Crime in Vicksburg – out of control?

Counting the unborn child of one of the victims, there have been seven homicides in Vicksburg this year to date – a number that matches the total for the entire last year. Guns have been the weapon of choice, with a knife used in one of the murders. One has only to read the crime section of the Vicksburg Post each day to confirm that theft, rape, domestic violence, and other crimes number into the hundreds (and many are unreported in the Post). Has the undermanned Vicksburg Police Department lost control? Can the Warren County Sheriff’s Department be called upon for help? Would a merging of the two law enforcement agencies produce a body more competent to stem the rising rate of crime? What else can be done? Your suggestions are welcomed.

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  1. This is CRAZY! A young man is killed because he is standing in a guys yard? A pregnant mother is killed because a gunfight broke out over a VIDEO GAME?

    What kind of IDIOTS do we live with in this community?

    I’d say give both of them the death penalty but its far cheaper to keep them in prison for the rest of there lives. Actually it would be cheaper to put them up in a room at the Ameristar, but that just proves a point. Life at hard labor with no chance for parole for both of these animals.

  2. “Has the undermanned Vicksburg Police Department lost control?”

    Why does this blog take every opportunity to take advantage of dogging the Vicksburg VD? We have an outstanding police force that continues to train and do proactive and reactive response to issues related to this city.

    What are you doing other that blogging complaints?

    What different would you do if you see there is a problem?

    Merging departments I can assure you IS NOT the answer.

  3. What is the answer Wilisa?? Do you think more patrol of certain areas of Vicksburg would help? I do not think this blog is dogging the VPD at all!!. The moderator is asking for suggestions. So lets have them, What can be done.
    A young mother to be is dead and her unborn child. Sensless horrible crime.
    The new DA is going to be very busy this year..

  4. Wilsa, come down off your cloud and look around at the real world. The VPD is badly undermanned – and that’s part of the problem. As far as merging the two departments, where’s the evidence to support your statement that merging is not the answer? I feel certain that if Martin Pace had control of both departments, the improvements in crime control would be outstanding. VPD Chief Tommy Moffett is practically invisible. I’ve never seen him anywhere anytime checking on anything – I’ve never seen him downtown, never seen him in a patrol car, never had him check on our home or business (or anybody else’s, for that matter) to see if there’s anything he can do to improve security. Have you?

  5. Your issue is with Chief Moffett.

    Yes, Martin Pace does an outstanding job.

    So does Lt. Barnett and his staff.

    There are several new officers on staff at the VPD, many that came from Jackson where they received excellent first-hand street-level training as well as academy.

  6. I think we have addressed this issue before, but it would seem that a properly staffed law enforcement agency whether it is a joint county/city department or otherwise would be only a short term solution. Said agency must then make every effort to arrest and seek the conviction of those who perpetrate these crimes.

    But solving the crime problem here and elsewhere requires more than just an adequate number of police or sheriff’s deputies. It requires a will to prosecute offenders. It requires citizens willing to indict and convict offenders. It requires judges who will properly sentence them. It also requires a state legislature that will pass reasonable laws and provide adequate punishments for said offenders.

    There used to be a death penalty for murderers. I understand the reservations which some have regarding the implementation of the death penalty: primarily for its misuse in the past, but that was then and this is now. Nevertheless, sure and certain punishment for criminal acts will deter only a portion of those who feel that they may violate our laws with impunity.

    We must remember that murder, rape, robbery etc. have been proscribed behaviors since Hector was a pup. How do you prevent a person from committing a criminal act against a fellow citizen once they have framed it in their heart to carry forth? That is what makes any law enforcement agency a reactionary institution, for the most part, as it can only act where an overt expression of criminality exists (which includes the revelation of a conspiracy to act if so discerned by information from a reliable source).

    More police, though desirable, is only one factor in a problem which has an answer with which we have no power to solve, because it is more a spiritual problem than a physical one.

  7. Spiritual “yes”; however citizens yielding guns to combat the “criminals” also is NOT an answer. It only leads to more violence and possible other innocent people getting victimized.

    It does show Vicksburg respects and wants Martin Pace in office or we wouldn’t keep electing him “without a doubt!” Yet, if the VPD and sherrif’s office were consolidated who’s to say Mr. Pace would lead it? Do you know of a city/town that has the two organizations consolicated? I do not.

  8. I think you meant “wielding” instead of “yielding” guns. Nevertheless, citizens keeping and bearing arms in their defense and/or in defense of others is hardly the problem we face in this city, this state, or in country as a whole. And, since when is self-defense, or any act of self-preservation against unwarranted aggression, a crime?

  9. It is when you carry a gun because you are expecting to use it and you are not in law enforcement, Reverend.

  10. Wilsa, citizens wielding guns to combat the “criminals” is THE answer.

  11. Most of the problem stems from lack of morality, caring for others and just a complete disregard for life. I do not understand what makes a person take anothers life, especially over a video game. I think if the crime deserves a death penalty then so be it.
    Does anyone know if these crimes of late are from repeat offenders??

  12. JP I do agree with what you wrote. ALL of it. Americans do not understand the value of a dollar. Look at Unions. Do you really think a Union worker should get paid (for example) $40.00 per hour for a job that can be produced in another country for (example) $10.00 per hour? AND the $10.00 per hour worker is more likely to appreciate their pay and not go on strike. Why do you think the United States are loosing so many jobs to other countries?

    What are we doing wrong here?

    MORALITY……….. YES! You hit the nail on the head.

    Try getting skilled and reliable labor here in Vicksburg.

    Am I wrong?

    Far and few between I’m afraid.

  13. Skilled or not people have to want to work.!! Value their family and home and be productive. Fact is a lot of people do not want to work, have no work eithic.It all goes hand in hand.
    If it came down to feeding my fmaily and having a roof over our head I would go work 2 or 3 jobs.

