Should students be required to pledge allegiance to the flag?

Your thoughts?

Published in: on March 5, 2008 at 9:26 pm  Comments (10)  

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  1. hell no, might as well make them pray to god also.
    but which god would it be?

  2. I think it is because of people like AM NO NAME that this country is in the horible state it is in. Some people have no faith , no morals, no concern for family or for fellowman..We are headed in a downward spiral.

  3. “Believer, I could not have said it any better! There is a reason ‘NO NAME’ is a NO NAME and adds comments at 2am.” HUMM?

  4. A lot of people have to work at night, so don’t put us in the same category as NO NAME. Not everyone has daytime hours and gets to sleep at night.

    Many parents don’t teach their kids to respect the country which we are so fortunate to live in. In fact, many of them don’t teach their kids respect for anyone or anything. Kids learn by example and we certainly have a lot of people like NO NAME who don’t respect much of anything. Feel sorry for those people who don’t have God in their lives and are so cynical.

    I believe if you live in America, we must respect the flag and what it stands for. Those who don’t respect it need to live in a country where they have no rights and see how they like it. Send them to Iraq and find out how good we have it in this country. Then they will be glad to salute our flag.

  5. While I think we should pledge allegiance to our country and honor the flag, I also think the pledge to the flag representing our country should be re-written. It’s not that I have a problem with Christianity, but we are a country of MANY faiths and all of these faiths deserve to be protected and have their religious freedom.

    Maybe we could have something like, “One nation, united in peace, with liberty and justice for all.” Or something else that doesn’t make the pledge favor one religion over the others.

  6. I respectfully disagree, Sonka. One thing most religions have in common is a “god.” Although I’m sure “under God” in the Pledge originally referred to a Christan God, Christianity is not mentioned in the Pledge.

  7. Great point Malcolm.

    I do believe, Sonka, that “one nation, united in peace, with liberty and justice for all” is something we should strive for. Good suggestion though!

  8. Salutation to the Flag

    I salute the flag, of the United States of America, and the Constitution and government for which it stands, one federal republic, of sovereign and independent states, dedicated to Liberty and Justice for all its citizens, under the direction of Almighty God.

  9. Amen to that Rev. I definitely think kids should be made to say the pledge of allegience to the flag. If anyone has a problem with it then they should not live in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. If you don’t want to pledge allegience to our symbol of our great nation then get the hell out of here!!! (No name??) Every religion has a God. They may call him/her different names and if that is the case then by george substitute your god’s name in our god’s place. If you are an atheist then pause when it comes time to say “one nation under god”. I am so sick and tired of people crying about we are forcing our beliefs on them. What the hell are they trying to do to us? Look back in the old days when there was prayer in school and the kids respected our country and each other. Then take a look at our kids now. I say GET OVER IT ALREADY!!!!!!

  10. I think they should. This country was founded under God. God is the reason we have the U.S. If people have a problem they should get over it and their boring lives. But

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