What can you and I do to save our country?

The United States is in its most precarious position since the days of the Revolutionary War. One could go on and on enumerating the reasons we have reached such a perilous condition, but most of the blame can be laid squarely upon our leadership – our congress, our president, and our judicial system. Unfortunately, these three pillars of our government merely reflect the sentiments of the electorate.


The popularity of presidential candidates Clinton and Obama is a good indication of just how little the populace understands the reasons the United States grew to be a world power, and how far our government has strayed from the constitution. If present trends continue, the USA will become a socialist nation headed down the path of hyperinflation and a much lower standard of living for its citizens. One noted writer feels the pendulum has swung too far, and that there is nothing that can be done to save the country from its downward spiral:




This writer hopes that it is not too late, that the people have the power to change this country’s direction. The question, then, becomes:


What can you and I do to save our country?

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  1. I think that it should be pretty easy to agree that the current direction of our country is not the right one. Therefore, a change in leadership is first logical step.

    Electing a President that will continue the failed policies of the last decade does not make any sense, so I would suggest, the first thing that you and I can do to help our country is to elect a President that will take us in a new direction, and I feel voting for Barack Obama in November is the best way to do that.

    My apologies if I turn your thread into a political debate, but that is honestly how I feel this country can start its rebound.

  2. In my opinion, the Constitution of the United States must be literally interpreted, and there must be a significant improvement in the moral values of our citizenry. Towards that end, we all, particularly those of us of Judeo-Christian belief, must become much more agressive – perhaps even militant – in our defense of traditional values.

  3. I appreciate your comment, Mr. Slade; it’s all about politics anyway, so political debate is necessary.

    I completely agree with your statement that a change in leadership is necessary, and it’s not only at the presidential level. John McCain certainly doesn’t excite me, but I am frankly appalled that any American could vote for Obama (or Clinton, for that matter). This is a person of very questionable background, who has accomplished nothing, and who will further the cause of big government. He is the complete opposite what is needed to return the country to sound footing. I will probably end up voting for McCain, but I would much prefer a real statesman – Ron Paul.

  4. I’m not a politician by any means, but I can think of a few things which would help this country.

    1. Raise the tariff on goods coming into this country so that our corporations would need to bring their factories back to America. That would bring jobs back to OUR people, raise the value of OUR dollar and support OUR country rather than boosting other countries. Their executives would need to take a cut in their 5 million dollar salaries per year.

    2. Make lobbying illegal! Too many politicians vote the way big business “buys their votes”. We need politicians who are for the people and for this country the way it was established. We don’t need politicians who owe favors to another Congressman or to cigarette companies or oil companies. You would be shocked at what Corporations give politicians to vote their way and to make deals with fellow politicians to vote the same way in return for them voting for a bill they want. The big corporations “OWN” Congress, Senate and the House, not We the People!

    3. Send the illegal immigrants back to their countries.
    The money it is costing us to support them would pay for Social Security and Health Care. If they choose to become legal immigrants, then they should be required to speak English, pledge allegiance to America, salute our flag, and abide by our laws.

    4. Revise our crooked legal system. Criminals have no rights! They lose them when they commit a crime! We are paying billions of dollars to support ciminals who rape, steal and kill. This is outrageous!

    If they murder, they need to be executed…Period! My brother was murdered by a man who killed him and 4 other people. My taxes are paying to support this man for the rest of his life while he does nothing! He has exercise privileges, education privileges, he gets food and clothes…all at our expense!

    We need to get tough on crime. If they steal, cut off their fingers, if they rape, castrate them, if they kill, execute them. The money we will save by having less criminals will put this country back on its feet!

    We need to get tough and protect the honest, hard working people for a change and stop all the dishonest politicians and criminals who are ruining our country.

    I guarantee you if these four things were to come to pass, this country could get back on its feet.

    One other thing would help. Colin Powell should be elected President instead of the idiots who are running. He has more sense than Obama, Clinton or McCain combined.

