Some legislatures in California are trying to pass a law making it mandatory that everyone has to spay/neuter their pets by four months of age. If that law passes in California, it may start passing everywhere. Pro: Fewer abandoned animals. Con: One more right will be taken away from the people.

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  1. The bill has passed in Los Angeles and a few other cities in california. All dogs and cats under 4 months of age are required to be spay/neutered.

    If you pay $100. you can apply for a breeder license, and they can be left intact. There are a few other exceptions. You can view the entire law at:

    That site will bring up the State of California. Scroll down until you see Los Angeles (city–not county) to read the entire law. There are a few other cities in California which have adopted a similar law.

    Had people been responsible pet owners and spay/neutered their animals, such a law would not have been necessary. Unfortunately, all citizens are not responsibile, therefore laws are being enacted to control the over population of dogs and cats.

    I, personally, resent having more rights taken away by government. However, the enormous over population of animals have made it necessary in larger cities for officials to create laws to control it.

    The only way to keep our government from having to take these steps is to control the population ourselves. We desperately need low cost spay/neuter clinics so all citizens can afford to have it done and we need education in civic clubs and schools to let people know what will happen if they don’t act responsibly.

  2. You state in the beginning of this page that “or is it one more right to be taken away from the people ?”

    Well that is ridiculous ! Who said people have the right to flood the streets with unwanted animals or to authorize Animal sevices across this country to kill 10 million dogs a year ?

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