Is it time for Chief Moffett to go?

The VPD’s announcement that five of its officers resigned in December may be another indication of the disarray and discontent that seems to have plagued the department for the past several years. Already undermanned, the department may now be seriously compromised in its ability to protect the citizens of Vicksburg. Other factors may be cited for the force’s inability to retain or hire officers (61 of 87 positions filled), but the buck stops squarely at the desk of Chief of Police Tommy Moffett, who has been severely criticized (and defended) in this forum. Perhaps the time has come for the chief to resign to allow a more competent officer to take command. The Asst. Chief, O’Bannon, might be considered, but O’Bannon’s record of sexual harassments and other factors would probably disqualify him from consideration.


Perhaps now is the opportune time to combine the VPD and the sheriff’s department into a “metropolitan police force” under command of Sheriff Martin Pace.


What do you think?


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  1. The time has come, past and still here. Yes, he should definitely leave. Because of his inadequate ability to run our police department we have lost good quality officers and our city is suffering because of it. We just hopefully have to wait until the next Mayoral election and hopefully the new Mayor will do something about it.

  2. BoredStiff, who is going to run against Mayor Leyens? I haven’t heard of anyone.

    I guess I should have put my comment about my friend who is a dedicated law enforcement police officer who worked for the VPD for years and left to go with another department in anther city because he just couldn’t take it anymore over here. I put it under Vicksburg Crime: Is it Worsening?

  3. The Post editorial in Sunday’s paper has also condemned the lack of personnel at VPD, mentioning Chief Moffett as “needing help from City Hall.”

  4. I have an old bluetick coondog who is smart enough to run against Leyens – and he’s a lot prettier.

  5. The time is ripe to push the consildations of law enforcement entities. It’s time to let those know who want to keep the status quo that it’s time for the status quo to go. Yes, it time for Moffat to leave his post. I heard he was up for a job in Jackson, too. Now its time to get our state legislatures involve too with this petition becouse we can force real changes around here.

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