Islam: Victorious through terror

For centuries Muslim men have followed Muhammad’s specific “revelation” instructions on how and when to fight, loot, pillage, plunder, rape, torture and murder in order to further the interests of Islam and their own personal wealth in the form of “plunder.” Muhammad himself had many people murdered, many killed while they slept. There were no trials, no judgments, no dialog. If you insulted Muhammad, if you doubted his credibility and if you spoke out, you were murdered. Here is a sampling of murders committed upon Muhammad’s requests or efforts:

1) Ibn Sunayna, a Jewish man who was murdered because he was simply a Jew
2) Abu Afak, a 120-year-old man, murdered while he slept
3) Asma Marwan, mother of 5 children, murdered while she slept
4) A slave woman, mother of two children, murdered while she slept
5) A one-eyed shepherd, murdered while he slept
6) A very old woman, literally ripped in half by Muslims who captured her on a raid.
7) A slave girl, who was murdered because she poked fun at Muhammad.


By any unbiased definition, Muhammad was a terrorist. In fact, he purportedly stated, “I have been victorious through terror.” He taught that Muslims are to murder those who have left Islam “wherever you find them.” He recited a revelation declaring that Christ was not the Son of God, another instructing Muslims that it was their heavenly duty to fight and kill Christians and Jews wherever they could be found.


Muslims who commit murder in the name of Muhammad were told they were doing God’s service and would be rewarded. God would compensate the martyr for sacrificing his life by giving him virgins and everlasting happiness: Each time he sleeps with a houri (angelic-like female) he finds her virgin. The penis of the Elected never softens. The erection is eternal; the sensation that you feel each time you make love is utterly delicious and out of this world and were you to experience it in this world you would faint. Each chosen one will marry seventy houris, besides the women he married on earth, and all will have appetising vaginas.


Women are treated severely (terrorized) under Muhammad’s guidance. When a Moslem female turns 7 years old, she is segregated from all males in and out of her extended family. At 9 years old, she must begin adhering to Islamic laws because she is considered an adult and eligible for marriage. Muhammad contracted for his wife Aisha when she was 7 (he was 51) and consummated the marriage when she was 9. If a Muslim woman gets sick, she is required to be treated by female doctors. If none are available, she must be examined through some sort of divider or go without treatment. Women are required to pray at home in many Islamic countries because females are not allowed in mosques. Among the countries which allow women in mosques, the women are banished to basement rooms or other segregated spaces. Women living under Islamic laws are not allowed to work, travel, go to college, join organizations, or visit friends and relatives without the permission of their father or husband. They can be legally jailed or executed for violations of Islamic laws, depending upon the seriousness the infraction. Quranic verse 24:31 warns Muslim women not to make eye contact or allow any part of their skin or jewelry to be seen by strangers, “and tell the believing women to lower their gaze and protect themselves from illegal sexual acts, and not show off their adornment to men and boys.” As a result of this verse, if an adult girl (9 years and older) is raped by an adult man, she will be considered at fault because she was careless and provoked the attack. Her parents will be expected to severely punish or kill her for dishonoring her family. Quranic verse 4:34 instructs Muslim men to “admonish” and “beat” their wives if they become “rebellious” and that “men are the managers of the affairs of women because Allah has preferred men over women and women were expended of their Rights.” In an Islamic court of law, it takes the testimony of two women to override the testimony of one man. Muslim women are not allowed equal right to their inheritance because they are only worth half of a man’s share. In most Islamic countries, women are not allowed to vote and are certainly not allowed to be elected to public office. According to Islam, most women are inherently evil and their ultimate destiny is Hell fire. Muhammad explained about one of his visions, “. . . I stood at the gate of the Fire [Hell] and saw that the majority of those who entered it were women.” If a Muslim woman protests any of her treatment, she is reminded that “her husband can divorce her simply by repeating “I divorce you” three times and that her prayers and devotions will not be accepted by God and curses of heaven and earth will fall upon her if she continues to rebel.


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  1. You bring up several points that have always confused me. How is it that free, liberated, women everywhere are not up in arms over the horrid treatment of women in most Arab states? Why are they not marching on Washington? Why do we, as free states, do ANY business with ANY country that treats women this way? Of course the answer to all of these questions is oil.

