Vicksburg crime: Is it worsening?

Thursday’s Vicksburg Post carried a front page story regarding a Vicksburg woman who has reported the theft and vandalism of her rental property four or more times in the past year. The police have been unable to prevent it, or to capture those responsible. This may be a front-page story today, but it is nothing new. There are literally hundreds of instances of thefts, purse-snatchings, car-jackings, drug raids, bad-checks, embezzlements, rapes, murders, etc., that are reported within the Post’s pages every year. Many other incidents never make the Post. Probably not since Vicksburg was overrun by thieves and murderers in 1863 have the citizens of this city been more afraid to leave their homes.


Why can’t we, the citizens of Vicksburg, pick up our daily Post and read of new parks and playgrounds, civility and philanthropy, love and kindness, rather than of the latest outrages against the populace?


Lack of law enforcement, poverty, broken homes, gangs, and more can be blamed for the depressing headlines and crime reports. More importantly, we should ask ourselves this: What can we, as individual citizens, do to make Vicksburg a safer place to live?

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  1. Why? Because also in the paper we just lost 4 more police officers. Did you notice that we are 20 officers short of the few that Chief Moffet has budgeted? That is why we can’t capture anyone. When the officers are on duty and answering a call with backup our city is not being patrolled so anything can happen.

    Someone want to go rob a bank with me? JK LOL

  2. We have been losing good police officers a few at a time for several years. I’m wondering if it isn’t because of internal strife or leadership. It must be.

    I personally know of one life long dedicated law enforcement officer, who worked for VPD for years who quit and is working in law enforcement for another city now. He said he just couldn’t take anymore of it over here. I did not question him for reasons because he is too professional to have answered. I do admire him for that.

  3. What made last weeks article interesting most of the retired officers are now working for some private security firms in Jackson. If the internal issues aren’t dealt with VPD manpower is going to shrink some more. I heard most officers don’t like Laurence Leyens. But the more internal strife issues occur the more the manpower is going to leave.

  4. Is the crime getting worse in Vicksburg?

    I parked my car behind my house one afternoon. I put a box of pizza on the top of the car so that I could help my disabled child get into the house. I was away from the pizza less than 1 minute…

    I can not even hang my mop outside to dry. Yes, I have had a mop stolen, as well as tens-of-thousands of dollars lost to burglary, vandalism, and a crooked contractor. Worst of all, 2 of my children have been attacked by other children since we have moved to Vicksburg.

    We are not safe in this city. I have spoken with many police officers, (being that I am in such frequent contact with them – LOL). I have been told by a number of officers that they are very displeased with the way that the police department is staffed and managed. They are especially displeased with the performance and lack of professionalism of the chief well as the inadequate number of officers. I have also heard many complaints about DA’s office. Of course, which one of the officers would be stupid enough to say anything publicly?

    (Did I mention that I have even had my trash can stolen?)

  5. I beleive the reason behind the worsening crime is the fact that local VPD has gotten smaller and this creates new oppentunities from criminals. Also with the crackdown in Jackson,it forces criminals in other areas. VPD needs an extreme makeover. A serious one.

  6. Be vigilant, that is, mindful of your situation. Do not take anything for granted. And, in the words of Margaret Thatcher, “Keep your powder dry and have lots of it.”

    That being said, we ought to pause for a moment and think on how far our society has deteriorated over the past one hundred years. This city did not have a fraction of the crime in 1908 that we are experiencing today.

    It is plain to see, that the Judeo-Christian values, which once circumscribed personal behavior, are no longer in vogue. These values held our society together much like the binding of a book. Sadly, over time, they have gradually deteriorated much like the spine and cover of a time-worn book. For once a book’s spine has been loosened, its cover will crack and slough off, leaving only a pile of loose pages which can be easily scattered about. The same can be said of our society. Eventually, like that unkept book, it will come undone and fall apart unless there is a return to and whole-hearted observance of those values on which our society was founded.

    While having an “adequate” police force is a desirable goal to be sure. Nevertheless, we have a problem which all the ID cards, gun-bans, surveillance cameras and more police will not solve. Please pray for God to send us a spiritual revival.

  7. The change in the DA’s office will have a major impact upon crime. Already the wall is down between VPD and the DA. Already the energy level is up.

    Give it about six months. Those few people who are responsible for the majority of the crime in our area will be behind bars, finally.

  8. I believe part of the problem is the lack of training at home and yes, in schools, of morals that used to be taught both places. If you pick up the newspaper, you will see most crimes are committed by blacks or low income whites. You can tell by the names and addresses in the crime reports.

    The breakdown of parents not teaching good morals is usually in lower income, poorly educated homes. When children grow up in homes where they are not taught respect and values and they aren’t given proper
    discipline, many of them turn to crime, mainly due to anger and resentment.

    Some of those children used to be taught some morals in the school systems, but now they can no longer get that there. They don’t learn not to cheat, steal, or lie or beat someone up, much less murder. The result is more crime than ever.

  9. With all due respect to the other comments added, I have been fortunate to have wonderful experiences with the Vicksburg Police Department. I have found the VPD to be efficient, responsible, quick to respond, and able to understand the needs of the city.

    It is unfortunate the VPD is short on staff.

    Possibly anyone who is not satisfied with what is happening in this city can make suggestions for improvement, volunteer, and thank the VPD and other law enforcement/city officials here for what they do accomplish for the citizens of this wonderful city!

  10. Drew, I wholeheartedly agree that we have some fine officers, some of whom have been of great service to me in the past. I believe they enforce the laws fairly and effectively in accordance with the direction received from their superiors. Their superiors, however, especially Chief Moffett and Deputy Chief O’Bannon, have not shown the moral and competent leadership needed to be effective. Moffett refuses to enforce certain laws, and O’Bannon, from what I’ve heard, has been sanctioned twice for sexual harassment. There is a lot more that can be said about the lack of competent leadership in the VPD; clearly, the failure of Moffett to staff the department to budget levels is evidence of his ineffectiveness. In sum, we have many fine policemen who could more resolutely enforce our laws if they had proficient leaders who held the respect of both the public and the members of the force.

  11. Oh, and one other thing. Regarding your recommendation “Possibly anyone who is not satisfied with what is happening in this city can make suggestions for improvement, volunteer…” I suggest you make some suggestions for improvement to Chief Moffett, or volunteer to help with his operation, and report back to VS. The experience should prove quite enlightening.

  12. Malcolm, when you have nothing to complaign about you have no reason to judge!

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