City/county bickering hurts everyone

Now it’s the disaster plan that is the source of disagreement. Mayor Leyens is revising the city’s disaster plan, but apparently feels that a countywide plan would be best for the citizens of Vicksburg and Warren County. He has criticized the county’s disaster plan, and now threatens to go forward with the separate plan for the city unless the county comes to the bargaining table. Admittedly, although our mayor is endowed with plenty of sense, when it comes to diplomatic skills, he is clueless. Does that excuse the apparent lack of cooperation exhibited by county leaders? Absolutely not.  It’s a good bet that a joint plan would cost the taxpayers less, and, in time of emergency, would function more effectively. For the good of all the citizens of Vicksburg and Warren County, the supervisors should consider the gravity of the subject, make allowances for the mayor’s brashness (if that is their hangup), and jointly develop a comprehensive arrangement that makes sense for all of us.


Do you agree? Are there other factors at work here? Your comments are welcomed.

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  1. not only does it hurt locals. But businesses who desire to locate here; well they would snear at them.

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