    The ironic thing is that Iraq was easily the most liberal of the Muslim states. Women could be educated, go out alone, live alone, work, vote, teach and even hold office. Women were not required to wear traditional dress and could congregate freely with members of the opposite sex. I figure that the US invasion has set back the women of Iraq at least 50 years.

  2. They are not near as good at terrorism as the Government of the United States on it’s own people and the world.

    Read the definition of terrorism and see if they do not fit it perfectly.

    We have lost more out of fear of terrorism than the terrorist themselves.

  3. Marlin, could you elaborate on your statement? If you are referring to the Patriot Act then do so in a historic sense of the other times our freedoms have been infringed during a time of war, and by whom.

    If you are referring to something else please be clear.

  4. There is an interesting paradox within Dar-al-Islam, that is the House of Islam. While it is said to be the fastest growing religion in today’s world, it is a religion in which only a fraction of its adherents, old or new, follow its tenets to the letter. In that knowledge we should all be thankful.

    Nevertheless, the tenets and teachings of this faith if followed fundamentally will result in a holy war against every infidel until Dar-al-Islam is supreme in all the earth.

    Robert Spencer observed in his work, “Islam Unveiled” that (quoting Bat Ye’or) “Non-Muslims are harbis, inhabitants of the dar-al-harb, the lands of war, so called because they are destined to come under Islamic jurisdiction, either by war or by the conversion of their inhabitants.”

    Spencer then added: “The jihad (holy war) that aims to increase the size of dar-al-Islam at the expense of dar-al-harb is not a conventional war that begins at a certain point and ends at another. Jihad is a permanent war that excludes the idea of peace but authorizes temporary truces related to the political situation.”

    Just as we saw in Israel recently where a Muslim man who was not connected with any jihadist group, jumped on a bulldozer and proceeded to kill as many non-Muslims as he could. (His family said it was Allah’s will.) So, a myriad of so-to-speak sleeper jihadists could suddenly awaken amongst us without warning, and all sanctioned by the Koran. Not a pleasant thought, indeed.

  5. I saw this one on Fox News no more than two days ago. It’s related to a Paksitani Madrasa which some young American Muslim boys have been sent. It’s a Madrassa which introctinates them to the Anti-American and anti-west form of thinking. Some now suspect we may have our own home grown terrrorism in the future.
    As for these young boys efforts are being made to get them out of the Madrasa and back here in the states.

  6. The Muslim religion itself is not some horrible entity. Here are some things some people may not know:
    The great majority of Muslims are good people. Muslims have Five Pillars (Profession of Faith, Prayer, Almsgiving, Ramadan, and Pilgrimage). The Muslim religion has the same father as the Christian religion (Abraham had two sons: Isaac, whose mother was Sarah, yielded to Judaism and Christianity; Ishmael, whose mother was Hagar, yielded to Islam).

    Those websites you list are entirely biased.

    You cannot look at the past and attack a religion because of it. Read the Old Testament of the Christian Bible. People fought in the name of God. I mean, if Italy sent terrorists to the U.S., would we begin to pass judgment on Catholics? Passing judgments on religions doesn’t solve anything. It just creates greater hostility between people.

  7. Brother Anonymous Christian, the god which the Muslims worship is not the same one we worship. If you read the Koran, it states categorically that their god, Allah, favored Ishmael over Isaac and that Jesus Christ is not the Son of God. These aforementioned examples are but a few of the grave discrepancies which exist and begs the question of which one is the one true faith?

    As a Christian, I have to say that the Bible is truth over the Koran. A Muslim will say the opposite. There can be no synthesis between the two because God says one thing and Allah says things that are often entirely different. There is also a good deal of biblical name-dropping throughout the Koran, but that is as far as it goes in similarity to the Holy Bible. Read it and see for yourself.

  8. Rev. Bryan Dabney, you completely missed what I was trying to say.

    I’m not saying that the Muslim religion is right or wrong. I am simply saying that we should not judge a group of people because of what some members of that religion have done.

