Ole Miss: No. 2 party school

Ole Miss has been voted the number 2 party school in the country by the Princeton Review. Good? Bad? Indifferent? Is partying the goal we set for our sons and daughters when we send them off to college? What’s your opinion?

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  1. Party? Did somebody say party? Dearies, I was at Ole Miss in my younger days. Oh, those little bad boys! With those tight pants! And those frat-spraddles every night! Damn! I wish I could have lived forever in that house. Sweeties, Ole Miss is no. 1!

  2. What fraternity Posh?

  3. Sweet Bertha, it wasn’t the one with beer pong and half-eaten pizzas and all night vomiting in the bushes. Our house was class – at least when everybody had their clothes on. Whewwww, what memories! If I gave you a name I’d lose some VERY close friends. But I’ll give you a clue. North of the Grove, West of Confederate, and South of Rowan Oak it is Not.

    • i couldnt say the same about the clothes issue, Ole Miss is my pick and i’ve only been there for the summer. Ole Miss sure can party! i love it there…education

  4. Sweetie I bet those boys needed a little paddling and probably loved every minute of it. I wish you were still there too. Especially now!

  5. Yall are a trip. Yall could get those kids in order I bet.

  6. I went to Southern and we knew how to party. But I congrulate the Rebels for making 2nd place as a party school. But I can tell you at USM we know how to party,party,party:)

  7. Posh it sounds like Chuck needs a little paddling.

  8. Bertha you’re a trip LOL:)

  9. Chuck, Baby! Meet me at Borellos tonight, 10PM at the bar. Bring your body, Sweetie, and I’ll bring the paddle!

    • Wow! yeah you all are definitely from Ole Miss

  10. I was looking forward this morning to reading an update from Chuck and Posh.

  11. My stars, what a weekend! Chuck, you missed a time, darling. We partied at Borellos Thursday night, and Friday somewhere, and Saturday night – what day is it? Sunday? Gawd! If my head doesn’t get back on my shoulders where it belongs, I’m going to skip work tomorrow, and maybe Tuesday, too. Anyway, I met such a good sweet dear friend, I hate to leave him – Chuck, you would love him! Next time, sweetheart, next time. Toodleoooo….

  12. yeah dude. party hard. good greif.

  13. How often does dear ole miss have partys, and where are they at?
    Im lookin for a good school to get hammered and laid anyone have any suggestions?

  14. Well I certainly hope no sex will be had at the school my daughter goes to

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