Topic request – New Ministry in Christ

    The following was received by VS in the form of a request for input from you. Mr. Slade’s email is copied in its entirety for your perusal:

    My name is George Slade, and I first want to say that I love this forum.
    My topic is this. Myself and another brother in Christ are the founding members of an up start ministry that wants to out reach and give as much back as possible to the community and the people of Jesus Christ.
    What I want to know is this, what are the pressing needs of the less fortunate in our city of Vicksburg? What do you think would be the most worthwhile cause in this town for which to raise funds? We want to God’s work through the people, so I’m asking you, the people, what work needs to be done.
    All suggestions are welcomed, and you can reach us on the web a or simply leave your comments to suggest a worthy cause. We plan on doing some exciting fund raisers very soon, and we want to make sure we are helping as many souls as possible in the name of Jesus Christ.
    God Bless You All
    George Slade

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    1. I just posted a message under Property Taxes about senior citizens and lower income families not being able to afford the extreme rise in property taxes, much less the rising cost of food, prescriptions and medical care.

      There are people who are taking their medicines every other day rather than every day in order to try and make them last longer due to the cost. Our government doesn’t see fit to allow us to purchase medicines from Canada and the pharmaceutical companies in the U.S. are making a killing off of the medicines they sell because they have no competition, thanks to our government. Some prescriptions cost hundreds of dollars per month supply. This is outrageous! Even with the Medicare Supplement insurance, the co-pays can be $50. to $60. for each prescription. Then there is the donut hole where they have to pay for the entire prescription themselves. Some of these people have to take multiple prescriptions and the co-pays add up quickly. If senior citizens are living on Social Security only, that can eat up their checks in a hurry.

      So, I would say medical help and presecriptions would be a huge benefit to senior citizens and lower income families.

      Another boost would be food. With a gallon of milk costing over $4.00 per gallon, any help with food I’m sure would be appreciated.

      I’m sure there are many other ways to help the people through Christ, but these two come to mind rather quickly.

    2. The first thing that strikes me is you want to do a fundraiser. Makes me question your intent. Then I visited your website and am drawn to the donate buttons and ‘Help Jesus’ buttons.

      How about do some deeds first and let God provide the funds?

    3. Our intent is to help as many children of God as possible through outreach into the community. This is a serious inquiry into the needs of the community. If you have nothing useful to contribute, then I would suggest you refrain from commenting, as to not dilute the thread with meaningless comments.

      Of course we want to do a fund raiser. It’s not a new concept. My personal salary won’t feed, clothe, or buy medicine for the entire portion of the population that needs help. If you read the entire post, you would see we are inquiring as to the community’s opinion on the most worthwile cause for which to raise funds.

      We appreciate any serious and useful comments that may help to better direct the ministry to the best utilization for the community.

      For example, I love the suggestion about helping seniors with perscription costs and food costs. That is a worthy cause that deserves attention.

      In closing, we only ask that only suggestions for charitable causes be posted, and if you do not have faith in our ministry, simply refrain from commenting.

      God bless you.

    4. I suggest that you concentrate on the working poor, Mr. Slade. These are the folks who don’t qualify for government handouts, and are barely squeezing by. I have little compassion for those living on welfare and food stamps while complaining about their lot. Our government has deserted working class people – the churches can fill a real need by giving them aid.

    5. That is so true Malcolm. It is becoming increasingly difficult for the working man to have a comfortable life style on an average wage or salary. That is a very worthwile cause.

      Also, recently, we have begun to bounce the idea around of creating a Worship/Rehabilitate/Trade center for convicts recently released back into society. If we can get to these citizens before the pressures of the streets do, by providing them with the gospel and a chance to learn a trade and find a safe place to stay, then we can possibly cut down on repeat offenders and drug dealers here in our city. Right now we are trying to line out instructors in auto repair, body work, and even computer skills.

    6. I’ve been lurking about this blog for quite some time, but I had to come on and say something about this. So – my first post – hello Vicksburg Speaks-ians!

      Mr. Slade and/or revjohnny, Here’s a love gift for you that I hope will help you in the year of our Lord 2008.

      (1) If you really want to know what a town needs in the way of ministry, first do a little research on your own into the towns you target – I mean, want to help. You’ll see an amazing pattern emerge: “the pressing needs of the less fortunate” tend to be the same everywhere….

