Are we eating our pets?

Apparently, we are. Take a look…

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  1. This is a pretty gruesome site and I don’t recommend anyone with a squeamish stomach looking at it.

    I spent three hours this afternoon researching information about this and finally found: This is the FDA site and particularly the Animal Drugs and Feeds regulations.

    The Animal Drugs and Feeds Program assures safety using a strong science base. Specifically the program ensures that: 1) only safe and effective animal drugs, devices, feeds and feed additives are marketed; 2) foods from animals that are administered drugs and food additives are safe for human consumption; and 3) safe and effective products continue to be available for use to alleviate pain, suffering, and death in animals.

    The Agency strives to increase the availability and diversity of products by processing New Animal Drug Applications and Food Additive Petitions as quickly as possible while ensuring safety and effectiveness. Only safe and beneficial veterinary drugs, intended for the treatment and/or prevention of diseases in animals, and the improved production of food-producing animals are approved for marketing. Surveillance activities also minimize threats to human and/or animal health which might arise as a result of the use of marketed animal products. This is accomplished through review of drug experience reports, adverse experience reporting, and nationwide inspections/investigations, which identify adverse reactions to drugs as well as potential drug shortages that could adversely affect US agriculture. FDA works with other government agencies such as United States Department of Agriculture to educate the animal industry about proper drug use, partners with the regulated industry to identify and correct problems related to laboratory and manufacturing practices, and takes regulatory/legal action to prevent the marketing of harmful products.

    After correct processing, the matter turns into protein which is a much needed aupplement to the feeds. It is not harmful to the animals who eat the feed, nor is it harmful to humans.

  2. Smitty, all this is dependent upon the reliability of the FDA, a government agency that has come under tremendous critism for not doing its job. Frankly, I’d bet my last dollar they have no idea what’s in this dead animal soup.

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