  14. JP, again we agree yet not all share that view; however does that give “us” (non-law enforcement) the right to bear arms? Good question. It is one where I personally do not find comfort. It is a debate that we could never agree upon.

  15. I would think the ones that were involved in the shootings probably do not have the guns legally. I think everyone has the right to protect their home and family and self, being responsible.
    There is a difference between law abiding people and thugs..

  16. If you want to talk about crime in Vicksburg, how do we get Nancy Bell to open her books for the Vicksburg Historical Foundation? Do people even donate to that organization anymore? Where does the money go? That organization should be run by someone like the way the people in Natchez run theirs.

  17. I do not know of anyone who carries a firearm for protection, policeman or civilian, who is carrying such for show. It would be foolhardy and even dangerous to carry a firearm about without a disciplined intention to use it in one’s defense. Those who carry one for malicious reasons are the problem. Thankfully we have the Castle Doctrine and the Second Amendment.

  18. When a civilian carrys a gun they usually expect they will use it.

  19. Wilsa, that’s a ridiculous statement. Most people who carry guns hope they never have to use them, and most never will.

  20. Have to agree with Malcolm on that one!!!
    Inquiring Minds why don’t you call Nancy Bell and ask her.. What were you saying, that it is not public information.??? I think this is off the topic. but good question..

  21. Thank you, Malcolm. I am in total agreement with your last post.

  22. it is a good question. didn’t the mayor once terminate her for not opening her books to him? and if that organization is a not-for-profit what would be in there that she would not want to be seen? certainly to would be an opportunity to prove nothing is there to hide so she can get large corporate sponsors like in other cities. it would help vicksburg to restore buildings here that need immediate assistance.

  23. There is no number of patrol officers that would have prevented these two thoughtless acts. Both happened in private homes between people that were well acquainted with each other. I don’t think these could have been prevented with even double or triple the number of officers we currently have.

    There are cities in the US with 5 to 6 police to every 1000 citizens. That would put us with at least double what we have now. How exactly, short of a HUGE tax increase, are we to pay for a 150 patrol officers?

  24. I hope I never have to use mine again.

  25. Here in texas a person with a clean police record can take a course to carry a concealed handgun.Even my 80 year old mother had one.They say where there is a concealed handgun policy,crime goes down.So they say in texas and florida anyway.That won’t stop the crooks from commiting crimes,but it could stop a crook from killing or robbing someone when he is attempting a crime.The police need to be able to enforce the law like they used to before they had so many restraints put on them.

  26. Wilisa, let me get this straight, you want to fire all of our overworked, underpaid, unappreciative union police officers and replace them with with a bunch of immigrants from third world countries with little or no training and pay them minimum wage(they’ll appreciate it after all), and then you want to abolish the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution because citizens who carry guns somehow perpetuate violence.
    As a proud gun toting, union working, law abiding citizen, I find your ignorance astonishing. Do you really believe that your logic is sound or sane?
    Unions give workers a voice in the workplace, and you should thank that collective voice for YOUR right to work a 40hr. workweek with overtime if you work 41hrs, a minimum wage requirement in all states so your boss can’t pay you what he/she THINKS you are worth, if it weren’t for unions, there would be no weekends, labor day, employer provided healthcare and retirement benefits…the list goes on, my point is that you don’t even have to be a member of a union to reap the benefits of the blood, sweat and tears that went into the labor rights that you take for granted every single day. It’s a good thing our officers have a voice, otherwise, we wouldn’t have the quality of service that we currently receive from our PD. It’s a whole other topic, but the term “disgruntled postal worker” comes to mind when I think of police without a union.

    I carry a gun because I believe it is better to have one and not need it, than to need one and not have one. Believe it or not, there really are people in this world who wish to do harm to me and you, shocking as it may be, it’s reality. It would be a mistake to depend on the government for personal protection, they simply cannot guarantee our safety, and in most cases involving an unarmed citizen vs. an armed criminal, the end result is the the criminal goes free and the citizen goes in the back of a hearse, or an ambulance.Sad but true, I intend to protect my home, my family, and my self…and if need be, I would use my gun to protect you. It aint all sunshine and rainbows here, not even in Vicksburg. Your PD does the best it can with it’s available resources, and most officers do have your best interest at heart, so give em a break, if you do anything, hire more and pay them more, hug a union member, go buy a gun and learn how to use it, practice often and pray you never need it, and lay off of the koolaid…it is a lie.

  27. When there is mutual fear, men think twice before they make aggression upon one another.

    If you are a criminal, do you want to break into someones house if you know they are well armed?

    Why are women targeted in crime? Because they have a lesser chance of being able to defend themselves. If more women carried guns and of course learned how to use self defense in a class or something.
    After a while of trying to rob armed women and getting shot I believe criminals would #1 hopefully be thinned out in natural selection. #2 their buddies learn that robbing women is not a good idea anymore.

  28. johnny, you are 100% correct!

  29. Vicksburg Police Department needs to arrest all the drug addicts and Dealers, they are the reason for all the thefts in the area and Meth is destroying Vicksburg. All should do the time even if the are related to any Law Enforcement Officer.

  30. I think that there needs to be a change in the way that crime is being fought. The VPD is finally headed in the right direction, but the Sheriff’s dept need MAJOR changes. We need a NEW sheriff in this town that is willing to fight crime. Our current sheriff Martin Pace has told his deputies that he doesn’t care about fighting the drug problem here. He has told them them, “You will be remembered more for working a good funeral rather than making a big drug bust.” That is absolutely the WRONG attitude to take when our homes and cars are being broken into each week by these drug-headed thugs. We need a change NOW!!!! and it needs to start with the Sheriff.

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