Ban smoking in Vicksburg?

Other cities and states are banning smoking in public places. Why not Vicksburg?


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  1. It “IS” working in other cities. Also, some places here have smoking outside designated for patrons. It’s the smokers that are for smoking. I wonder if the non-smokers want smoking in public places? Do the smokers smoke inside their home?

  2. I do not smoke and I have problems physically tolerating cigarette smoke. Consequently I do not visit many restaurants or public places that allow smoking. Remove smoking and I will spend more money at these places.

  3. I am a smoker and I do not smoke in my home. I smoke outside. I do not have a problem with restaurants not allowing us to smoke inside. I do however have a problem with bars not allowing it. I wouldn’t however have a problem if they had a “smoke” room.

  4. I like the idea of a “smoke” room. I know there are cigar rooms in bars in many cities and they seem to be a success. “As long as there is a pool table in both rooms! I guess……”

  5. Why do some bars, companies, restraunts, and other places have their smoking areas at the front of the building where everyone especually the non-smokers have to walk through the smoke? I’d rather walk through the perfume sprayers at the front doors of Bloomingdales.

  6. Oh yeah, I can see it now, a city full of no-smoking casinos? Don’t get me wrong, I’d love a state wide ban on smoking in public places. It will happen sooner or later.

  7. No, I think casino’s should be able to have smoking. Other than the alcohol, how elso will you keep people comotose to sit there and waste their money? In this case, smoking is great for our economy “deadbeat”.

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