Recycling – how can Vicksburg do more?

Vicksburg and Warren County have no official recycling policies (to our knowledge). Yet, in this age of spiraling commodity prices, isn’t the recycling of metals, paper, etc., a good idea? Additionally, recycling food wastes into compost can create a superb gardening fertilizer. One reader is already doing his part. He writes:

We recycle paper products and plastic “now” to the outlet mall recycling center. Aluminum products and tin-cans can go to (i.e.:) Keys. I have no idea about glass. Metal products can go to Keys. We don’t yet have a compost bin yet I have taken the class to learn how it is done.  I did learn there are lots of people here who compost.

What’s your opinion? What can the city and county do to support recycling?



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  1. Wal-Mart accepts plastic bags in their entry way.

  2. Vicksburg should be doing more to recycle. Drew, have you a list of who and where are the locations for recycling various waste products? Wal-Mart for plastic bags, metals to Keys… What do the outlet mall and other recyclers take, and how do you drop products off?

  3. I know the outlet mall takes plastic containers and paper products in seperate bins. I don’t know of “other” recyclers. It would be great to have a place for glass (dark and clear).

  4. Malcolm: Look at this link:

    After seeing todays Post I Googled Keep Vicksburg-Warren Beautiful and found this site. I see they have an office listed at 1221 Washington (601) 636-4048

    Great to know they exist!

    Hope they and the rest of us can get more people to recycle.

    Are you into recycling?

  5. That is darn good information. Wonder why it’s not more widely disseminated? I’ll ask the city to give it and other recycling sites more coverage on channel 23. I think they’ll do it, as it’s in the interest of people and planet.

  6. I’m sure your grandchildren’s children will appreciate it Malc.

  7. There is another Reclycler for metal, tin, copper at 1931 Washington Street. They are called Vicksburg Recycling 601-631-6978. There is also one on Highway 80, can’t remember their name though.

  8. Metal recyclers are doing a great business due to the rise in price of the metals. But what we need are prominent recyclers of paper, glass, plastics, and other materials. I wish the city and county would get behind recycling and publicize the lacations for drop-off. Or perhaps schedule pickup at various locations around the town and county.

  9. I agree Malcolm. Although it would be wonderful if the city could pick up recycled material from everyone’s curb, for a start it would help to have several conveniently located drop-off spots where we can drop off “paper products,” “glass (dark & clear)”, “aluminum”, “plastic”, “tin cans”.

    If three ladies sitting in a book store can organize a Farmer’s Market as quick as the one opening June 14th at the corner of Grove and Levee Streets, I’m sure we can organize more recycling drop-off centers in Vicksburg.

    “Lorelei Books and Hwy-61 are the places to meet!”

    Call channel-23

  10. I have called all around Vicksburg and Jackson, and the only place that I can find to take glass bottles is the Rainbow Grocery in Fondren. There is a place in Madison, but they only do it for the city of Madison.

    I’m really glad that the outlets have the bins set up now (previously in the old K-Mart parking lot), but they only take ones and twos and then paper. All of the outlet stores are constantly throwing out cardboard boxes. I believe that bins reserved for recycling cardboard should get set up. I haven’t talked to anyone yet because I’m not sure exactly who I should contact, but I am going to try to get it done.

    It’s really nice to find a blog with other people who are concerned.

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