Weekend stories from the Vicksburg Post

You may wish to comment on some of the stories and “letters-to-the-editor” that appeared in the Sunday edition of the Vicksburg Post:

  1. Letter-to-the-Editor “Teen vandals should work.” In this letter, L. C. Giles indicated that the girls who broke 85 school windows should be put to work cleaning up litter, etc., at some pittance of a salary until such time as they have repaid their debt. Do you agree?
  2. Letter-to-the-Editor “Closing in on No.1.” Carl Boutwell charges that the level of corruption in Mississippi politics is so engrained that the state will soon displace Louisiana as the most corrupt state in the Union. What do you think?
  3. Section B carried a story about lawyer Richard Scruggs and the corruption surrounding him and his cohorts. The investigation of Scruggs threatens to involve people in high places in Mississippi. Have you formed an opinion as to his guilt or innocence? What should be the outcome of this investigation?
  4. A Post editorial decried the destruction of a home by fire due to the failure of a city fire station to come to its aid. It proposed more cooperation between city and county to prevent such needless loss in the future. Do you think the present city and county leaders are capable of resolving their differences in order to bring about such a resolution?
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  1. I’ve always find the letters to the editor more informative side of the paper. Now the ingrained corruption hits right on the money in my opinion.

  2. There has been some talk of late about a unified law enforcement department wherein the city and the county would be under the direct authority of the sheriff. Why not have a unified fire, rescue and abulance department as well? In the long run it makes tax sense to eliminate as much redundancy in government as possible. While a true unified government would not be possible, in that the city would have to give up its charter, still it makes sense (and cents) to combine and cut costs where feasible.

  3. Makes perfect sense Rev Dabney. I think this will have to come from the people of Vicksbsurg and Warren County. I do not see the City and County Government coming together on these matters. There is still ill will between them.
    It is a shame that person’s house burned when there a was a fire dept only a few minutes away. Makes no sense.
    I think change is inevitable.The sooner the better.

  4. Change is thes local narrowm minded leaders real weakness. They’re afraid of it. Have they ever given a thought how come the city and county are still ranked 14 on the us census. And recently there has been a small a population drop in the county. Listen I heard the county has over a million dollars in thier coffiers. City and county bickering is the perception they’re giving to anyone who wants to open a business here. U know the outside perception is still “Vicksburg is fightin the civil war.” Now that’s an ingrained image.
    Now the loss of someone house shouldn’t be tolerated. Just think how coperate leaders look at this sorry little place.

  5. Topic 1.
    I think making the teens work picking up litter is a great idea. Especially during the weekend daytime hours in a public place so all of their friends can see them. That will make them think twice before messing up again. I also think that the schools need to do something along those lines as well instead of in-school detention. I also think that if they are suspended from school they need to be out working with the city and county doing “grunt work”.

    Topic 4.
    It is a shame that the family had to lose their home, especially right before Christmas. Unfortunately, that is the way our government works. Had I been a city firefighter stationed at location they would have had to suspend me because I would have taken a truck and tried to help regardless of the “rules”. What if someone had been trapped in that house? A child? What would they say then? The city and county need to quit with the pissing contest and think about those they serve. I don’t know the solution but I understand the county residents concerned with using the city and being taxed outrageously. Something has got to be done before someone loses more than their home.

  6. All of this just makes you wonder how many of our tax dollars are being wasted because the city and county refuse to compromise with each other and combine services – of all types. We all need to pressure them – especially the supervisors – to ignore personal animosites and do whatever is best for all the citizens.

  7. Malcolm real good point. U know this port still has the image of fighting the civil war? I belive the childish city and county repersent that image. Supervisors and the mayor are going to have to come to the realization that thier status quo doesn’t work anymore.

  8. I agree, Malcolm. The citizens of Warren County and Vicksburg are who the city and county officials are supposed to be representing, not themselves. I wonder if they forget that when they are bickering. It is not about THEM! Growth means change. Maybe our property taxes might go down if they would cooperate more! I haven’t seen “anything” go down since the casinos came here and that is what was promised…or does anyone else beside me remember that?

    Politics seems to be the same everywhere from the President down. The politicians look out for themselves once they get in office. It gets into the “I want” game. It should be what “they want” or what is best for the citizens and this country or in our case, what is best for Vicksburg and Warren County.

  9. I also agree with Bored Stiff on having the teens pick up litter or some other type community service for their crime. I would also like to see people in jail having to do community work. We are working and supporting people who have committed crimes and they get to do nothing. I guess they get magazines to look at or TV, who knows? Heck, I hear the jail food is pretty good.

    I could not believe I was reading that the fire station on Indiana Avenue was unable to go to that fire that cost those people their home. They might have been able to save the house or at least some of it. And they couldn’t go because of some ignorant agreement? Now that is nothing but stupidity on the part of whomever made that agreement and I would certainly hope that someone has the common sense to change it! Thankfully, no lives were lost, but think beyond furniture, clothing, dishes which can be replaced….think about heirlooms, pictures of children and your grandparents and collectables, gifts which can never be replaced, scrapbooks containing your children’s momentos from nursery school up. All those things are gone forever–
    all because a fire station a few blocks away couldn’t respond because of an agreement???

  10. Is it possible to petition for a vote on combining the city and county?

  11. Interesting question, Linda. I don’t know the answer, but I’ll try to find out. Thanks!

  12. On the issue of combining city and county services, before we swallow the fairy tale of cutting cost, check out the cost increase and the ineffected running of the city/county school system. The school tax has risen every year (because of state law, the Supervisors must approve the request). More and more top level position have been added.
    Why has it come to the point that just a few years ago a teacher could control a room of 35 to 40 students and now we need an assistance in a room of 30 or less.
    Why do we need assitance principals, why do we need a staff for band, when in the past a director could handle from jr. high through sr. high and have good bands doing different routines throughout the year and not the same one over and over.
    Why do we need a staff of coaches for each sport.
    These positions are at each school, each still operates as a separate district.
    Where is the savings from combining.
    I live in the county because I choose to and I would receive nothing but a tax increase by forming one government for the county. I operate a business in the city, but if I need assistance from law enforcement after the last incident I will call for Martin Pace and not Moffett.
    I can always count on my County Supervisor and I applaud him for his stand and congradulate him on his re-election.

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