  5. Many changes are needed to get our country on the right path, there is no one solution to all of our issues. If I had to prioritize them the first on my list would be personal responsibility. America was made great by those who took responsibility to do what is right for a free person. Second would be to make America corporation friendly. Next would be term limits and campaign finance reform and while we are dreaming eliminate the Federal Reserve and go to a simple tax code.

    The idea of personal responsibility is so far removed from a large percentage of our population that they want the government (you and I) to pay their gas bill. Currently almost ten percent (28 million) of Americans receive Food Stamps. I am all for helping someone get back on their feet, it is inconceivable to me that one out of ten Americans are so desperate they cannot provide dinner for their family. Our morality has devolved to the point that stealing from the government is encouraged and taught. Taking personal responsibility and the consequence of action for not doing so are basic social actions that define a civilization and it’s culture. Our culture has become one of dependence.

    Our Federal government led the way in making the populace dependent upon them via ‘The Great Society’ and the ‘War on Poverty.’ Both well intended programs that were poorly managed and have led us to this bad end. The reality is that there is no National leader who has emerged as an electable candidate to put us back on the right path. Those on the National stage who propose tightening restrictions and placing limits on government handouts are labeled ‘mean spirited’ and ‘racist’. There is no easy solution for this problem because there is no electable candidate to lead the way. In lieu of a leader how about this option, if you receive government benefits, other than retirement funds, you have to work for your money, kind of like the CCC.

    How simple a solution, how difficult to get someone elected to make it happen.

    Making America corporation friendly means corporations would bring their operations back to America instead of the current system of sheltering their income in corporation friendly countries. An American corporation simply cannot compete on the world stage under current US law while headquartered in America.

    Term limits are long overdue. Under the current system the odds of defeating a seated Federal representative are directly proportionate to the amount of money the challenger can muster. That means a challenger must raise significant funds to offset the incumbent advantage. It also means that incumbents spend their time in office more concerned about raising money for re-election than they care about doing what is right for the voters. The majority of voters vote for the image given them of a candidate, not the actual works of that candidate.

    Campaign finance should include eliminating donations of more than $100 by any person to any one candidate’s campaign. Political Action Committees and Lobbyist should become illegal again, that will return the power to the voter with only $100 instead of the PAC with millions of dollars and favors.

    Our tax code is purposefully complex and dubious. You are not meant to understand it, let alone grasp the enormity of the tax codes influence upon our every financial move. Eliminate the whole code and go to a simple sales tax. No more IRS, no more income tax, no more threat of losing your possessions to a draconian means of legal extortion. With the same legislation eliminate the power of the Federal Reserve to set financial policy in America. Under the current system the Fox is in charge of the hen house. Americans have been led down a long path of financial education organized towards fostering a system designed to encourage debt.

    These are only the top four, in my opinion, each could be expanded for clarification. The bottom line is that once again we are in an election cycle with the same candidates, saying the same things and not a one of them proposing anything close to a real and long term solution on any subject.

  6. I agree with practically everything Betty and Just Sayin have offered. I would add one other thing – eliminate the Department of Education, outlaw teachers’ unions, and provide tax incentives for private schools. Why? Our children are being fed the “party line” by teachers (some) more interested in their union than their students, who are forced to comply with federal government educational guidelines. Our educational system is a flop, even Orwellian; only by returning to a system that recognizes the basics of good citizenship, led by teachers who understand the value of our constitution and our roots in moral and religious values, can we turn out students who can and will serve this country and themselves well.

  7. Bravo, Malcolm, Betty and Just Sayin. If I had to add one thing it would be for the Congress to adopt a revenue equals spending approach. We have been running up the national debt through our continuing practice of deficit spending. It needs to stop.

  8. One other thing I would do… Dismantle entirely the “war on drugs.” Take 10% of the savings and put it into educational and rehabilitation programs. Result: Crime rate is 25% of what it was before; price of drugs plummet so that crack heads can get all they want, resulting in an improved future gene pool; the reduced police forces can go back to fighting real crime; certain South American leaders and drug lords have to find real jobs.

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