Vicksburg’s emergency warning system

No sirens were heard before the storm struck on Friday. Why not?


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  1. I was by at Burger King when the funnel cloud passed over and the sirens went off right as it passed by. I thought to myself…”thanks for the warning.” I saw it coming long before the sirens sounded.

    I wonder if they were listening to the Jackson Weather Center because accordin to Z106, at the time the storm was coming across the river there was an announcement that there was a Tornado Warning for Openwood and Redwood and the Eagle Lake area. Nothing for Halls Ferry Road and 61 North are where it came through first.

  2. We were warned there would be a bad storm Friday. Too bad the sirens didn’t sound. That is something that does need to be looked into.

    I am thankful to the Vicksburg Police Department and city officials for their “immediate” response after the storm. It was impressive how organized our city remained in a crisis.

    Thank you to Home Depot who stayed open and worked with generators.

    McCoy’s who worked without power and their employees who wrote tickets by hand.

    Wal-Mart which stayed open.

    McDonalds franchises of Vicksburg and all their locations who were one of the only places to eat in the city after the storm due to the power outage.

    Thank you to everyone that kept Vicksburg moving and showed our Vicksburgers and visitors what a wonderful city we have here in Mississippi!

  3. I was at work when the storm blasted through. I can tell you it got dark heavy rain with straight line winds. Power went out all along clay street. No sirens or emergacy system…so one wasn’t watching the river when the storm came through.

  4. The city did an outstanding job of recovering from the storm being hailed as the worst one ever, other than Katrina.

    I wonder what happened with the sirens. I wonder why we are focusing on the sirens and not the massive improvement in city response since Katrina.

  5. David that’s real good question.

  6. We are fortunate in Vicksburg to have a Mayor, city officials and employees that take such pride in their jobs. The recovery was a perfect example. Another example is to watch the gentlemen who are securing our flood wall at the levee.

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