Sunday’s Post “Letters to the Editor”

Your comments are invited regarding the “Letters to the Editor” printed in Sunday’s Post:


Pastor James O. Bowman discussed the effect on children of the lack of morals displayed by the adults in our community. He suggested a “Crusade for Christ” in Vicksburg.


Bill Smollen condemned the city’s latest decision to spend $400,000 on new computer software for an “internal accounting system,” and went on to criticize another $282,000 already spent on software to “track  deterioration of city streets” and “to better track employee work hours”


Thomas D. Wright predicted that a new photo ID may soon be required for many Americans.


Tommy Hutto complained that the rehiring of Paul Winfield as board attorney for the Warren County Board of Supervisors was a mistake, and that former attorney Randy Sherrad should be reinstated.


Charity Holm-Whaley claimed that Fred Thompson is the only true conservative in the Republican race for president.


Buddy Chain (of Oxford) opined that Mississippi’s public high schools need to add a “career technical diploma” to their curricula.


Rick Voakes (of Bowling Green, KY.) voiced his opinion that OSHA needs to address the hazards of second-hand smoke in the workplace.


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  1. I read Pastor Bowman’s letter with great interest. When they took the Ten Commandments out of schools, a great injustice was done and we are paying the price.

    Many children don’t get instruction at home regarding morals, discipline, respect, and dignity. They are not taught what love is. Their role models are usually one parent or possibly an older sibling and many of them are unemployed, on drugs, are prostitutes and literally teach their kids to not only disrepect others, but to hate them. They teach them as role models to lie, cheat and steal and to defraud the system any way they can. You can hear the language the kids grow up learning any day at WalMart as their mothers yell at them to shut up or curse them with language that most of us would not want our children to hear.

    The only place so many of these kids got any instruction regarding morals and respect for life was in the school rooms. Now they can’t get it there. They can’t hear about loving your fellow man, or thou shall not steal, thou shall not kill, thou shall not bear false witness, thou shall not covet, or thou shall honor your father and your mother, etc., because those rules can no longer be mentioned in schools.

    They don’t learn it at home and they sure don’t learn it on TV! Even the cartoons teach them to kill each other. So, why wouldn’t the crime rate be going up? Our government has encouraged it.

  2. Charity Holm-Whaley, I have to disagree with you. If you define conservatism as strict adherence to the US Constitution, Ron Paul is the winner hands down.

  3. The city can spend $400,000 on software, but can’t spend $50,000 to clean up the mess on Clay Street? The #@&^%$*@#s haven’t got a decent bone among them. The Three Stooges could handle city affairs as well or better.

  4. I agree Ron Paul!!! hands down…The city should clean that mess up, it is terrible..

  5. Good Lord. Enough of the “put the commandments back in school” nonsense. Republicans favor smaller government (or at least claim they do) but some conservatives seem to miss the point that government should not be in the business of dictating morals. If the parents aren’t doing it at home – well, too bad. Do better with your own children and keep your nose in your own business.

    I, for one, do not want anyone – ANYONE – other than me instilling morals in my child. And frankly, neither should you. As far as I’m concerned, the only difference between the 10 Commandments and a required hijab for all females in school is separated only a slippery majority.

  6. John, I hope none of these kids whose parents don’t teach them morals at home don’t hurt or kill anyone in your family because they weren’t taught morals in school. The Commandments are good rules to live by and should be taught by every parent. Unfortunately, they aren’t. That’s one reason why we have so much more crime. Many kids aren’t taught to respect people or laws anymore. It has nothing to do with a specific religion. It is about teaching right from wrong. Check out the crime section of any newspaper and compare it to what it was 20 years ago. Look at the ages of those committing them.

    Many parents are too busy doing their own thing to teach their kids to respect anything or anybody. Maybe you teach yours, but many parents don’t. They need to get it somewhere. Where else can they get it?

    When I was a kid, if I got paddled in school, I got a worse paddling when I got home. If a kid gets paddled in school now, the parents raise hell with the teacher and principal. What does that teach the kid? They can do anything they want because their parents are going to take up for them. That is happening today.

    We need to revert back to some of the old ways of raising kids to be responsible. If the kids aren’t going to be taught right from wrong at home, where do you suggest they get decent instruction? According to you, I guess they do without and it is okay for them
    to lie, cheat, steal or kill….even if it they do it to your family.

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