Is the Vicksburg Post leaning left?

McCain, or Obama? Liberalism, or conservatism? Many of the nation’s largest news organizations have taken positions one way or the other, with the result that their reporting is anything but “fair and balanced.” But the Vicksburg Post? One might get the impression, based on reading their editorials, that they are leaning left. What do you think?

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  1. Have you asked them?

  2. Why, oh why, Lord, have you placed so many smartasses on this earth?

  3. Good Gracious!!! It is evident isn’t it!!!! Ask them? Please. I am being a smartass but dern!!!

  4. ?

  5. If they’re leaning left in thier biases expect the post to see a rapid decline of circulation like the New York Times is already facing.

  6. Yet the Post remains the main information source in our community. If you have personal knowledge of a news story you understand how the Post will twist a story or simply gets the story wrong.

    Other than the Live at the Klondike radio show we have no other information source on local stories.

    The Post doesn’t appear to lean left or right to me, they lean whichever way fits their needs.

    Charlie Mitchell is excellent and always dead on in his editorials and stories. I don’t understand why he lets the rest of the paper be so biased and inaccurate.

  7. Inquiring minds, how about you, do you have an opinion on the Post?

    It looks like you want to throw stones instead of building something constructive.

    “# On July 4, 2008 at 9:20 am Malcolm Said:

    Why, oh why, Lord, have you placed so many smartasses on this earth?

    Malcolm, this made me LOL, thx.

  8. Yes, I laughed too yet I do not know what “stones” were thrown. Have you ever written to the editor?

    What is my opinion on the Post? I enjoy the VP. I read it with an open mind. I do not have to agree with all of the articles. If I choose to disagree I have their phone number to call and the address to write to the editor. Charlie is great to respond.

    Thanks for asking!

  9. “Ask them?” Can you do that in this Comunist country known as the USA? Smartass? I understood the question this person asked. Seems the smartasses are the dumb asses that didn’t.

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