As you know, the administrator of this site has been warning for some time of the potential for a very dire future for our country.  Some leading forecasters are predicting a “Greater Depression” or worse for the USA. Let us hope and pray that they are wrong. You would be remiss, however, if you did not take the time to consider the possibilities and make at least minimal preparations. Following are a number of links of interest…!-Global-systemic-crisis-September-2008-Phase-of-collapse-of-US-real-economy_a1298.html

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  1. Pay attention locally too for signs. Already Ryan’s Restraunt bit the dust. I got a rumor confirmed that Captain D’s parent company is already in bankruptcy. Rumor has the restraunt here is shutting down. Look and here for other businesses being affected.

  2. who can even afford on going to a coffee shop every day, not someone making 1,000 dollars a month that’s for sure.
    big disappointment. 8 dollars a day to tip and have a drink and a snack.
    even that is to pricey.

    damn shame as nice as that coffee shop is.

  3. I’m not sure how to post a link on here, but check out http//, it’s a good forum to read if your interested in current events pertaining to the coming economic collapse, war, and politics. Some really good info, almost all is supported with links, and often times, they have news of current events days before it even hits the main stream media.

    I agree that we are on the brink.Look at how many banks have failed this year, even Fannie May and Freddie Mac have been bought out this weekend, it’s spooky, and the more banks that close, the less confidence the people have in the system, leading to more money being pulled out. It’s a catch 22 and will have a snowball effect…we are in some interesting times, FM and FM were in the hole by trillions of dollars when the .gov bought them out, how much longer will the FDIC be able to guarantee that your $100,000 will be there for you? Interesting times indeed, got gold?

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