Entergy’s “rate increase”

The headlines indicate Entergy is increasing rates by 28%. But, is it a “rate increase,” or a fuel adjustment? Fuel adjustments are already approved by the PSC. Rate increases are not. So, why the big announcement? Beware. Entergy executives, like those of other large US corporations, have only two goals in mind: 1) Line their own pockets, and 2) Line the pockets of their shareholders. The state of your finances is of no concern at all. Watch carefully the hearings ongoing at the PSC; call and give them your opinion if you may. Rate increase or fuel adjustment, your finances will be substantially affected.

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  1. The publicized average rate increase released by Entergy is misleading. The fuel adjustment cost increase that I received was a staggering 43%. The actual energy usage was $259.00 (3050 KWh) but the fuel adjustment was $112.00. With the spike in temperatures lately, the 1000KWh usage metric released by the company as typical does not accurately represent what most customers would consume during the periods of rate increase. As a result, my fuel adjustment cost was either calculated in error or Entergy has decided to publicize an inaccurate rate increase percentage to hide the true numbers that reflect what Mississippi customers are actually charged.

  2. My bill arrived today. Entergy’s fuel adjustment changed from $0.010878/kwh to $0.036807/kwh. That’s not a 28% increase. That’s a 238% increase! Energy charge was $240.89 for 2821 kwh; fuel adjustment was $103.83! Total, with the ridiculous “storm recovery” charge: $346.21.

  3. If you wish to file an online complaint to the Mississippi Public Service Commission, go to their site at:


  4. I saw where natural gas prices have dropped a bunch in the last few days. Reckon Entergy will reduce that rate increase?

  5. yeah those rates are too too high

  6. time to just get a candle

  7. This is quite a up-to-date info. I think I’ll share it on Twitter.

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