Mural, mural, on the (flood) wall…

…who’s the fairest of you all?

They’re all gorgeous, and represent many events in the history of our city. The remaining murals are probably already planned. However, if you had a say, what additional subjects or events would you add?

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  1. I will have to go see what is there yet I wonder what is there to commemorate the achievements of what the blacks, Jews, and lebonese have done to build Vicksburg.

    What’s there already is incredible though and a great treasure.

  2. Drew a real good question. Why aren’t minority acheivements repersented on the mural wall?

  3. We had guests in town over the weekend and took them to the wall yesterday. I forgot to look at the themes, Chuck. I do know Vicksburg is rich in Jewish and Lebanese history. Many wonderful families were here and some are still here. In addition, African-Americans and others who contributed to the success of our great city.

  4. Yeah Drew they but you brought up real terrific point about the Lebonese families not repersented in the mural. Mostly it’s history but very few achievements by the locals aren’t repersented.

  5. Never the less, what is on the wall so far is fantastic!

    What specific scenes/additions do you believe should be painted?

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