    As a Catholic, I do not believe it is right for anyone to judge the validity of anyone else’s beliefs. The Catholic Church believes in tolerance and acceptance. I’m not saying we should agree with Muslim beliefs, but we should respect the people who have those beliefs.

    Most Muslims are good people, and some may be more Christian in their actions than some actual Christians are. By passing judgment on all Muslims, you are passing judgment on over 1/6 of the world’s population. It is not our place to judge others’ beliefs. That is left for God alone.

  9. The Bible says that we are to make a righteous judgment if we make one at all. Our Lord warned us “Beware of false prophets which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits (St. Matthew 7: 15, 16).

    A Christian by definition is a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. If as a Christian you cannot make a judgment about the error around you, your witness will be ineffective and your faith becomes just another choice among many rather than the truth.

    Muhammed taught that our Lord Jesus Christ is not the Son of God. That is an open and obvious contradistinction between our faiths. Tolerance has nothing to do with calling a thing what it is. We have Muslims among us and they are permitted under our First Amendment to worship as they will without harm to others. Most, I suspect, are very good citizens.

    My point in mentioning their distinctive religious tenets does not affect my tolerance for them if they are peaceful. But history does teach us that their faith has, both in the recent and distant past, a track record which is fair game for discussion under the heading which our moderator has supplied.

    I, like you, would hate to misjudge anyone; but their history and our current headlines are reason enough not to look the other way. I do not see it as intolerance to discuss their potential abilities and their reasoning for such as found within their holy book.

  10. I’m afraid I’m intolerant of Islam. I believe Christians have got to be very watchful of what is happening in the Muslim community. Suppose they became a large part of the population, and one day the mullahs decide that the Koran should be taken literally. They tell their congregations that nonbelievers are to convert to Islam, or they are to be beheaded. How do you suppose the “peaceful” muslims will react? Do you really want to find out? Frankly, I’m for limiting their numbers in this country, despite their constitutional rights. Radical, I know, so I suppose I’m just a Radical Christian.

  11. My word young man reading what you wrote Malcom, had we switched a few words would be the same things that were said about the negros when I was a little girl. What made you jump in with your radical non-christian view? If it is Christian, show me where in the bible it is written. I don’t know where it is in mine.

  12. Betha, Muslims behead Christians and other “non-believers’ every day all over the world – the koran demands that they do so. It hasn’t begun yet in America, but it’s only a matter of time if we allow them to become numerous enough, or politically powerful enough. If you’re not concerned about yourself, think of your children and grandchildren. Your reference to “negros” is completely out of context.

  13. Your attitudes are completely non-Christian. I do believe Jesus said something like this: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” So unless you are perfect, it is completely unfair to categorize an entire group of people based on what a few have done. Muslims already outnumber Christians in the world, and it hasn’t come to an end yet…

  14. I believe there are more Christians than Muslims. Christianity is a religion of love, honor, and respect. Islam can be much the same, but history shows that the religion is also one of violence, murder, and disrespect. Get real, Bertha.

  15. Sweet Malcolm I am not your “Anonymous Christian.” Once again you cast a stone in the wrong direction. Your comments above can be said about Christians too and I am a Christian. You still did not show me where in the bible it states your non-Christian beliefs Malcolm. History repeats itself in your actions of hatred towards the unknown. All in the name of God. Or is it? Who’s interpretation? Yours or your misunderstanding?

  16. Malcolm you said above “I’m afraid I’m intolerant of Islam.” No, I am afraid you are just intolerant in general.

  17. Bertha, there is very little that is “unknown” about Islam except what people won’t take the time to study. Malcolm has not expressed a fear of the unknown but of the known.

  18. I was incorrect earlier…

    Muslims in the World: 19.2% (1.3 billion)

    Catholics in the World: 17.4% (1.13 billion)

    Other Christian denominations: 15.1% (870,000,000)

  19. AC – thanks for your Christian support!

  20. Hmmm…all i have to say is this: No matter how liberal and tolerant an american is toward islam,if the radicals get a chance they will nuke this country and cut our heads off. And the peaceful muslims will go along out of fear of the radicals.Whoever thought britain would be headed toward sharia law?Could happen here oneday.

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