Kroger gas – will it affect gasoline prices in Warren County?

Kroger’s gas pumps are scheduled for initial operation this October. Are area gas station operators cringing at the thought? Or will Kroger fall in line with them and hit our wallets with similar prices? What do you think?

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  1. It will make me buy my groceries there so I can get the benefit of cheaper gas for my vehicles. Whomever thought this up in the Kroger hierarchy is a genius.

    Local stations will have to meet the price of Kroger’s gas if they want to stay in business.

  2. I read the article in the Post yesterday and one of the Kroger exec used the word “competive.” He means it for the cheaper prices Kroger Clinton was mentioned and that competiveness would force Kangeroo to react and break thier monopoly here.

  3. kroger gas ststion is open!!!

  4. new kroger store to be open late november

  5. Unfortunately, the gas is priced the same as all the other rip-off stations in Vicksburg

  6. Good news! Kroger opened with same price as other rip off stations but by 3:00 pm their price was at $3.77. I have heard other stations lowered their prices to compete. They won’t do it for long and if they can afford to do it now why have they ripped us off for years?

  7. I checked yesterday – Krogers price was still $3.77, same as the other discount stations, but their three cent discount makes them lower by .03. I was hoping for $3.50 gas, though.

  8. Buy lots of food at Kroger.
    Donate it to the church/food pantry.
    Use the donation receipt for a tax write off.
    Buy gas at .50 cents off a gallon.


  9. I got gas at Kroger last week & the pump did NOT give me my 10 cents off & I had $300 worth of points built up. I’m having to fight corporate for it. Ain’t that something?

  10. I was in Florence yesterday – got gas for $3.369 at Krogers – including the three cent discount.

  11. It is rediculous that Vicksburg gas is so high. What can we do about it & who is in charge here in Vicksburg of it being so blooming high?

  12. Jenny, we have been trying to find out exactly who is responsible for setting gas prices here for years. If we ever do, he/she/they will be the most unpopular person/group in Mississippi. Tar and feathers are too good for him/her/them.

  13. I have always heard it was the distributor and that would be Waring. Any other ideas?

  14. A mass protest march would get their attention. Trouble is, it’s almost impossible to get the people in Vicksburg stirred to action.

  15. I use a Kroger no-fee MasterCard, which is also a Kroger Loyalty shopper card, and so I get a .15 cent per gallon discount at the Kroger gas pumps in Vicksburg and Clinton. All you need to do is spend at least $100 a month at Kroger for groceries to get this extra discount and be sure to use the Kroger card each time to track your purchases to entitle you to get the double discount at the Kroger gas pumps. ‘Tis a piece of cake to do and worthwhile to help offset the pain of high prices for gas. In addition Kroger mails me a pack of coupons each month discounting favorite items I usually buy (its system tracks and knows what what I buy) so this saves another 10% off these grocery items. I do NOT get sent coupons for stuff I never buy or use..just coupons for my regular purchases. Their marketing scheme/system is the best I’ve ever seen.

  16. With Ike creating havoc in the gulf how high will our gas prices go this time?

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