Topic continued – combine VWHS/City/County efforts

At the request of reader Maximus, this topic is once again being brought to the forefront for further comments.

As indicated last, a number of worthy goals may be achieved by combining the shelter/rescue efforts of the city, county, and the VWHS: 1) Build (or renovate) a world-class animal control/rescue facility, manned by capable and caring personnel, 2) Eliminate the lack of cooperation that sometimes exists between VWHS, the city animal shelter, and the rescue groups, 3) Abate the needless euthanizing and suffering of hundreds or thousands of dogs, cats and other animals, and rescue many to new homes, 4) Oversee a county-wide spay/neuter program, 5) Save tax dollars, and 6) Promote and utilize the efforts of the hundreds of volunteers in our community who donate their time to improving the lot of animals.

It has been proposed that these goals be reached by 1) Formation of an advisory council to study the possible union and offer recommendations, 2) Gaining agreement of VWHS, city, and county leaders to consider and act on any suggestions made, and 3) Consideration of other options that may be used to attain these goals.

City leaders are positive toward the combination. Supervisors Richard George and David McDonald as well appear to be warm toward the proposal. Former Supervisor Carl Flanders had been in agreement with these efforts; his replacement, Bill Lauderdale, has not indicated a stand; he will be contacted to ascertain his position. Supervisors Selmon and Banks have not commented publicly, but will be polled. The position of the leadership of the VWHS is apparently negative; however, efforts will be made to persuade the VWHS to get behind the project, or explain the reasons for their objection to it.

With the Christmas/New Year holidays upon us, time devoted to the effort will be limited. However, with the coming of the new year and a “new” Board of Supervisors, these worthy goals will be addressed and, hopefully, attained.

Your suggestions are invited.

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  1. I saw in the paper today about the delay of the 911 dispatcher leader as well. A consilidation could speed up the process on this issue which the city and county have touchy issues over. Also we should get new elected state reps Briggs Hopson Jr and Alex Monsour involve with this. Especially Monsour for he wants to improve things around here too.

  2. what needs to be done is challenge those supes pn how come they appose it. Especially the why question. The same should be applied to the city too.

  3. The greater issue is why do we continue to slaughter animals instead of advocating a spay/neuter program that will effectively minimize the problem over time. This effective minimization will cost no more than the program we have in place now and over time cost will actually be reduced as the population of stray animals is reduced.

    Why do we continue this barbaric program of slaughtering animals?

  4. Amen, David. I can hardly bear to visit the shelters because I know that within a couple of weeks many of the animals will be dead. Many are saved by the Debbies, Junes and Bettys of Vicksburg and others across the country, and to them a great debt of graditude is owed. But a strong spaying program would eliminate many needless deaths.

  5. There are thousands of us who work in rescue every single day and it is still not enough. It will never be enough until the public stops letting their pets have puppies or kittens so little Johnny and Susie can have the experience of birth, or until people quit letting their animals have a litters so they can have just “one” of the pups or kittens. And it won’t be enough until people who don’t care about the millions being put to sleep every day, to keep their females in heat put up so they don’t continue to get pregnant and have more.

    All humane societies should be educating the public about the very things I said above and offering low cost spay/neuter programs. There are grants they can obtain to help fund this. It would help if veterinarians would offer low cost spay/neuter clinics to help the low income people and senior citizens. If we don’t start controling the population ourselves, then the government will start doing it for us. There are laws being passed now in some cities that it is mandatory for all pets to be spayed and neutered. A “state law” was voted down in California a couple of months ago to do this, but it is coming up again in January. So, if we don’t want government regulation over our own pets, then we have got to do it ourselves.

    The answer is spay or neuter your animals. Please don’t add to the over population that we already have. The very puppies and kittens that your pet may have could very well have to be put to sleep for lack of homes. If not them, then their off spring could be.

  6. I challenge each reader to go to:
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    You will be shocked at how many purebreds and mixed breeds will come up available for adoption.

  7. If I could, I would take them all in to live with me.

  8. I know this Trish chick, she has most of them there already…what’s a few more?

    : )

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