615,166 of your dollars for Mayersville Internet service

That’s correct. Congressman Bennie Thompson has proudly announced that he has secured a $615,166 federal grant to provide broadband Internet service to some of Mayersville’s 800 residents. Eight community organizations will get two years service free. Assuming that all 800 residents eventually are served, that’s an expenditure of $768.96 of your tax dollars for each resident. But why Mayersville? Is politics involved? Is such a grant even lawful under our constitution? If so, why not provide broadband for every resident of Mississippi? Better yet, why not just can the project and help cut the budget deficit and save the dollar? Your comments are invited.

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  1. Of course it is politics and pork. Bennie Thompson is just throwing an expensive ham sandwich out to the folks in Issaquena County to keep their votes coming his way. I once read that this is the only county in Mississippi that is so sparsely populated that it does not even have an electric traffic light as there is no need for one. I’ll bet there are only a few computers in the area to begin with. This type of pork is like Sen. Stevens of Alaska and his infamous “bridge to nowhere”. What a waste of taxpayers’ money!

  2. 800 more votes for Bennie…wait, this county already supports him. Makes one wonder why 800 people in Mayersville are of such value to the Congressman.

    Perhaps his 2nd grade teacher lives there…or someone dear to him at least.

  3. Where does Rep Benny Thompson stand on offshore drilling? He hasn’t stated publicly if he’s for or against it. U know Benny hasn’t answered any of his continuents in Warren County?

  4. I bet there are only about 20 computers in the whole town.

  5. Hi – I haven’t posted at Vickburg Speaks! in a very long time, but I do get email updates and this post caught my eye. Here’s more info about the grant to Mayersville. Im guessing that some of the money goes to wiring up the community centers. In any case, phone numbers are in the links below.

    “Eight community organizations will benefit with
    two free years of broadband service including the Mayersville Community Center, which
    will provide new jobs to the local community through Rural Development funding.” For more information about the grant contact Mark Stevenson of Nexus Systems (the telecom providing the service): (318) 340-0750.

    About the USDA Rural Development Community Connect Grant Program: http://www.usda.gov/rus/telecom/commconnect.htm

    This link lists the 2008 grants by state/community.

    Bennie Thompson’s offices and phone numbers: http://benniethompson.house.gov/HoR/MS02/Contact+Bennie/Office+Contact+Information.htm

  6. D’oh! That “318)” above – should be “318-“.

  7. Well, why not! Let’s just focus on Mayersville requiring this service instead of making sure that the college’s have this service available for the enrolled students attending classes!
    It’s bad enough that most parents of college students have to pay outrageous entry fees, housing fees, book costs and registration fees. Parents must furnish, internet service also, instead of having access to WiFi in the dorms, let’s give it to Mayersville!
    And yet, he keeps getting re-elected! Go figure!!

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