, not the judges.

  18. Just Sayin you sound like you work for the current administration. Poor Mark and adino, you live in a bad area. Excuse me, but many people have to drive through this same area and they do not need to put their life on the line to do so. I see a positive change with the new DA’s office, thank goodness! Martial law, not a bad idea for such a hot spot. Replace the judges and build more jails. Decent people don’t need thugs running around shooting people over video games. Quit turning them loose.

  19. Donna, thank you for the compliment, however I work for myself.

    I agree, build more jails, also build a halfway house for the indigent and a community center for the kids in that area. Wouldn’t it be great if all those grand fancy churches near there actually did something to help those in their neighborhood?

  20. THANK YOU Just Sayin and ask our community to do more to support locals in need. Are you aware that Robert Sander’s church (yes, a black church) on Drummond, across the street from Mac’s Gas Station in the old grocery store, sends their church money to Christians in INDIA? DID WE RUN OUT OF CHRISTIANS (ESPECIALLY BLACK CHRISTIANS) IN VICKSBURG IN NEED? Just Sayin you are right on my brother. And Robert’s church has made several trips to India. I wonder how many they have made to the corner of Speed and Washington? What about the other black churches?

    Let me take this moment to plug RIVER CITY MISSION on Washington Street. If anyone reading does not know of this place, learn of it. Donate to it. Donate in money and/or items you nolonger need. They have a store at their location where they raise money to support themselves. They help councel and get people off drugs. Learn more about their mission.

  21. Oh, and they also bring people to God and the ones who are distant from him “back to him.”

  22. thank you all for your imput and comments, i’ve waited to respond until the disposition of the trial august 12, 2008… it’s now the 16th saturday and i have had ample time to collect my wits about me and let the emotions subside… since it involved “youth” i am limited by the court as to what can be said…
    but i would like to address a few things…

    thank you Malcolm, i agree with you in that exact downtown would be clay and washington, but downtown runs about 5 blocks in each direction, that places me about a half mile from the main police station and main fire department. Since Vicksburg is approxiamately 33 square miles 4 miles wide and about eight miles long, being only a half mile away is pretty central.

    thank you just sayin in quoting James 1:27 and “this is pure and undifiled religion that you visit orphans and widows in their time of need and to keep ones self unstained from the world (or the world’s system)”
    I know you were referring to the children of Denise Jackson (ages 8, 2 and 8 months) who was murdered on the 30th of June, they now have no mother…and we as a community could and should step up as well as for the mother of David Yates…she is grieving heavily…
    as is the daughter of Walter Cole…and also all his grand children…
    it is time to be “proactive” and not “reactive”…
    we don’t need a mandate from our pastor or priest just listen to the HOLY SPIRIT, whether it is a hot meal, a card words of concern and caring and even a simple HUG, just do SOMETHING, even setting up a fund for these children’s immediate needs…
    Matthew 6:1 Beware of practicing your righteousness
    before men to be noticed by them,otherwisae you have no reward with our FATHER in heaven.
    6:2 So when you give to the poordo not sound a trumpet before youas the hypocrites do in the synagogue, and in the streetsso that they may be honored by men, truly I say to you they have their reward.
    6:3 But when you give to the poor do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing
    6:4 so that your giving will be in secret and your FATHER who sees in secretwill reward you.

    selah Mark and adino… more laters…

  23. Very sad..

  24. Sad? “Yes!” Opportunity to help those in need around us? “True!” Sad, but to walk away is not the answer. What to do with a lost soul?

  25. This morning, while walking my dogs, I was once again approached by a white male who wanted “a dollar.” This same person has approached me twice before, the first time telling me he was bad drunk last night, and just wanted to get that way again. I’ve always refused him, for I know he will just spend the money on liquor, or on gambling, as he also told me he lost everything gambling. I gave him his dollar this morning, and advised him to straighten up, get a job, etc., for what little good that will do. What would you have done?

