Should we all be carrying guns?

Mississippi law allows its citizens to carry concealed weapons once they obtain a license that includes background checks to assure licenses are not issued to felons or other disreputable persons. Gun advocates claim (and statistics seem to bear out) that such a law reduces crime. There are no reliable statistics on the number of crimes prevented due to weapons possession, but the number is probably substantial. That said, given that education in firearm use and safety is essential, shouldn’t we all be carrying guns?


VS takes no position on the matter. However, if you are interested in obtaining a firearms license, the Mississippi Highway Patrol is in charge of issuing same. Their office, located near the intersection of Woodrow Wilson and I-55 North in Jackson, processes applicants for the Vicksburg area. There is a $100.00 initial fee plus a charge for fingerprinting services. For more information, see their website at


How do you feel? Should we all be carrying guns?



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  1. Lately there has been so much crime against women in Warren County. I believe every woman in Vicksburg needs to be prepared to defend herself. If you don’t have a gun at least get mace and be ready to use it. The criminals on our streets are looking for weakest of our society. If you are leaving a store, any store, after dark you could possibly be the next victim.

  2. The Second Amendment to our Constitution says that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” That is as plain-speaking on the subject as anything.

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