Another four year term for Leyens?

Mayor Laurence Leyens made clear this week that he will run for a third term as mayor of Vicksburg. “Whether you like me or not, you can’t deny progress,” he said. “I don’t feel like we’ve completely gotten there. I feel obligated to give (developers) an opportunity to invest and get the outcomes they’re expecting.” He went on to describe the progress made so far, particularly downtown, and to discuss the improvements to be made with the money obtained through the bond issue for the Oak Street Corridor project.

In your opinion, should Leyens be given another four-year term? Has he performed his duties in his first two terms to your satisfaction? Will you vote for him next year? Is there any advice you would give him? Who do you think will run against him? Would you recommend anyone?

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  1. YES, YES, and YES…….

    Advice: Move forward! Thank you for the progress you have made and what you have brought to Vicksburg so far. You have MANY supporters.

  2. I will vote for Mayor Leyens again and again because he has made Vicksburg what it is today. I have lived here all my life and have never seen so much progess in such a short time frame. He is a business man and he knows what he’s doing. You can see it as you drive in from off the Interstate or around town, the beautiful flowers, the cleanliness of the city, new development, a revitalized downtown, etc. I have never been so proud of Vicksburg as I am right now. Thank you Mayor Leyens for all you have done for our historical City! You are truly making our Vicksburg the Red Carpet City of the South! 🙂

  3. butler says : I absolutely agree with this !

  4. Well, it’s funny because Mayor Leyens is right…I don’t have to like him personally but he sure has done a great job for our town. I will have to say yes, I will vote for him again. I only think that he should do more about trying to get some businesses in here that can give our youth something to do.

  5. The best thing to move Vicksburg back to its glory is Lawrence. A dedicated Mayor that has the city’s best interest at heart. Hope he can change the mind set of many and get those that have the money and resources to grow the city and be very proud of what they have accomplished.
    Vicksburg was once one of the greatest cities in the world. The mayor and its citizens have so much opportunity ahead.

  6. I am glad to see so many people writing nice comments about our mayor. He truely is dedicated to this city and it shows.

  7. Leyens in a landslide.

    It pains me to see that Mayfield, Selmon and Young all seem to be opposed to Leyens. Regardless of the progress, regardless of the obvious benefit those three seem to challenge every positive step we take.

    I hear that Charles Selmon, Gertrude Young and Paul Winfield want to run against Leyens. This is America, they have that right. Makes me question their intent.

    None of them have the business sense, the ability, the drive or the intellect to achieve anything close to what Leyens has achieved.

    Why do people insist upon causing trouble and dissent in a community that is obviously heading in the right direction? The only reason that makes sense to me is that it must benefit/empower them personally.

    Also it appears the racial divide in Vicksburg is growing, but on the African American side of the aisle. I am not African American so I can’t speak on their behalf, I do wonder why the constant rumblings.


  8. Four more years. And somebody better get busy finding a replacement for this man. There isn’t a single person stepping to the plate that continue this work.

  9. He didnt just do this downtown thing for Vicksburg he did it for himself too! His property and his Family’s property value has increased tremendously.I’m not saying he hasn’t done some good but he has lied alot.And as other said he is lining up the pockets of the rich and upper class.He is not paying any attention to the little people.

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