Vicksburg: Crime up, response and reporting down?

We have received complaints by some of our readers and others that they are victims of crimes that aren’t reported in the Post and to which the VPD has offered little or no response:

 Boredstiff, dated 12/6/07: The Vicksburg Post is biased. Not just how they represent the Mayor, Alderman or Police & Fire Department. But because of how they present the news!! Here is why I say that. How many people know about the purse snatching from the Kroger parking lot a few days before Thanksgiving? How many people know about the purse snatching from the Wal-Mart Parking lot this past Thursday? How many people know that a woman was verbally assaulted at Wal-Mart late at night a few months ago by 5 black men, where 2 of them followed her throughout the store? How many people are aware of the shooting that happened this past Saturday night in Lake Park? Not too many!!! This Sunday there was an article about the shooting but it was on the VERY BACK PAGE OF THE SUNDAY NEWSPAPER!!!!!!! Why? Doesn’t everyone need to be aware of what is going on in our town? Isn’t that the responsibility of the media to inform the citizens? Those who are not aware how bad our town is getting because of the blatant irresponsibility of our paper might not be aware of what is going on might not be extra cautious and could very well fall victim to these criminals.

Single mother of 4 dated today, 12/07/07: I have lived in downtown Vicksburg for 5 years.  I have had tens-of-thousands of dollars of property stolen from my family and me.  My property has been vandalized many times.  Less than a block from my home, there is consistent drug activity and prostitution.  The activity from the clubs spreads to the entire neighborhood.  I have asked for extra patrols for my area.  This is an extreme joke!!!  My children never play outside; it is too dangerous. I have reported to the police department, the mayor’s office, and to my alderman about the crime problems that I am having.  The mayor, that I supported in the last election, will not return my phone calls.  The alderman told me that he notified the chief-of-police about the problem. The chief-of-police does nothing.  As a matter of fact, in one conversation that he and I had on the telephone, he stated to me, “ya know lady, you have a lot to say , but you don’t know when to shut-up.” The insurance cost on my property has tripled in 5 years.  My property taxes continue to increase even though my property value and police services decrease in value. The city spends OUR money on “beautification projects” etc; however, until it cleans the criminal trash from the street, Vicksburg will continue to be a trashy, thug infested city. 

