Our next president – who will it be?

John McCain has  claimed the Republican nomination. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are in a dead heat for the Democratic nomination – that may be decided this Tuesday. Talk of a third party candidate has all but ceased, though that could change once the electorate examine the credentials of the two major candidates.

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  1. I am offended by the Democratic Party for offering a do-nothing nobody like Barack Hussein Obama as a viable candidate for the president of our country. Can you imagine this boob directing the Joint Chiefs in a time of emergency? Or of negotiating intelligently with the leaders of China or England or France? Osama is a media darling (the media are mostly left wing nuts), but once he gets the nomination the Republicans will no doubt enjoy exposing him for what he is – an ultra liberal, greedy politician (and that includes his wife) who is long on words but short on performance. Check out some of his background at http://obamatruth.org/.
    Hillary Clinton may be less of a menace than Osama, but she, too, would soon destroy what remains of honor and work ethic in America. McCain is the least objectionable of the three, though his support of the amnesty bill and other liberal legislation makes him unpalatable to conservatives.
    The time may be ripe for a third-party candidate (Ron Paul?), one who can capture the support of the only sane people left in this country, the true conservatives and constitutionalists.

  2. Ron Paul would be treat. But he commentd on one of the debates that he would not run as a third party. What do you think??

  3. I’d like to see what you’ve who critic Barack Obama, what the heck you have done for people. I’d guess all you do is sit around and complain.
    He is a very intelligent. And I hope to God he is our next president.
    What makes you think you are smart enough to know who is and isn’t smart enough.

  4. the next presidents name will most likely be Obama not Osama. This blog is to opinionated by closed minded people.
    it’s easy to see mr. head blogger that less and less people are writing back.
    i’ve always could not stand people that critic so much and don’t even try to understand and read any other opinions that their on.
    i guess if obama wins, you will have to leave the country.
    i think many whites in the south are just to still predudiced to vote for a biracial person.
    it’s easy to see which way you, mr. blogger come from.

  5. Am no name it seems YOUR the one who is putting race into the issue.Lets face it , this has nothing to do with color!!!I think Obama’s religious beliefs and his church are very disturbing and to mention his background, I had never heard of the man before now.. So I am not sure what he has done that is so wonderful and great.Have you been listening to the debates and doing any reseaarch. Or are you voting for him simply because of color. Well color won’t matter when our taxes go up and when socialized medicine takes over.
    After some of the post you have made on different topics I would say you certainly do have issues to be so accusatory and self serving. I would think twice before I cast that vote.. Our president has to be for all Americans regardless of color.
    As far as reading opinions I have read plenty. I will not vote for Obama or Hillary.Maybe you should open your mind and look at the facts. and do some research. but maybe on the other hand you can afford to pay more taxes..

  6. Lets see if Dr Ron Paul will run!!!

  7. Dear ‘NO NAME’: If you are a legel USA resident, of age to vote, ‘able to vote’ i.e.: not on parole, as long as you meet the required terms to vote then my dear “cast your vote for whomever you so choose!”

    I only reccomend that the next time you are awake at 2am and on the computer, do something constructive like click on the following link:


    You will find it more beneficial to you than mind-altering substances my dear Vicksburger.

    Best to you on your quest for happiness!

  8. How many of you researched Obama’s church before they made the changes on it to appear non racist? I did. They openly pledge their allegiance to Africa, vote only for blacks and are told to do business with only black businesses. Now if that isn’t racist, what the heck is? After the attention turned to Obama’s church, due to the negativity, they immediately changed a lot of things on their website to try and fool people into thinking Obama’s church was not racist.
    What does that tell you?

    We don’t need a President who is racist…in any color.
    The recent vote in Mississippi showed more blacks than ever voted. Were they voting just because he is black or do any of them care what he really stands for? I venture to say, many of them have no idea what his platform is.

    Obama’s wife has made so many comments that have had to be covered up, it is a shame. I don’t care for Hillary Clinton’s platform either. The Democrats have lost their minds!

  9. If any of you have not seen this video then you need to take the time to watch Obama’s preacher. Obama went to this chruch for 20 years and he said last night on Cnn or Fox news that he had never heard these statements before. H must think a lot of us are just plain stupid.

  10. Let’s face it, Obama is not what he claims to be and his wife is openly racist.

    We need a President represents all of us! We don’t need higher taxes as Obama wants…maybe he can afford them because he and his wife are millionaires and millionaires get all kinds of tax breaks, but those of us who are middle class working people just plain cannot afford more taxes. The non-working people who live on welfare, food stamps and medicaid don’t have to pay taxes because our taxes are already supporting them! We need a President who can lead us out of the mess this country is in. We do not need a prejudiced President. The higher income people get all kinds of tax breaks…the lower income people don’t have to pay taxes. Those of us who are supposed to be the backbone of America are the ones who have already been taxed out.

  11. ‘Tired of it’ Thanks for sharing the video of Obama’s preacher. One of these days slaves will be free, women will be alowed to vote, blacks will be allowed to vote, women will be equal to men, we will have a black president, a female president, gays will marry, and no more wars! My advice to you, “Focus on Love thy neighbor!”

  12. I just can’t see Michelle Obama as the “First Lady”.
    Everytime she opens her mouth, she stuffs her foot in it and declares herself more racist. She would probably want to change the name of the White House to the Black House and paint it black.

    God help us if Obama gets to be President. This country is already on a downhill slide and he would put it on skates!

  13. That possibility scares hell out of me, Smitty. What in the hell are the American people thinking?

  14. They aren’t thinking Malcolm, they are feeling. This is all about feeling good. We need real leadership and we are going to get much less regardless of which political cult of personality is selected.

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