Racial discrimination in Vicksburg’s housing assistance program?

The January 15 issue of the Vicksburg Post contained an article with the following statement:


“In 2006, grant funds totaling $475,980 were given to residents for down payment assistance on 21 homes in Vicksburg, with $352,720 aiding 18 closings in 2007. Those amounts include money from grants awarded previous years, as housing administers say helping qualified buyers through the process takes longer than most closings, due to buyers’ inexperience and the great number of records that must be submitted to state and federal granting agencies.

“In those two years, 125 people moved into Vicksburg homes aided by grants administered through the city, receiving between $5,000 and $31,000 in down payment assistance and forgivable loans. Overall, this represented almost $4 million in home sales.

“About half of those who received grant assistance were single parents. Families and individuals who received assistance in 2006 and 2007 had an average household income of $26,193 for an average household of 3.2 people. Four households were white and 35 were black.” (emphasis ours).


The article implies that 90% of the recipients of housing aid in 2006 and 2007 were black. If so, does this indicate a racial bias by the administrators of Vicksburg’s housing assistance program?

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  1. Now that is interesting if this is true this could bring in the Justice Deptarment’s Civil Rights division into the mix. Also I heard that among some blacks that the Mayor is a racist but I don’t how true that is. Now I find that interesting. But the way the Post worded it it’s like the whites are being discriminated against.

  2. Chuck, the whites have been being discriminated against for a long time now or haven’t you noticed? Whites are not the racist group.

    We have Black History Month all this month. My grandkids have been using my computer to get their reports done on famous black people. I don’t have a problem with that and I learned a lot helping them, however, is there a White History Month? And what’s with the teachers making the kids wear “dress clothes” the day they have to have their reports in so they can get extra grades or if they don’t wear them, their grades are reduced? I don’t think the clothes they wear should enter into their grade average. I don’t know if it is just one teacher demanding that or all of them, but it isn’t right. Two of my grandkids with the same teacher had to do that.

    The kids are supposed to wear uniforms to school and now the teachers want them to wear dress clothes to school for one day of Black History Month? I thought they wear uniforms so some kids aren’t dressed better than others. So, what happens if some kids don’t have as fancy dress clothes as the others? There is a bunch of parents mad about that. Lots of folks don’t have the time or money to go out and buy special dress clothes to wear to school for one day, especially on a short notice. I told my daughter they need to get a group of parents to complain to the school board about that and I hope they do.

  3. Sorry I got carried away from the subject. Yes, those figures do seem to show a racial bias, but I don’t think that is the reason for those figures. I think more blacks apply for those homes than whites.

  4. Time for a Hispanic Month now. I see nothing wrong with teaching black history. But to say this is what we are going to do the whole month seems kinda ignorant… It should be taught when the subject matter or history lessons enters the time were it was a plus to society.

    I also I believe there is alot of people that yell racist when it just is not true. I know many whites and blacks in this community and 90% are not racist. Different at times and in ways but not racist. I’ll give you a good example… our next president may be black or mixed… and there is no possible way he could even have a chance if 30% of our country was racist. Because our country is majority white.

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