  26. Malcolm I think you should just leave Eddie alone. Eddie does not want help. You are contributing to his disease and making it tougher for him. He is in and out of jail and he doesn’t care because he gets a shower, a place to stay, and three square meals. Oh, and attention. It’s sad but true. Several of those guys sit outside of Floyd Kelly’s waiting for him to open knowing he will help them. It’s almost like a bunch of cats around a dumpster. Forgive me for being blunt yet Eddie can only help Eddie. Pray for him. That’s all you can do. You are kind to want to help. Eddie does not want to work. Just drink.

  27. Eddie has had bouts of clean and sober several times over the past year. He was sober for 2 months or so just a while back. During that time he worked, but it appears his demons won that round.

    I agree, don’t give an addict money, do feed them. They are already down on themselves enough, most want to just die so they don’t have to fight their demons any more.

    They have to hit bottom and want to get out. There is a girl who used to be on the streets all the time, she drank and did drugs. She is now in a facility getting herself back together again. There is hope, they have to want it.

  28. this is a great blog, as we address several of the communities needs.

    the story of the good samaritan comes into play…

    if someone was attacked what would our response be…

    alcoholism is no different than gaming addiction (by the way is at epidemic proportions here), than drug addiction than domestic violence than child abuse
    than cruelty to animals than and the list goes on…

    what are the things in common…

    there is a victim, and in some cases several victims.

    there is a behavior (sin) that is
    unacceptable in a civilized “Christian” or even a “God fearing” society.

    there is a cure “JESUS CHRIST”,
    and varying levels of “success”,
    depending on, is HE really “THE LORD” of my/HIS life

    which takes involvement (time), loving, patience, follow-up and accountability.

    there is a need for outside intervention,
    the hands on as well as prayer.(shared prayer, deeply devoted prayer).

    there is a need for perserverence,
    for however long it takes, THE LORD is FAITHFUL

    there is a need for the ordering of priorities,
    thanks Wilisa for the reminder, ‘what to do with a lost soul”… but by the GRACE of GOD, that might have been me…or could even be me in the “future”

    What do we do with the Eddie’s of the WORLD

    is his sin of alcohism greater than our sin of indifference, your spot on Malcolm in not giviing him money to buy more “hooch”… if you wanna drive eddie really crazy, give him a hug (optional) and buy him lunch, not just buy him lunch but take him to lunch and sit down with him with no pretense and “listen”, you’ll be amazed at his story and who he really is…and you’ll learn and know “how to” pray, he’ll open up to you and share some of the injustices perpetrated on him…the funny thing about eddie is you won’t be able to get him out of your mind…

    interesting stat in yesterdays “USA TODAY”

    50% of all college students have contemplated suicide

    15% have taken it to the next level…

    we live in precarious times…

    mark and adino

    one side note…
    the article in sundays paper about crime on Speed Street, featured a couple Nate and Nonie… on Sunday evening their house was shot at, they went and stayed in a motel, they live at 2415 Oak Street,drop a note and keep them in your prayers…

  29. Just for the record, the person who approached me was not Eddie – I know Eddie, and Eddie knows me – and he doesn’t ask me for a handout anymore. The guy who wanted the dollar this time has only been on the streets about a week or so. He looks a bit wild-eyed, and he’s fairly big, so he can be intimidating.

  30. I have lived in Vicksburg the majority of my life. Unfortunately, Vicksburg is seeing the affects of what is happening in larger cities. I lived in New Orleans for years(pre-Katrina)and never had major issues. I lived in Jackson, Ms. for four years and had a man pull a gun on me in a restaurant-I was the general manager. After the 3rd time calling Jackson Police Dept. I finally asked them if they thought they were going to come or not-I had probably 150 people in my bar/restaurant and couldn’t lock the doors b/c of fire codes. I lived on Fairground St. in the late 90’s and never had issues and worked different shifts. I just moved from Enchanted Hills and was there for 5 years. No problems. Okay, every now and then there would be a domestic dispute and once I heard gunfire. Now, we have 4 acres in the county and I have still heard a shotgun or two!
    Just Sayin’-you obviously know Eddie-you are right. I ran a restaurant downtown and Eddie would come in and would leave when I asked him too.

  31. If people believed EVERYTHING they heard, or read for that matter, then the entire US would be having race relation problems, not “just” Vicksburg Mississippi! Good grief!

