The attack on Christianity

With the media and many celebrities expressing or promoting organizations or individuals with anti-Christian views, Christians have been on the defensive for several years. Vicksburg is home to Christians of many different denominations, and although there has apparently been little such defamation here, our churches may be experiencing what appears to be a national trend – a reduction in the numbers of people attending church. Comment from those closely involved with church affairs would be appreciated.

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  1. Lack of biblical commitment to her Lord.

    It seems that the church in America is filled with religious people and not true disciples. The definition for disciple is follower. To the church to follow her Lord, it must follow the Word of God, and this is not happening for the most part for the church is following other things than His word.


  2. Although Baptists are dwindling in numbers here I would guess Catholics are increasing. It would be great if we could get more Jews back into temple.

  3. When one looks at the state of the Christian Church today in Europe and in North America, one cannot help but notice some striking similarities.

    First of all, there has been over the last 150 years a general degradation of the Holy Bible by scholars and form critics, especially those from within the Church. In the wake of this tide of skepticism(which has been taught in Sunday schools and preached from pulpits especially over the past one hundred years) we should not be surprised to find a sizable number of people today who do not believe that the Scriptures are in fact the true, inspired and inerrant word of God.

    Secondly, as the inerrancy of the Scriptures went by the boards, the moral law which was contained therein was largely dismissed. When God’s word has been relegated in a person’s thinking to fantasy, myth and fable, it is a sure bet that such a person will not follow God’s prescriptions for life.

    Thirdly, once a person denies that God has any relevance in his or her life, or simply reduces his influence to that a mere advisor, a spiritual void opens within that person which he or she will attempt to fill with alternative beliefs whether it be atheism, pantheism, the New Age, etc. This accounts for the numerous cults and fad religions which have sprung up, particularly those over the last half century. People are looking to fill that space within themselves which God should fill and he takes up more space than they might imagine. The nagging emptiness of a life without God is such that people will substitute a pretended zeal for their new belief system in hopes of filling in, or at least covering over the hole in their spirits which can only be filled by him who gave them life and whose word ordered the universe and created all that we see from things which are not seen. At that moment of rejection, the demonic legions arrive and set up shop. And the place of God becomes a pit of iniquity and ultimately death.

    Finally, there erupts from this chasm the demonic hatred for all that is of God. This has been manifested during the formative years of the Christian faith when Roman emperors sought to wipe Christianity off the face of the earth. While in more recent times, such has been witnessed in the violence by Muslims and other non-Christian faiths against the Christian Church in lands where it does not have a predominate population. In Europe and the West, it has recently manifested itself through the actions of courts and legislative bodies whose unenlightened majorities have vainly attempted to prevent Christians from preaching and speaking against those things which God set forth in his word as sinful and abominable.

    In sum, what it all boils down to is worldview. A Christian worldview puts God at the center and everything else is subservient to him. The other worldviews tend to put man, or some aspect of nature at the center but not God. And it is out of this clash of worldviews that we have the persecutions and tribulations which have taken place.

    Jesus Christ said in St. Matthew 13: 38 and St. John 8: 44-47 (KJV) that there are basically two kinds of people in this world and how one views God and his place in their lives tells the tale.

  4. Strong meat for the reader today Brother Dabney, but very few, even in the church have the teeth to chew upon this. I read a comment made by another dear brother “that the church is building upon beachfront property” these days. Matthew 7:24-27


  5. Amen, Brother Malachi. The wise Christian builds his house upon the Rock of Christ for he alone will save. The New Age and Emergent Church cults as well as the “mainline churches” today have built upon the sandy foundation of a false universalism. The word of God is too hard for many to accept(I Corinthians 2: 14). It creates division between the regenerate (those who are born again of the Holy Spirit) and the unregenerate, as it creates unity among the regenerate(St. Luke 12: 51; St. John 17: 11). We have much work yet to do!

  6. What a load of garbage. Religious fundamentalism is dangerous, whether Islamic in the Middle East or Christian in Mississippi. We hate Muslim fundamentalists but give Christian fundamentalists a free pass? What hypocracy. Obama is right. Only narrow-minded people need to hide behind guns and religion.

  7. Skip: Fundamentalism in its basic sense means only to adhere to a set of stated beliefs. Nowhere in the Scriptures does Christ tell anyone to hate another because he or she does not believe in him. Nowhere in the Scriptures are we to exercise violence against another except in necessary self-defense or in defense of another fellow being harmed or threatened with death.

    There is a difference between being “narrow-minded”, that is, remaining willfully ignorant of other ideas and systems, and that of following a narrow purpose or path.

    A fundamentalist, then is person who has a specific belief system or set ethic and those who are not so inclined have a more relaxed ethical arrangement either within that belief system or within some other.

    It seems incongruous for person who is not a fundamentalist to say that another belief system is “garbage” because within the detractor’s frame of reference, all belief systems are therefore valid. And every person has some sort of belief system or ethic which they follow. And further, a belief system does not have to include a deity. People worship and hold sacred any number of things. You undermine your argument when you trash the very premise which you are attempting to uphold.

    Now some people confuse tolerance with acceptance. I may not agree with you on your choices but I am tolerant of them. Tolerance also implies a tacit acceptance of any person’s right to life, liberty, property and the free exercise thereof to paraphrase John Locke.

    True Christians do not hate Muslims, Hindis or other non-believers. We do not agree with their religious views, but that is true of Conservatives and Liberals and you do not see in this country a demonstrative attempt to purge either.

    We have a Constitution which protects all our rights…the right to worship and believe freely… the right to keep and bear arms… the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures… a right to vote for whomever we please… etc.

  8. Skip, you’re either a rabble-rouser or a fool. Christians aren’t out slaughtering non-believers – the Muslims are the only “religion” that do that – and I refer to them as a “religion” in name only. Islam is more a terrorist organization than anything else. The Christian religion is one that preaches peace, and although Christians have been guilty of many misdeeds, it’s a FACT that if all peoples lived their lives in accordance with Christian principles, we would have one wonderful world to live in.

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