      (2) When communicating in the name of Jesus, affect the manners of a Christian. I must say that I was offended and irritated by your high-handed retort to David, who’s been posting here rather longer than you have. David’s comment was gentlemanly and kind to you – and exactly right in recognizing what appears to be your key interest – the red link to “Help Jesus,” which leads to a donation button. He was more polite to you than your website or your unctuous first post warrant, and your waspish reply to him was unChristian and presumptuous in the extreme. Why should anyone “have faith in your ministry” based on your bad attitude? “If you do not have faith in our ministry, please refrain from commenting” – OMG what kind of fascist are you?

      (3) If you’re for real…well, try to look at your site from the point of view of a new visitor who doesn’t know you. Your website says nothing about you or your ministry – nothing good, that is. It DOES look like a scam. Again, you’re not leading anyone to “have faith in your ministry.”

      For example, include an “About Us” page. And a “Contact Us” page. The more convincing you are the more money you’ll make. Get it?

      Speaking of contact info, obviously you’re not located in Vicksburg. Why do you so chummily call it “our city”?

      What’s your tax status?

      That “Help Jesus” link is really cynical and obnoxious, the more I think about it. Until you prove you’re not a scammer I’m just going to say,

      Shame on you.

      (To Vicksburg Speaks regular posters – I’m really a mild-mannered kind of girl! Just felt I had to speak up here. Happy New Year.- Mary)

    7. And how come your site is registered via domainsbyproxy dot com, if you’re such an upfront outfit?

    8. And how come your site is registered via domainsbyproxy dot com, if you’re such an upfront outfit?

    9. Mr. Slade,

      I feel as though God has blessed me and I pray that I continue to stay in his favor. Also I wish that my deeds combined with my faith stand as a testimony to my intent.

      The ministry you propose already exist in this community. Would you consider joining forces with this group for the betterment of our community? It is a 501(C) Non-profit group with a credible board and headed by the local Chaplain. If so please feel free to contact me at:

      The local newspaper did a story on this group a few Saturdays ago in the religion section of the paper. They minister to those seemingly left behind by society and the organized religions. The street people, convicts and mostly the children of those same people. They have been getting Multi-denominational support and attracting large crowds to their gatherings.

      If you saw ill intent in my prior post I apologize to you, none was intended. I did intend to point out to you that the way you have presented your group it appears to be organized towards getting money. I believe Mary has made an excellent point in saying you should spend some time researching and interacting in the community. If we proceed with a pure heart and wish only to help our fellow man, in Christ’s name then God will provide all we ever need, including money.


    10. David, Mary, let me first apologize if the responses antagonized you or anyone else. Like we first stated, we are new to this realm of outreach and that is the primary reason we posted the initial letter asking for feedback.

      When you say we need to research the town, we agree, which is why our first effort was a direct inquiry into what the people, you forum posters, think is a worthy cause.

      We agree 100% that we need an “About Us” page and more contact information on the site, and believe me, it is in the works.

      As far as not being based in Vicksburg, that is totally inaccurate. I, personally, have lived in Vicksburg since 1994 and graduated from Warren Central High School. I have three children that attend Redwood Elementary school, and I am a regular member of Sold Rock Church, on Hwy 61 N. I would invite anyone reading this to come to service with us on Thursdays at 7:30pm or Sundays at 10:30 am and 6:30 pm.

      Obviously the site is coming off like something of a scam to some viewers, and that is the last thing we would want. It will go through a serious over haul to better reflect our true intentions, which is to draw closer to God through outreach to others. I will be sure to post when the updates are complete.

      We greatly appreciate the feedback and again, we apologize for appearing to be anything other than a genuine start up organization for Jesus.

    11. I went by the information you gave and the posts you made, Mr Slade. I’m surprised, but also relieved, to learn you’re from Vicksburg. – Mary

    12. Mr. Slade,

      Thank you for your clarification. Solid Rock Church is known to me and I believe they are Christ driven. Jack Hollingsworth told me the story of how when his son ( a state trooper ) was struck by a DUI driver during a funeral procession that members of your church prayed over his damaged body and laid hands on him until the ambulance got there.

      His son survived an accident that no one would have survived.

      I look forward to meeting you.

