Out-of-wedlock pregnancies in Vicksburg

A front-page article in Sunday’s Post discussed the increasing rate of teen pregnancies in Vicksburg. Pregnancy at this tender age imposes social and financial pressures not only on the mother, but on her family and on taxpayers. If the baby is lucky enough to have a supportive father, the load is more equally shared, and the child stands a better chance of being raised in a “normal” environment.


There was a time when out-of-wedlock pregnancies, teen or otherwise, were regarded as dishonorable, and the mothers-to-be were whisked away to parts unknown. No longer, however, is that the case, with out-of-wedlock births outnumbering those occurring in marriage. The toll on the unwed mothers and on society in general is tremendous. Too many times, the grandparents are saddled with raising the children, and tax dollars are required for the child’s upbringing.


What is your view regarding the ongoing trend toward pregnancy outside of marriage? If you agree that unwed mothers present a serious societal issue, what would you do to prevent these pregnancies? What would you require of the fathers? What does the acceptance by Americans of pregnancies outside of marriage say about the American people?


Your comments are welcomed.

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  1. There are girls out there PLANNING there pregnancy as a career move in order to get a ticket to board the “Uncle Sam Money Express” otherwise known as the money train. Girls, high school and younger, discuss strategies to work the system to its fullest extent to maximize there earning power. Having a two parent household is totally out of the question, married couples don’t get welfare.

    (At least last time I checked, if they can get welfare I need to know where to go to sign up) ;D

    This is how far our welfare society has distilled humanity. Many young people now “aspire” to be on welfare! Can you blame them? Thats all they have even known, it is what they learn at home and see every day.

  2. After the Glouchester,MA High School scandal which involved a pregancy pact of 7 adolenenents it honestly makes one wonder if something similar could happen down here. No Jive.

  3. I know a young lady,smart as a whip,top of her graduating class,whose family wanted her to try and go to a harvard-yale kind of school.But she wanted children and to live in a big house.Well she got knocked up by a guy with a good job,but they didn’t get married until the baby was born.Now she has 2 kids and lives in a big house,spending the guy’s paycheck.She is incredibly beautiful;he’s the plain jane one,but she got her house and kids.Go figure.

  4. Any thoughts on Sarah Palin’s daughter???

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