Why will you vote for McCain/Clinton/Obama?

With the presidential election nearer every day, choices must soon be made. On the Democrat side, Obama or Clinton will be the nominee. On the Republican side, McCain appears to have a lock on the nomination. Who will you vote for, and why?

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  1. McCain………….because I am a Republican!


  3. McCain, because he is not Clinton or Obama.

    It’s a shame we are once again in this position. When we a leader step forth who represents the people?

  4. Yep. We’ll vote for the least offensive candidate again. Why, oh why, couldn’t the people see the wisdom in Ron Paul?

  5. Unfortunately there are MANY great people that are overlooked for jobs. Maybe his golf game isn’t that good.

  6. Ron Paul was called a radical, laughed at by the other opponents, but he was the man I would have voted for.!!! People did not listen to him.!!!!
    Guess it will have to be McCain. I am not thrilled about it!!

  7. Here’s another reason I could never vote for Obama:

  8. Will older men, Latinos and women follow Barack Obama?


    They will see he is the people’s president and he represents the right for all to become the best that they each can be, whether this be comfort in older age or success in the working world. It doesn’t matter what color or sex you are…..it matters that you care. Obama cares and for that reason he will be the author of substantive changes for the USA and its role in the world as the next President.

    Barack Obama is the right person to lead the US citizens. He supports the guy who has had less than a fair break at success (and that includes those of us who are females). Will it mean more government supports? Perhaps, if the corporations don’t buy into the fact that it’s best for the country to seek and promote the best and the brightest and provide pensions and care to those who have reached retirement or wish to slow down to part-time work, even if it means helping them financially with reaching their goals and their education. Corporations can learn that they will get what they pay for.

    However, if challenged, I think you might find corporate America will rise to the occasion and see that recruitment of the best and the brightest is a fast way to recovery. I challenge corporate leaders to follow Obama’s lead and rise to follow his suggestion that all the US citizens have the right to achieve their highest point. This will give ALL citizens the opportunities they deserve. It’s a change that creates a Win=Win.

  9. I’d just like to come face to face to each and every Obama supporter and ask one simple question: ARE YOU NUTS??????

  10. It is so simple why Barrack Obama is recieving so many votes; he’s black and a good public speaker. Therefore, a majority of the black community or anyone easily fooled by someone who can speak well in front of crowds (cough, cough, Hitler did the same exact thing), their vote will go to Obama. Clearly, if your informed, you would go with the less of the evils (McCain).

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