Joe Horn: Hero or villain?

Joe Horn, of Pasadena, Texas, killed two burglars (illegal aliens) who were burglarizing his neighbor’s house this past week. The details of the incident have been widely reported, and will not be repeated here.


Do you think Joe Horn is a hero? Or a vigilante? Do you think he should be prosecuted?


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  1. He is a hero/vigilante. I don’t blame him though. If his town is anything like ours, where nothing gets done, then I don’t blame him. Yes, he should be prosecuted because he did kill 2 people. Had they been breaking into his house, then, no he should not be prosecuted. But that is not the case.

  2. I hope I have neighbors like him! My neighbors have a neighbor like him.

  3. I don’t think he should have killed them just wounded them really good. I would hope my neighbors would defend my property as their own.

  4. If you listen to the 911 call he was repeatedly advised by the 911 operator to not pursue the individuals robbing his neighbors house. Mr. Horn mentioned the ‘castle’ law that was recently passed in his state.

    He then went outside to attempt to stop the individuals. Instead of stopping they charged him. He then shot.

    Totally within his rights. Totally the intent of the law.

    My guess is that crime will go down in his area.

  5. Linda

    In a situation like that it would be very difficult to place a perfect shot. Your adrenaline is pumping, you are shaking. Your life is at stake. Mr. Horn is an elderly man who was scared. They charged him. Placing those shots was secondary to stopping them.

  6. If Joe is indicted and prosecuted, it will be money wasted. Read §9.43, §9.42 and §9.41 of the Texas Penal Code entitled “Justification Excluding Criminal Responsibility”. Joe used deadly force against criminals who were fleeing a home they just burglarized. He reasonably believed they were going to get away AND he could’ve exposed himself to substantial bodily harm if he didn’t use deadly force. All the bru-ha-ha about the police being there is baloney. ONE plain clothes officer arrived immediately AFTER Joe had shot the burglars. Before that, all he got on the phone was “the police are on the way”. His belief the burglars would’ve gotten away is reasonable. People may not like Texas law, but there it is. The message to criminals is: “Don’t just make sure nobody is home. You’d better make sure the neighbors aren’t around either.” Given law enforcements’ inability to control the tidal wave of thugs and the fed’s seeming unwillingness to stop criminal illegal aliens in general, I hope to see more of people like Joe Horn.

  7. Amen, Sam!

  8. G.I. Joe..a real american hero!!!

  9. […] Joe Horn: Hero or villain? […]

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