What is your opinion of illegal immigration? What are the solutions to the problems it has created? Should there be an amnesty program? Should they all be sent back to the country of their origin? Are they taking jobs that our welfare recipients ought to be filling?


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  1. There should only be amnesty if they are self supporting and not on government welfare! If they are on government welfare then YEW they should be sent back to the country of their origin.

  2. If they aren’t legal, send them back. I think to be legal, they should speak English, pledge allegiance to this country, our flag, our constitution and become Americans. Otherwise, send them back to their own country. When they left their country, they left on their own accord, so leave all of it…or go back to it.

  3. America is a country formed from immigrants. The beauty of America is the vast array of cultures, skin colors, beliefs, etc. that blend to form one voice – the American citizen. New immigrants bring forth new ideas and vitality to our nation, and many have much to offer.

    However, for a society to be successful, it must have laws and a system of justice that is respected by its population. When immigrants come to our county illegally, they are showing their disrespect for our system of laws and justice from the moment that they arrive. By entering the U.S.A. without going through the required process, they are committing a crime. I do not want individuals to come to my county that do not respect law and order.

    I have visited 14 international countries in my life. I have always become familiar with the local customs and laws before I visited. Additionally, I purchased appropriate visas, obtained required documentation, payed required fees and taxes, was screened by military/police, etc. Is it asking to much for our country to ask the same of those who wish to come to the U.S.A.?

    I do not believe in amnesty programs. I believe in following laws and punishing those who choose to disobey the law. The way to “fix” the problem is to make it very uncomfortable to remain in this country in an illegal status. If one can not obtain a car tag, driver’s license, employemnt, etc., it would no longer be comfortable to be here, and I am sure that many illegal immigrants would immigrate somewhere else. For those who truely wish to become U.S. citizens and respect the laws of our land, I’m quite sure that they wouldn’t mind following the legal process that is required.

  4. It is sad people have to leave their birth country to go to another country for opportunities. How fortunate we are in the USA. It should make us step back and look at what we have here that makes others want what we have. Why do we have Anericans that have opportunities that don’t take advantage? Americans that would rather do drugs, drink, live off the “system”, etc………..?????? There is a reason others come here to “take” the jobs Americans “don’t” want. Too bad Americans don’t want them. Too bad they aren’t available for others who do want them.

  5. I believe everybody deserves a chance but if they come into this country ilegally they need to be deported back to their country until they have the proper paperwork .They are infact taking our jobs,over half of the imigrants in our city alone have fake ID’s and fake ssn just to work here.but what is our law enforcement doing about it?

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