    If you look for the bad, you will find it!

  32. im gonna finish reading the rest of the posts in this thread but Mark. Ive been seeing you ride your bike in the street for the last 2 years and you hardly look like a ballistics expert man.

    “On June 9th 7:30pm in the evening while riding my bike on washinton street the 3600 Block was shot at, but they missed as the bullet passed less than an inch from my waist…”

    of course i could be wrong about your “bullet guessin” but to be honest with you your property looks like hell and i wish you would move or fix it up. I know your excuse is that you dont want to because it will be damaged etc…sob story number 9 etc..

    Im about to get back to readin’ but do me a favor and keep your bike out of the street and on the sidewalk because it sets the wrong example for children of vicksburg. I mean when they see a cool Swedish lookin dude like you riding your bike carelessly in the street like you own the town that could get someone killed.

    I can just hear the kids now “lets go chunk some rocks up through that grouchy old kooks windows on the corner”.

    you crack me up dude.

  33. I have known Eddie more than half my life. Ive sat and talked with the guy for hours.

    my favorite episode with Eddie was one day when i was delivering some food downtown and i stopped to speak to Eddie for a minute. Mayor Leyens drives up and hops out of his car and walks over by Eddie and I and proclaims “Eddie I have been getting alot of complaints about you in the last couple of days”

    Eddie smiled and quipped back ” Well little man, I been gettin alotta complaints about you fer the last coupla years”

    All i could do was grin. perfect.

  34. satan worshiper…

    thanks for your comments… being all of 28 years old, somewhere along the line you must have flunked civics…

    riding a bike on the sidewalk is anything but setting the right example for kids, but then again your name says it all doesn’t it..

    as far as riding in the streets,next time you see stop and i dentify yourself, i’ll be more the happy to explain to you about being shot at, and feeling the compression (big word for you the power of the bullet going by), what made me really the sickest about that event is that i had become as apapthetic (not caring) as most in this town and chose not to report it to the police, until i was attacked..

    somehow in your warped thinking, “must be”, all the indulgences of your name, you give the thugs privelege, in aggrevated assualt, you call me a “grouchy ol kook”… is that how you think of your 92 year old grandmother…

    the very reasons my windows have been busted out repeadedly and shot through is why i choose not to remove the boards, until we get a police force that is proactive not reactive, another words they are stopping crime before it starts

    it’s not how i would like it to look, and yes i’m sure your relationship with satan, you’re an expert at what “hell’ lookslike…

    see me on the road and stop me, we’ll be great friends i’m sure

    mark n adino

    • i couldn’t take the small town and small minds anymore. I didn’t care, I put all property for sale and left and never looked back. they just don’t get it.

  35. couple of things here Mark.

    Im 28 years old. Glad to be here, always smiling.

    next time i see you i will be on my bicycle and i will race you down Speed Street. When we get to the bottom of the hill i will show you the scars ive collected over the years from having to walk through “problem areas in the city of Vicksburg” to get to and from public school, the market, freidns houses etc… 4 way lug wrenches, knife wounds, bricks. Im a combat veteran with the scars to prove i fought the thugs and survived on my terms. Being shot at and feeling compression is so terrible. I bet that hurt.

    my user name is just that, it could be dick buttkiss and it would hold no bearing over who i am in the world or what my philosophical beliefs are.

    I have no relationship with Satan for Satan doesnt exist and if he/she did I wouldnt waste my time smokin pot with Satan. Believe that.

    and if you happen to make another remark about my 92 year old grandmother id be glad to introduce you to my warped thinking.

    Sir, I believe you know exactly where you can shove your “civics”.

    Praise the Lord.

  36. and your bicycle.

  37. smokepot….you must really be a miserable person in life to have such an attitude on life……life is a gift from God.