    13. That is an awesome story, and I remember when he was struck by that car. It was quite a tragedy in my opinion. I wasn’t a member of the church at that time, but it doesn’t surprise me that they would be there praying and laying hands on him, as we continue to do that to this day to the sick and needy.

      I plan on contacting that other ministry either late this week or early this week and see what kind of joint effort we can organize.

    14. January 14, only another promise to communicate.

    15. oh snap, make it the 15th

    16. Have you checked out George’s website. Search “Slade Made Films”

    17. George Slade, where are you?

      Another week has passed and once again you have not so much as picked up the phone.

      I did however check out your MySpace site. Thanks for the link.

      If you do ever communicate with me please be ready to explain the profanity, drug references and porno inferences on your MySpace site. Also the irresponsible lack of communication since our initial contact.

      You Sir, if you are a Christian, and I need to communicate about expectations of a group leader representative of a Christian group.

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    20. Приветствую всех!
      У меня такой вопрос,кто что интересное подскажет буду признателен.
      Мы с друзьями собираемся поехать в круиз по просторам России и ближнего зарубежья месяца на два на своих машинах,но не как не можем согласовать маршрут,если у кого уже был опыт такого путешествия,может,что посоветуете.Девчонок с собой не берем,думаем,что во все городах России с этим не будет проблем,если у кого будут рекомендации и в вопросе отдыха с девушками тоже буду признателен.

      С уважением Сеньчик

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    22. July 30, 2008 and still no contact from Mr. Slade.

    23. December 1, 2008, no contact from Mr. Slade. At this point I would have to declare him less than credible.

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      Я же обещал вам, что вы увидите Истину (“лучше раз увидеть,
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      На этот раз, предлагаю отойти от зеркала и отправиться
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      Почему в цирк? Потому что только там можно сегодня найти
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      Истину на чем угодно, но канатоходец – самый очевидный и всем
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      Если вы спросите нашего воображаемого канатоходца, который
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      обязательно ответит – РАВНОВЕСИЕ. Почему? Потому что, утратив
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      С помощью чего канатоходец поддерживает равновесие?
      Ответ также очевиден – с помощью балансировочного шеста,
      который он держит строго посередине. Вот она “Золотая Середина”
      Гаутамы Будды, которая делит балансировочный шест на ДВЕ РАВНЫЕ
      ПОЛОВИНЫ – Качественно Соответствующие друг другу (одинаковый
      Другими словами, Закон Качественного Соответствия
      Противоположного подразумевает Закон Тождества (РАВНОВЕСИЯ)
      Противоположного. Если вы увидели СОСТОЯНИЕ РАВНОВЕСИЯ, в
      котором находится канатоходец под куполом цирка, значит, вы
      увидели Закон Тождества Противоположного, а еще увидели, что
      это состояние достигается только с помощью Качественного
      Соответствия Противоположного.
      Этот Закон мы называем Принципом Существования: потому что
      все существующее ТОЖДЕСТВЕННО и, наоборот, все, что прекращает
      свое существование, ПРОТИВОРЕЧИВО.
      Так вот о чем свидетельствовала симметрия, которую вы увидели
      в зеркале! Она свидетельствовала о том, что вы существуете.
      Сомневаетесь? Если сомневаетесь, представьте что будет с вами,
      если нарушится биологическое равновесие в вашем организме, или
      представьте, что будет с Солнечной Системой, если в ней
      нарушится равновесие – тождество (противоположных) центробежных
      и центростремительных сил. Все еще сомневаетесь?
      Если же вы это представили, то увидели действие Закона Эволюции,
      А еще вы увидели Истину, которая является СУЩНОСТЬЮ всего
      существующего. Вот почему Истина пронизывает все сущее и
      кажется нам непостижимой: так как “форма богаче сущности”,
      но если не будет сущности – не будет и формы. Ничего не будет.
      Я сдержал свое слово и “показал” вам Истину.
      Разумеется, вы еще не знаете (или знаете?) как использовать
      это знание. Поэтому пример его использования вы найдете на моей
      странице (в профиле) в статье о демократии.
      Ах, да. Этот Закон (Закон Эволюции) мы называем Принципом
      Правосудия: так как Природа отрицает несоответствие его
      противоречием, а Разум судит преступника его злом.
      А еще, вы теперь знаете, что есть добро и что есть зло.

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