Will the Ceres spec building ever be used?

Built in 1995, Warren County’s “spec” building at Ceres is advertised on the county’s website as follows:


“This 64,000-ft building is located at the Ceres Research and Industrial Interplex, within view of Interstate 20.  Built as a spec building, it can be customized to any manufacturing or commercial requirements.  This building is ready to go midway between Vicksburg and Jackson.”


The specifications for the building are located here:




One contributor to VS suggested that the decision to construct the building, its funding, and its ownership should be scrutinized. We assume all decisions made by the Board of Supervisors were made in good faith and with some prospect for success; any hard information to the contrary may be submitted to VS by this contributor or others.


There has been criticism here on VS of the county’s economic development activities, and of their decision to construct the building (see Mayor Laurence Leyens speaks): There have also been suggestions that the building be used as a jail, or as headquarters for the humane society. However, the building is ill suited for these applications.


As far as is known, there are no prospects for tenants. So what will become of the building? If it cannot be rented, what use should be made of it? Your suggestions are appreciated.

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  1. why hasn’t this building have any tenants? Who charges the rent and lease on this property?

  2. Who owns this building??? Does anyone know??

  3. Wasn’t this a Jimmy Heidel deal years ago?

  4. to start with i did not mean to bring scrutiny to the building of.i only to needed someone else to find the documentation as to who own it because i didnt know where to find it i knew the county owned it. i “heard” so remember this is hearsay ,the county had surplus grant money to build with so they used it to develop this land and building my question is that after 12 yrs after its construction why has it not been put to good use. I f it was built with federal grant money why did our county leaders not put this money to better use. you think maybe any of them had anything to gain in this decision

  5. Someone told me Joe Loviza was involved. It would be great if he would tell what he knows about it.

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