  38. im not miserable at all and i have a gift in life to make all people feel warm and fill a room with laughter. Im actually quite the opposite of what you may think. My biggest character flaw is my honesty. I speak my mind, to a fault, and thats not what people want to hear. Its human nature for people to seek out others who agree with them.

    life is a gift. But im not a christian. I believe in a higher power, a creator, a destiny, but i gather my inspiration and faith from many places outside of the King James Bible. I accept one and all and am often scrutinized by bible thumpers for not fitting into the stereotypical southern white man role. I am who I am and thats perfectly fine by me.

    thanks for the personal attack Ms. Jenny. Always refreshing to have someone attack me and make no sense
    while praising God.

    If Im not mistaken, your God, is the one who loves us all and his son Jesus Christ accepted all walks of life not just those who agreed with him.

  39. Didn’t mean it as an attack. You just sound like you are missing something in life, so negative, so bitter, so mean, yes, Jesus loves us all but without him, we’re NOTHING.

  40. I dont believe in Jesus.

  41. thanks satanworshiper

    for your point of view and perspective… if i had lived life the same as you, i’ld more than likely feel as you do…

    try coming to the Klondyke tomorrow (sunday the 7th of september at 2pm) and enjoy some GREAT non-judgemental gathering of the woof and the weave of vicksburg… if you can’t make it tomorrow then any first sunday, there’ll be a repeat, and an open invitation for all the vicksburg bloggers… bring a friend or two… the music will be great…

    the food afterwards is “ono”, great place to come and share…it’s what makes vicksburg great… the diversity of it’s people, and being able to understand one another…

    gee, i thought i was the only white dude on a bike in vicksburg, LOL… be looking for you…

    mark n adino

  42. if i can make it off work in time i would love to come as long as its not some set up to a religious gathering. If that is the case then im sure it would make me rather “confrontational”.

    and for the last time i dont worship. no one does. I believe in a higher power but I dont subscribe to Christianity. I dont think its right or wrong. it helps alot of people but I think there are many paths to the afterlife and the intolerant beliefs of Christians is a major turn off for forward thinking individuals such as my self.

    whatever is good for you.

    the user name was sarcastic. thats a big part of my generation. the fact that so many of the people here take major offense to it and automatically assume that im this wicked drug addict is what it funny to me becuase im quite the opposite. It just goes to show you how judgemental and narrow minded, borderline ignorant so many of the people who make up this community.

    Sometimes i look around the town and shake my head in disbelief at how unintelligent an quick to cast stones at others are especially if they are a little outside the mainstream.

    Its a shame too that Vicksburg is filled with such mentally corrupt people who fancy themselves superior. You all are no better than the people you place your judgement on and as Christians it shows that you arent deep with your convictions to the Lord because it should be left up to God and God only to place judgement on his children.

    you cant argue me that.

    and Mark. I saw you this morning hanging out in front of Floyd Kellys antique shop downtown. I was sitting down the block on a park bench and i was tempted to come up and introduce myself as smokepot worshipsatan but i wasnt feeling really well and in a bit of a rush.

    I think if you met me you would be very impressed with me as a young man.

    I love this town but some of you people amaze me with your egos.

  43. say hey awesome J
    sorry to hear you’re a little under the weather,
    will definitely be looking forward to meeting you…
    i am so so glad that you’re a seeker…
    we’ll meet soon…
    mark n adino


    • thank-you, for your statement, these people can say fuzzy things as many times as they want to, but it won’t help this dying town. no growth at alllllll.

  45. A few months ago the WCSO and the Post and VPD , not to mention the local news media made the biggest story about two young men caughr with what amounted to a small arsenal and counterfeit money. One of those young men was my son. I am not trying to defend his actions, but what the public is unaware of is that stuff was gained by a house burglary of a man presumed dead.
    upon investigation we learn the man was very much alive and the ill gotten weapons etc were stolen from the USmilitary and the local police dept. , where this person was employed.
    In other words bad cop, bad soldier, yet i have yet to see his photo plastered across the newspapers and television.
    whats wrong with that scenario? and do we not all know that while my son is rotting away in federakl prison we can only assume the real culprit is enjoying his freedom?
    one can only hope that in a true sense of justice he winds up in a facility that knows the truth.

  46. I’ve always had good relations with the VPD up until 2009-2010. After recent experience with them, I wouldn’t trust a word they say, or depend on any of them being honest or trustworthy.

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