Christmas at the City Pound!

Southern Paws (Debbie Lowery) is sponsoring a new celebration this year – “Christmas at the City Pound.” The objective is to give all the puppies, kittens, dogs and cats at the City Pound a month of Christmas – something that has never been done before.  Debbie is asking for donations of canned cat food for kittens and adult cats, canned dog food for puppies and adult dogs, chew bones, cat and dog treats, and toys for cats and dogs. If you would prefer to make a cash contribution, Debbie will buy the items needed.  Food and treats, or your donation, may be dropped off at any of three different locations – Southern Paws, at 1200 Openwood St., Hometown Medical, at 814 Belmont St., or Atwood Chevrolet, on N. Frontage Road. If you prefer to mail a donation, send to “Christmas at the City Pound,” c/o Southern Paws, 1200 Openwood St., Vicksburg, MS 39183.


Vicksburg’s Channel 23 is cooperating in this effort by soliciting donations; their help is indispensible, and greatly appreciated.


Visit a few of the animals at the city pound website:


Most if not all of these animals have only a few days to live. Help make their last hours a happy experience by helping with “Christmas at the City Pound.” Better yet, consider saving one of them through adoption.

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  1. I think the animals at the pound need all the exposure and help they can get.

    With that said, it seems counterintuitive to me that a city funded department needs donations of basic items like food and litter. I understand the toys or any extra items that might bring happiness to an otherwise miserable existence.

    It seems that non-profit rescues need donated food and litter, not a taxpayer funded department. Is the city withholding food and litter for these animals? If the city is not providing these animals with basic care items, then someone with the city needs to start answering for that ASAP.

  2. Lola, I absolutely agree with you that these animals need all the exposure that they can get. Thank you for giving them this chance by your response.

    The city is not withholding anything from these animals. They provide dry cat and dog food and litter for the cats every day. Eldridge Skinner does a wonderful job seeing that they are taken care of. They only hold these animals about five days at the city pound and then they are sent to Jackson to be euthanized….not by choice, but by necessity. Since they have been working with Southern Paws Rescue, some of the animals are being adopted or fostered out and some are kept a little longer than five days if at all possible in hopes they will be adopted. Mayor Leyens is anxious to help save these animals and is willing to work with Southern Paws.

    Debbie, being the tender hearted person she is, just wanted to give them a little something extra this being the month of Christmas. She wanted to give them a taste of canned food for their last days and she wanted to give them some toys to play with. Of course, they won’t understand Christmas, but Debbie will and she loves animals so much and she tries so hard to help them any way she can. She spends her own money and most of her time helping them. This was her idea to just add a little extra happiness for them. It had nothing to do with the city.

    I hope you and others will take just a little time and offer toys if you prefer, rather than canned food, to these animals. And before any of you jump down our throats about “what about the children who need help”, “yes, we help them to”. There is room enough in our hearts to spread more love around.

  3. Since we have created a petfinder site for the City animals. Many dogs and cats have found homes. The two calico kittens were adopted to a lady in jackson, Ms. The little black puppy was adopted to a home in Lexington. The little pom mix has a home in brandon. Ms and he is scheduled to have his eye removed and be neutered this Friday. he was heartworm neg and has been vaccinated and wormed.
    Without the help of Mr Skinner, these animals would not have found homes. He has been so nice to hold those adoptable longer than the 5 days.
    Today we delivered good food, treats, chew bones for all the dogs and cats. There is an uplifted spirit at the pound, and certainly it is the season for it..
    Barry Graham was instrumental in helping with the Christmas at the pound.
    Please take the time to buy that box of treats or food. it is worth it.

  4. Christmas at the City Shelter has been a huge success!! They animals have toys, treats of every kind and people continue to donate items. It is wonderful!!

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