The Second Amendment

Only by the slimmest of majorities did our Supreme Court uphold the right of residents of the District of Columbia to possess handguns. The next president of this country, through appointment of new Supreme Court justices, will determine whether or not the Second Amendment continues to mean what its framers intended. Where do you stand on this vital part of our constitutional law?

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  1. The reality now is that we cannot defend ourselves with our weapons. The US military has tanks, Stealth planes and smart missiles. It doesn’t matter how good a shot you are with your rifle, you just can’t take down a tank.

    Having said that the framers of our constitution were very clear – we can have guns.

    What we need is organization. Organize so that regardless of the Supreme Court the will of the people remains in place.

  2. Tell that to the Viet Cong and the NVA who took on our well-equipped GI’s in Southeast Asia, or the Afghan Mujahideen who fought the Red Army for years before we bothered to send them any equalizing hardware. I’ll put my money on the armed citizen any day if he or she is properly motivated and trained. I do not know the number, but I would suspect that a sizable number of firearms are possessed by persons who have served in the military.

  3. The next big Second-Amendment case is being argued by our very own Richard Barrett against the gun-grab in Jena, Louisiana.

  4. They’ll have to pry it from my cold, dead hand…

  5. With your cigarette in the other Bert?

  6. No. My Bud.

  7. Check out Obama’s ten-point plan to “change” the Second Amendment (according to the NRA):

  8. guns and beer! you cant beat that for fun.

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