Vicksburg’s high gasoline prices

One of our readers just checked prices here in Vicksburg versus other nearby towns and cities. The comparison is revealing:

Things haven’t changed much, have they?

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  1. Let’s go a step further:

  2. Drew I found that link over a month ago in a Google search,I’m real pleased you put that link up dude. Listen Kroger is going to have thier gas pumps up and going in June. And those with Kroger cards will get cheaper gas.
    A friend of mind told me how Kroger got thier gas punmps in. They went before the Mayor and Aldermen and I heard they demanded it. Now with Kroger getting thier pumps could super Walmart. Locals should now start to question Waring Oil LLC for telling two corporations for refusing to serve them if they put in gas pumps. They’re small fry compared to Kroger and Walmart Inc. They both the have right to put in gas pumps in the marketplace. Also Waring’s Partner Pantry Inc is in dire straits financially. Now Waring sold his 39 units to Pantry inc for an undisclosed amount of money via through the Federal Trade commission. Now Pantry’s earnings have been low for the past several quarters and Pantry even had layoffs too. Now what thier Earnings into a quandry was the fact they priced thier gas at 2.00 and last year they lost thier consumer base. Word is they’re still losing thier consumer base. Pantry Inc financial health is so dire they can’t make anymore aquisitions.

  3. Well, serves them right for jacking up the prices of gas. It is a crying shame for gas to be so darn high. I have absolutely no sympathy for any of them. Waring Oil should be ashamed and as much as I hate Wal-Mart I hope that they get to put some pumps in too and and throw some real competition around here and hopefully the gas prices will go down.

  4. Bill O’Reilly last night discussed high gas prices and came up with a wonderful idea. He encouraged his veiwers and fans to drive less. But on Monday don’t buy any gas. I don’t understand the significants of it but it would send a real message to the oil companies.

  5. But the problem, Chuck, is not the oil companies. The problem is runaway government spending and its effect on the dollar. The government is to blame, and the government is (supposed to be) us. Now, locally, prices are higher strictly because the locals are greedy bastards.

  6. We all have to do our part here and do what we can to help eachother out.

    I don’t know how this story fits yet it’s what comes to mind after reading the above comments:

    I heard a story once from a friend that owns an antique store. I will share it with you. Take it for what it is worth!

    A woman came into her store. Spent about an hour looking around, trying to decide if she really wanted a pair of hand-mande crystal earings from the 1920’s priced at $10.00. The lady asked her several questions about the earings…….. where are they from? how were they made? did she know anything about the crystals? did she have matching accesories? ………. the lady would set them down ……… go back to them …….. couldn’t decide if she wanted them. Finally she said she would buy them if my friend gave her 20% off ……. $2.00 savings …….. My friends said no. Her reason. Mainly because she didn’t have or want to and because the lady wasn’t buying food. The customer got mad, put the earings down, and left the store. My friend said to herself, I bet she goes and spends that $10.00 on lunch now just to s–t it out before dinner.

    So who’s the greedy bastard?

  7. Here’s a heads up. Last night a story has now broken that the feds are investigating the oil commidities market for price manipulation. The investigation has been going for some time and those result could be announced sooner than later. Fox News and Fox Business broke the story last night. It should be interesting to hear to see if hedge fund traders and possibly Global Speculators may be mentioned. Already the price of oil on the barrel has dropped to $124.00 an its still dropping.

  8. I say we cut the food supply off wherever we get our oil from & make them come down on the prices of the oil that we get from them, therefore gas prices will have to come down. Right? They can’t eat sand, can they?

  9. What has been remarkble is the that driving has really cut back. March had the highest number of less drivers on the road. Now a new ripple has emerged: state with gas taxes are now the losers. I came across the story on Lod Dobbs last night. None of the state beaurocrats whose tax money goes to fund the Highway trust fund didn’t see this storm coming. It has thrown them into real tizzy now. And the beaurocrats don’t know what to do or handle the fact they’re less drivers on the highways. They’re really freaking out and the critics are coming out like wolves calling the gas taxes really unsustainable.

  10. We went to Hattiesburg last weekend & were really surprised at how LITTLE traffic there was on Hwy 49 on Friday night on Sunday coming home. Used to when we’d go down there, the hwy would be packed all weekend!!

  11. Jenny you’re seeing more of the new attitude. When gas was low u would see more travelers on the highways. Now the high gas prices have forced travelers and everyone else off the highways. You’re going to see more of this the more the retail gas prices remain high.
    One consequence that could now happen I expect more businesses to closed. Why? they can’t pay thier high gas bills and restraunts are going to see less traffic in thier restraunts.
    Here’s an example. The parent company which owned Ryan’s had to close thier restraunts becouse of the cut back in spending with thier customers.

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