Who do you trust to give you the news?

The large news organizations have so consolidated that a handful of people control a great deal of what you hear on television or the radio, or read in the newspaper. As a result, there are charges that much of what you see or hear is biased toward the political leanings of the owners. Fox News and CNN often charge each other with showing favoritism, while some in congress want to sanction Rush Limbaugh and other conservative radio show hosts by imposition of a “fairness doctrine.” Here in Vicksburg we have access to many of the local and national television networks, conservative and liberal radio talk shows, a local talk radio show, the Vicksburg Post, which sports its own “Opinion” editorial, and to major newspapers and their perhaps politically-colored opinions of national affairs. The source of news to which you individually assign the most trust can motivate you to vote for, say, a particular candidate in the upcoming presidential election. That said, who do you trust, and why? If you agree that some sources of news are tainted by political considerations, can you identify them?

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  1. Liberal talk radio? In Vicksburg? What are you smoking?

  2. I get news from several outlets. The Drudge Report is one of them. But I like Fox becoouse it’s more fair and balance. Now what is this new liberal talk radio station eh? Now 1490 am at least adds balance with Rush Limbaugh and Ed Schultz. Now if this WOC liberal am station chastizes anyone on the air market economics would work against it.

  3. I agree with Chuck!!!!!

  4. What has been interesting the liberal talk radio market has been this: Air America went bankrupt several years ago. It’s own radio hosts belittled Pres. Bush all the time. It’s one way to make your listners turn against you. Now Ed Schultz out of Fargo,ND has a chance becouse he doesn’t attack all the time. He criticize from to time. Now his audience is small he ranks third in audence but still the conservative talks show hosts are number one. Rush Limbaugh is still rated no 1 by the way.
    But beside the local newspaper there are so many outlets to get news now. Since the net exploded the news outlets are out there. U just have to look.

  5. stumped, I don’t listen to him, but I understand that Ed Schultz has a liberal talk radio show carried on 1490AM locally.

  6. We love to listen to Rush Limbaugh, and get most of our other news from Fox TV. CNN, CBS, and NBC are so far left that we don’t trust them to tell the truth. We never miss Shepard Smith and Bill O’reilly, and trust them more than anyone else on TV. It’s a shame that some of these “news” outlets broadcast propaganda and claim it’s “news.”

  7. I listen to the local talk show from the Klondike on 1490 every day. I find it informative and entertaining. Sometimes they get very deep on a subject but usually it is more entertaining than anything else. Often times they will have a story or event long before it hits the paper. It is the only local show I listen to, or know of.

    Other times I scan channels and XM. I listen to whatever strikes me at the time.

  8. What I did I on Direct Tv I follow the primaries on Fox,MSNBC and CNN. Just to get different perspectives. What was new during the primariy coverage is how they can break down the voter details. It was really amazing to see how they broke dowm the demographics. Like who would go for this candiate here or there. Election coverage is really changing now with more outlets who knows what the future holds.

  9. CNN had the best election coverage by far – which was surprising. I stopped watching CNN because of the bias but they have really knocked it out of the park with their election coverage this cycle.

    Fox only put up their picks for election, MSNBC did the same.

  10. I listen to Ed Schultz on 1490 and Rush Limbaugh,. Watch Fox news also.. . Live at the Klondike is also very good.
    I think we need all the information we can get with the upcoming election. I am perplexed that others are not getting the same points of information on Obama. I am not being bias but very concerned.

  11. If you have time to read this long article you will observe some extremely upsetting and revealing “news” that is representative of the type that isn’t provided to us through normal channels. It involves the “bailout” of Bear-Stearns:


  12. In an editorial awhile back the Vicksburg Post called Lou Dobbs some pretty awful names. Made we wonder who the heck they think they are. Lou has more brains than a thousand Posts and all their editors. Heck, if we had to depend on the Post for our news, we would know every high school and Ole Miss sports score – and not much else.

  13. This is an example of the news that we are NOT getting…

    Obama wants to disarm the USA????

  14. Simply reporting news is one thing, but its the “spin” which the “talking heads” and editorialists put on the news that colors it in the minds of those who either do not have the time or the inclination to sort through what they have read, heard or seen. The major news networks (which includes the cable news outlets) are the proverbial gatekeepers for those who watch tv seeking a source of “unbiased” information. None should be taken at face value because they are superintended by people with an ideology or bias. The trick is determining how much of which one they are handing you at any given moment. Let the listener/reader beware.

  15. I trust Ross Perot to give me my news:

  16. why is it that the local jackson tv news station filmed a lie about how the downtown business is just thriving and everyone that has a store on that area of washington street is swimming in money. when the truth is sad. the amount of stores that have went out of business since the whole renovation of the downtown area is pathetic. just wonder who stands to gain by this movement.

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