Grand Jury refuses to indict Joe Horn

A Grand Jury has refused to indict Texan Joe Horn for killing two illegal aliens who were robbing his neighbor’s house. Mr. Horn’s actions were highly controversial, and were discussed in an earlier post herein,

Joe Horn: Hero or villain?

What is your reaction to the jury’s verdict?

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  1. Glad he got off!!

  2. Me, too. What really worries me is those 4 supreme court justices who voted to uphold the handgun ban in DC. If osama is elected president and he gets to name a new justice or 2, there is a real possibility that we could lose our gun rights. This country is not the America I loved and grew up with.

  3. Bert, we will lose a lot more than that.

  4. I guess the verdict is HERO! And damn well it should be. This is the warning shot across the bow of all criminals that practices this brazen daylight home invasion. Are you prepared to die for a TV and DVD player? It seems obvious that many Americans are ready to kill to protect their property.

  5. Amen. The only way to stop these thugs is to do the world a favor by shooting them down. In so doing, you’re not only protecting your own property, but you’re saving countless future others from being similarly victimized. A medal for Joe Horn!

  6. Absolutely right!!!!!

  7. Joe was right and the jury certified it. It is a shame that the prosecutor did not foresee the outcome and save the taxpayers and Joe a lot of out of pocket cash.

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