Can you believe it? – another rate hike!

Already reeling from record-high natural gas bills, the citizens of Vicksburg were informed yesterday that their heating bills will be going up again – this despite the fact that spot natural gas prices nationwide have risen very little, and are far below the record prices set in 2005-2006, when the city began adding a price adjustment to bills. Is it time for Vicksburg to get out of the natural gas business and instead turn the business over to Mississippi Valley Gas or other suppliers? Shouldn’t the public be informed of exactly why our rates are so high and going up? Would it be cheaper to heat with electricity?

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  1. It’s flatdab freaked me out, I tell ya!! I have been freezing in the house, using less water, trying to keep my bill down, and there was that headline yesterday! It inspired some colorful language. And then, my newest bill came in the mail. After all of my efforts to conserve, (especially the freezing part!), my bill was about the same as last month’s. So, I guess the next one will be sky high due to the rate hike,and because we have had so much cold weather and I HAD to turn the heat up some! And since I now am on a fixed income, due to my husband’s death last month, I really am very very worried. How can they even pretend that this is a retirement community? It is too expensive, unless the retirees have unlimited resources. I just don’t know what to do, to be honest with you. I am stressing out about it. But would electric heaters be any cheaper? I don’t know.
    BUT, on today’s front page, the young Marine from Vicksburg being honored? Why, that is my very own nephew, and I am so very proud of him!! Way to go, Joey!!! Some front page headlines are worth reading!!

  2. The real question on the nautral gas issue is this: why isn’t Vicksburg Nautral gas a privatize company like those in Jackson? Also I heard accounts that the meters could be easily manipulated from a motebook computer in a car. I wouldn’t be surprised if high utilities also turn companies off from wanting to move here? Now is the City manager going to go against the market like they did a few years ago? I believe it’s time for the city to face an audit or ethics commission investigation.

  3. i’m so disgusted about so much about vicksburg. i don’t hardly get mad out loud anymore.

    i see so much favoritism with our government also.

    i’d like to know how much channel 23 is costing the tax payers because it is pitiful.
    how many times do they show a boring show.
    and if you don’t get to the big parades downtown. it would be nice not to keep on and on with showing the parades.

    of all the good we are supposed to have from those gambling boats..
    i think they stink.
    how many gambling boats does a town this side need?
    it is the only place i ever see black and whites in the same place.
    most people are just in to the gambling and certainly not talking.
    i just don’t get it. thank god, i don’t get it. every penny i have is worth keeping to pay the bills. i’m not taking a chance on putting it in a machine.
    i’ve even stopped going out for coffee cause i tend to way over tip for what i buy. i am just bad with money. and my heart goes out to minimum wage jobs, especially serving people food, coffee, etc…

    trichia made the most important statement. how can vicksburg be a city for retiree’s. i guess they would need to be gambling addicts and win big. what else is there for retirees to do here?

    the location of our grocery stores and lack of other stores? i don’t think vicksburg is a good place for retirees are many others. some of us are just stuck.

  4. Ilovedogs,

    The boats aren’t here for people to win! They are here for people to lose…otherwise, they wouldn’t be here at all.


  6. I agree, Mark. I haven’t been able to vote myself a raise yet!

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