Name withheld: Something happened a few months ago to me in Wal-Mart.  I don’t like to talk about this but will share with you all.  Advise:  Ladies PLEASE be careful when going anywhere shopping, especially this time of the year.  Keep your purse close to you at all times (I buckle mine in the buggy as you would a child when shopping).  Keep your money and cell phones separate from your purse and in your pocket.  You would be able to call for help in an emergency situation.  Let someone know where you are going, especially at night and about what time to expect you back, just as a precaution.  Take someone with you when you shop after dark and park in a well-lit area, close to the front of the store.  Observe your surrounding and be very cautious.  It’s sad that our society has gotten like this.  I would like to know where the security is at Wal-Mart, why they don’t have security outside in the parking lot and why nothing shows up on surveillance cameras that you see everywhere? About 3 months ago I went to Wal-Mart about 10:00 p.m. . Normally I wouldn’t have dared do this but I was baking cakes and ran out of powdered sugar. Had to have it for the icing. I found a parking space right in front of the store on the left side. The store was quiet and pretty bare…not many people around and there only a few cars in the parking lot. I entered the store, strapped my purse in the buggy.  As I did this I noticed a group of black men to the right side of the store by the eye-glass business. Two of the black men in the group walked a little ahead of me and followed me up and down isles which made me nervous. I kept track of where they were, but tried not to be obvious about it. When I glanced their way they turned their backs to me. One was very tall, probably 6′ 4″. The other had a shorter, stocky over-weight build. I got my cake supplies and quickly went to the 20 items or less lane and checked out. As I checked out they walked across to the Customer Service area and met up with 3 other black men. The youngest of the group of 5 was real preppy dressed. They were talking to each other and looking at me.  So, I put my things in the buggy, and walked across the front of the store to the exit. The “greeter” had apparently gone home or on break. There was no security personnel around. As I walked, 3 of the men started walking behind me. I walked quickly to the exit. I went through the foyer of Wal-Mart to the yellow poles outside. As I got to the concrete sidewalk, 4 of the men rushed out of the store and up to my buggy, surrounding me and the buggy holding on to the buggy, shaking it, screaming, picking up my packages and throwing them back in the buggy, screamed obscenities at me, screaming and yelling at the top of their voices. This went on for at least a minute and a half…seemed like forever. My purse was wrapped over my neck and hanging on my side. I grabbed it and held on. Cell phone and money in my pocket. They continued to scream pulling and tugging on my buggy, rocking it back and forth, with the wheels coming off the ground. Never have I heard such filthy obscenities! I tried to crouch down thinking I was going to be stabbed or something and tried to move away from the buggy but they put their bodies next to me and blocked me, surrounding me. I was scared out of my wits. Then all of a sudden they started laughing hysterically and ran across the parking lot. I was visibly shaken and in shock about what had just happened. My head roared! I felt nauseous and light-headed.  When I finally gathered my wits about me I proceeded with shaky legs across the parking lot to my car, thankful that the car was only a few feet away.  I was shaking so hard I could barely get the key in the trunk. My heart raced and felt like it was going to explode in my chest. Terrified, I looked around before I unlocked the trunk and just as I unlocked it, the short stocky black man ran up to me….I threw the bags and my purse in the trunk and slammed it shut. I had the buggy between us and knew I could use it to block him if I had to. I didn’t know what was going to happen. He laughed and said “Is the white “B” scared? You was a scared white “B”! I didn’t answer and backed up to my car door with the buggy still between us, but did not unlock it. He said “You almost peed your pants. You was scared! I could tell!” Then he laughed. I screamed at him and told him the cops were on their way and to leave me alone. He started walking off and got half-way across the drive to the front of Wal-Mart. I quickly unlocked the door and jumped in the car and relocked it. As I cranked the car, shaking like a leaf, the black man appeared and started pounding on my drivers window. Startled and scared half out of my wits, I quickly put the car in reverse backed out.  As I sped off he ran after the car pounding on the windows and trunk screaming “You white “B”, can’t you help a brother out with some food. I’s hungry and ain’t had a bite to eat today….I put the car in drive and he screamed obscenities at me and said “You could buy a brother a hamburger! Next time you might not get off so lucky!”  I reported this incident but was told Wal-Mart did not have anything that I described on video surveillance. Therefore nothing was done about it! I was stunned! I know they scan the parking lot because I’ve seen the monitors in the store. I know they had to have recorded that! I do not go to Wal-Mart after dark anymore. I remember that incident to vividly and was truly afraid for my life. I thought I was going to be stabbed, robbed, or worse. GOD was with me during this incident and protected me.  PRAISE GOD! I was told that thugs target women with ponytails, or longer hair that they can grab and hold on to…loose clothes so they can grab the clothing quickly and you can’t get away.  They like to go after women alone and women who talk on their cell phones as they enter or exit a store. Please use extra caution during the holiday season.

Name withheld – dated 11/15/07: Be careful at the Wal-Mart in Vicksburg. A woman got mugged last night.The guy hit her in the back of her head with a gun. She had to go get stiches. It was a white man that was just standing out front of thedoor. He spoke to her when she went in, and knocked her out when shecame out. Luckily, she wasn’t hurt too bad, and he only got away withher purse. She had her car keys and cell phone in her pocket. 

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  1. Additional purse snatchings were reported in yesterday’s Post. Ladies, be careful – this crime is growing exponentially.

  2. I saw a blip where someone rammed a truck or a car into Fred’s SuperDollar store and stole DVDs and DVD players.

  3. Crime in Vicksburg Mississippi

    The last year my wife and I spent in Vicksburg were like a nightmare! We were victims of more crime in 30 days then we had ever been in our lives. Let me tell you what happened.

    #1. A construction worker named Michel Buckels w/m age 35 worked on one of our apartments then came back after the job was finished broke into the the rear of the house where all of our tools were and took every power tool we had. The next door neighbor saw and remembered the guy, we called police and they did nothing! No report, no wanted, no arrests for burglary

    NOTE–25 years ago I was a New Orleans police officer and they had a little trick that was passed down to the troops because crime was so high. They would take a major crime and report it as a lesser one. They would take smaller crimes and not write a report at all. WOW__ The crime rate went down drastically what a miricle. So this is an old time political trick to keep the crime rate down. The media found out about it in New Orleans and they got so much heat they stopped it and crime went right back up.

    But I guess it works pretty well in Vicksburg Mississippi since there really is no media to speak of.

    #2. Death threats from an employees husband, no report, no arrest.

