The flood’s effect on animals

The Vicksburg Post has had several articles and photos depicting the plight of both wild and domesticated animals during the Mississippi’s current rampage. From deer, alligators, and other wild animals fleeing to higher ground, to dogs attempting to escape the water while chained to automobiles, the flood has changed the lives of local animals. Comment, if you like, on what you and others can do to help the animals in their current period of stress.

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  1. High water just doesn’t effect pets who are stranded but it forces wildlife like deer and aligators to move inland. Like I heard there was a gator on a levee.

    • ok

  2. Flood waters do effect dogs and cats that are left behind. They usually drown if they are chained up.

  3. The fact that people forget their own pets, just saddens me! I would never forget my dog if there was flooding, hurricane, or tornado; in fact (since i love dogs) the pet would be my first priority in getting her/him out with me. I have no kids so i can focus on saving my pet first.

  4. animals are retarded so….whatcha going do hhmmm!

    • you jerk

      • agreed

    • i agree awesome

    • LOL , wow . they might be retarded, but there still living animals . who knows what they think , or what they’re capable of . maybe thats how they would think of you ?

  5. animals suck so…whatcha gonna do, hhmm!

    • i dont think you would like it if you were chained up and couldnt get away when somrthing bad was about to happen now would you. dont come on a website that talks about helping animals and talk crap. Apparently you dont have anything better to do!

  6. hi

  7. boo hoo poopy pants

  8. who freakin cares anyways!

  9. you obviously dont know what you are talking about

  10. It is disrespectful to pollute this well-intentioned website with your criticism of animals. After all we are animals… so think before you speak.
    Flooding ruins the habitats of many animals and damages their food supply. The only way to help damaged environments is to respect them. I would appreciate it if you would start now. Best of luck.

  11. Wow whoever wrote that must seriously have nothing better to do then nag to other people on what they think is right, and sweety nobody will ever think before they speak because your brain does not function that way. Also we are not all animals we are mammals for your information. Humans are way to complex to be animals. But on the bright side your information about this helped and I will only appreciate that because everything else was bull!
    Love a better person!

  12. esspecially dogs

  13. Humans are animals. The human’s phylum is Chordata (vertebrate). The human’s class is mammalia. It’s order is primate (the same as apes). It’s family is Hominidae (apes that have no tail and can gather food with their hands.) The Human’s sub-family is Homininae. It’s tribe is Hominini. It’s genus is Homo and it’s specie is scientifically named Homo Sapiens.

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