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  1. The Vicksburg Post today had pictures of all the empty buildings downtown to have apartments made in them. I don’t know where that many people will come from to fill that many apartments.

    I agree it would be the great way for the downtown district to survive. With that many people down there, shops should flourish and I guess that’s what the city officials want. But, where are all those people going to
    park? Where will they work? How much money can people afford to pay for those upscale apartments? Most of those buildings don’t have parking lots.

  2. Actually, there are MANY multi-level parking lots downtown that are empty just waiting for use.

  3. who the heck cares. i’m so sick of downtown and all of our tax dollars going down there.

    i would have rather had a state lottery instead of the gambling boats that have run all the good and affordable rests.out of town. only people with money can go downtown and by anything.

    nice for the mayor. the average citizen doesn’t even visit downtown.

  4. isn’t that sweet, they want to build doggy runs for the people that haven’t even moved in yet but there is no other doggy run in this whole freaking town!!

    this city government is really pissing more people off than they can imagine.

    better build those doggie runs pretty big cause people from all over the city or coming down to use them!!

  5. By the way the city hasn’t addressed the fact there’s a migration taking place to Madison of locals to cheaper properties in Madison. U know they’ve gotten jealous Madison. Also just this morning Commercial real estate is in the danger zone thanks to the slow housing bubble. And there isn’t no end in sight. I’ve heard of foreclosures across the subdivisions in town. No jive. Now every housing contractor has turned Mayor Leyens. He’s going about his economics the wrong way. U need to attract jobs here not housing first,or high end downtown apartments. It’s not going to work for the buyer is smarter than some of these realtors believe.

  6. Maybe you are correct Chuck. Maybe Vicksburg should start with a “tent city” first? I’m sure the employees of the comming casino, nuclear plant, BE&K, and other development won’t mind living in tents until Vicksburg can prove we can house the need for more growth. At least Mayor Leyens is looking in a positive direction. Thank God and the mayor!!!!!!! In the meantime, click on this link my friend to see what you’re missing from under your rock!

  7. By the way I’m well aware what’s going on. I don’t sleep under a rock my friend. Well Drew why hasn’t your mayor brought in more jobs? I can tell you on other bullentin boards Vicksburg isn’t that well liked at all. I read comments from people who use to live here. No jive. But never tell someone they don’t live under a rock. I’ve comments from some of these yahoo leaders we got and they act like this town is so insulated from global market forces. That includes subprime and the housing bubble. Now constructions jobs here have decrease do to housing bubble. And a lot of locals know there’s a glut of unsold homes here becouse of their prices here are overvalued. Commuters have been giving this town hell becouse of its lack of enemieties such as restraunts and retail. This town is paying the price all becouse of a few didn’t want competition. I can tell you now another restraunt is closing and that’s Captain D’s. Their parent company filed chapter 11 bankruptcy. Just do a Google search. Aamzing what u can learn.

  8. Chuck, can I interest YOU in a home in Jackson?

  9. Just to give u a heads up southwest Jackson had a large number of foreclosures too. Now Jackson made national news on the fact that it had cheaper house prices. I don’t see that happening in that market at all. I hear these locals brag about it but they’re not in the Clairon Ledger bragging on thier accomplishments in the local real estate market at all. Also I would rather live in Madison than Jackson becouse it’s booming and unfornately I’m a realist I don’t see a boom at all happening around at all. Just a bunch a bragger mouths.
    By the way more amd more people are seeing Mayor Leyens as a whining baby by the way. Perception is everything.

  10. Chuck, we notice the faults in others that bother us most about ourselves. Have you thought about a therapist?

  11. Sorry but I don’t need a therapist. Smart mood but stupid. But I heard a real interesting story which one of the Mayor’s investors opened a rental apartments near Marcus Bottom. Well the charged rent was so high no couldn’t afford it and the investor pulled out. Becouse he wasn’t making money off his investment and these apartment bldgs near Marcus Bottom are vacant to this day.

  12. $2,000,000 At Stake at Downtown Collapsed Property!!!

    Yes thats how much insurance is involved on the clay st. complex that the city has been trying like old heck to steal from my family and I.

    Its unfortunate that the Post just prints whatever
    Mayor Leyens or his henchmen say, rather then actually investigate it and tell the community the truth instead of what city hall wants repeated. I think I had 17 major newspaper articles about the Reuthers all on the front page and never once was the facts even close to the truth.

    I do think that since I hired the architect that supervised the twin towers bombing and collapse in New York that King Leyens has held his tongue a bit. That report was very damming to the whole city crew, architectural review board and the rest of them. Some of the stories he layed on the newspaper and the general public was laughable. I think he even gave a speech to the Kiwanis club saying that we The Reuthers were actually the cause of the collapse! Sounded like we blew it up or something.

    It’s truly a shame he didn’t use all that public relations experience on creating a better Vicksburg instead of running off most of the potential business that could really grow with the city, add valuable revenue and jobs to a dying economy.

    Has the Post even mentioned the fact that King Leyens
    has been sued by me and my family? Have they written one snippet that he will soon be deposed?____Because it was sure big news when i had to go to civil court.

    They just cant take there hands off that building and let my contractors work on my own building that I paid hard cash for that took a lifetime to save. All this time I really think many of the Folks in Vicksburg feel that we are refusing to fix or clean up the building site.

    Well don’t believe the city or the Post because they have had a STOP WORK ORDER UNDER PENALTY OF ARREST on us for well over 2 years. You see they want the money from the insurance policy that may be used for the clean up. They want there boys in there like the Millers. YOU KNOW THE GUY THAT FIXED THE MAYORS $100,000 fence after the city refused to fix the stone fence and basically forced the owners to sell, sell to the Mayor King Lawrence, who else. They dont care beans about that old building and they demolish them at the blink of an eye if its to THERE BEST INTEREST.
    I think malcolm purchased surplus city for about 7 minutes for restoration then decided to tear it down!

    No problem he got a demolishen certificate quicker then a cat can blink his eye. Is Malcolm related to the Mayor? Is he his business partner? Where did Malcolm get his money from to buy all this property?
    Malcolm started buying old property in that riverfront area near the casinos years before they got the federal money to fix it all up. Boy I would love to have that crystal ball!

    They want the building, they want the land and don’t want to pay a dime for it! The federal interpretive museum is coming and my building is in a prime location and I think they probably already have it promised to one of there cronies. I have spent over $100,000 on legal fees so far and maybe I will have to spend another $100,000 before its over.

    Oh yea, That trial coming up in a few months!! Don’t hold your breath it aint going to happen! That building is going to sit right there for at least another year! Dont believe all that feel good rhetoric it just aint true. If they want that building and want to steal it from me there going to have to fight for it.

    Ya know its a shame we had to leave Vicksburg. We loved the city and the people are great. But i have traveled the world and have never seen a group of people that was so terrified of there own government.

    Preston Reuther
    Master Wire Sculptor

  13. Just a note of clarification… The “Malcolm” referred to in Mr. Reuther’s comment above is Malcolm Carsons, not Malcolm Allred.

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