    #3. Employee came to work “postal” (up all night with crystal meth) Tried to delete files from the computer and when i tried to stop him he took a steel spike out of his pocket and punched me with it! Two days later he filed charges on me!!!! Went to court and won but in all my life never seen nothing like this

    #4. Michael Buckles, construction worker got away with the first crime with a witness so he broke into another building and stole an entire $15,000 central air unit!! Detectives knew it was him, called me up, did nothing. No report no arrest

    #5. Manager stole $40,000 in checks and they had to call 4 policeman on the scene to figure out if it was really a crime!! and if there was a victim! They finally figured maybe there is a violation of the law here, took the report and let the perpetrator Robyn Medly an ex employee get away. She had been sitting at home but they did nothing._______________During the investigation the officer that took the report had to ask me 5 or 6 times. HOW DO YOU SPELL THAT!!! — I know this sounds funny but it was at that time I knew it was over for me and Vicksburg. We packed up our bags, sold our home, relocated our business, and got out of there and were so glad we did.

    NOTE: The way you keep crime statistics down is not to report them and this is very important because before we relocated our business the first thing we did was to look at the crime statistics for that new city.___If you had a real Newspaper NOT THE VICKSBURG POST–But one that cared about the community and was not in cahoots with the administration this would not go on.

    Preston Reuther

  4. Now here’s crime that I believe went unreported. At Pemberton Mall over a month ago a shooting or a robbery took place. I heard it at office through word of mouth.

  5. Ok. We all agree that the crime is not being reported correctly. So what do we do about it? Everyone needs to call the Vicksburg Post and complain. We have to do something. Something has to change. This is absolutely ridiculous!

  6. I seriously doubt the Post would do anything differently. Maybe a petition is in order. yes things have to change. How do we make that happen.

  7. here’s an idea: we should bring in the local Jackson tv stations. That should shake up the Post slumber. Why? Drop a news tip on what’s going on thier websites and they would scoop the Post.


    I like the last idea but here is one better!

    You have to be united, a community thing not just one person talking. Get a petition signing at a well traveled location. Set up for a few hours and tell the jackson media when you are going to be there. Or better yet send a press release about your signing to the Mississippi Press Service and for about $90 they will send a press release to every newspaper in the state of Mississippi.

    Things like covering up crime statistics start at the top–mayor, police chief and lack of reporting by the post. _________________Since I firmly believe that Lawrence Leyen’s political career is over not only in Vicksburg but in the entire state of Mississippi i would not expect any assisstance there.

  9. Here’s another fact. Local leaders like Mayor Leyens didn’t like the fact that the city’s crime got compared to the crime in that New York City. Now this happen a few years ago. What I recall the Mayor and others were upset that they got compared to that New York City whose own crime stats have dropped;and this ports crime stats had risen. U see that’s these leaders weakness they don’t like being compared to another places. That’s a weakness that could be exploited.

  10. Yesterday, I spoke to the lady who was knocked down and her purse stolen in the Walgreen parking lot a week or so ago. She was bruised terribly and had trouble standing. She said it was a woman who ran up and knocked her down, stealing her purse and running off.

    The policeman who came to investigage, told her to never go out alone without her sister. It was close to 5pm when the mugging took place. This is a lady in her 80’s who was brutally pushed down on the concrete with force and could have been much more seriously injured.
    Fortunately, she was mostly bruised all over her lower face and neck plus down her arm and side where she hit the concrete. She was still very sore and somewhat weak.

    There is too much of this going on in our town!

  11. Gores hardware front window. glass broken. Just another little incident in that part of town.. There seems to be ongoing criminal activity in this area. Mama’s Hot Dog stand broken into 4 or 5 times. Shooting took place not far from there several weeks ago. Where are the patrol cars for this area??? Anyone have any idea!! The crime level in this area is on the uprise,. you would think the VPD would be more visible . but they are not.. Is your area next???

  12. Someone do the petition I will volunteer to help man the station…

  13. I like the idea of calling the Jackson TV station. That will definitely stir things up. What about 3 on Your Side?

  14. I heard yesterday about an embezzement at Pemberton Mall. I don’t know all the facts to it. But it makes me wonder which business was the victim.

  15. Has anyone thought to compare the current crime rate to the crime rate before the “Hurricane Katrina” refugees settled in Vicksburg (Warren County)?

  16. I am a uk citizen who vissit`d your town in 2005
    and will be returning apr/08
    will i be safe,what advise is there for me.
    regards to all R. mcgregor

  17. Robert, our town is much safer than most. Come to Vicksburg and enjoy – your chances of being involved in a crime are slim – just take the necessary precautions – lock your vehicle, don’t stroll the streets after midnight, etc. If you have specific concerns, post them here, and we’ll try to get answers for you. Thanks!

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