Vicksburg’s schools: Preparing for Columbine or Al Qaeda

We at VS were unaware that the local schools are preparing via drills for the possibility of a Columbine-style attack, or even for an incident involving a terrorist. One of our readers, however, was confronted with that fact when his daughter described just such a drill. His post is shown below, and as he allowed, his name is included.

  i am john kirby day. my 6 year old came home today from sherman aveschool she tells me they had a drill at school. iasked her if it was a fire drill; she said ” no, it was in case a bad man was in the school, they had to seeif 23 students would fit in the bathroom.”  i believethat we should know they are having terrorist drillsat our schools. i personally am glad to know they arepreparing our children for real situations that DOhappen in this worldi went to school here in vicksburg in the eighties andwe didnt have to worry about things like that. we hadtornado drills nowadays our schools are about aslikely to have a shooting as they are being hit by atwister      please repost this with my name if you like   by the way i love the forum it is an honestunbiased opinion of the politics that affect me and myfamily directly. thank you for having me 

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  1. the school administration should’ve been more honest and forward with a serious security issue as this. The kids should’ve been informed that it wasn’t a fire drill or a disaster drill. Now who fouled on this drill? that’s what I would like to know; but the kids should’ve been told the truth.

  2. Like Mr. Day, I’m glad the schools are preparing for worst. They could be more forthcoming with their plans, however. Everytime one of these school shootings happen, the first thing you hear from people is “I didn’t think that could ever happen here.” Well, it can. Better for us to be prepared. Thanks, Mr. Day, for informing us.

  3. with a little asking around i found out that the doors on these bathrooms are fire rated doors. Being in construction and having knowledge of these doors as well as guns i can assure you, the guns most likely to appear in a shooting at a school here would not penetrate these doors or the block walls they are attached to

  4. chuck i understand what you mean about explaining why the drill was performed to the students. i really am glad they only told them about “if a bad man was in the school” remember this is a 6 yr old in first grade. i dont think my child should be told the whole truth in this situation. i dont want her to walk around scared of a bad man in her school. let the administration handle that when it happens and ill teach her about the bad men. and again i commend the schools for preparing our babies for the worst while still leaving their learning experience as tranquil as possible i only wish they would inform the parents when they decided to have these drills

  5. This is not the first year the school system has been conducting these drills. My wife is a teacher and these drills have been happening for several years. The school system is doing many things to protect the students and staff.

  6. and once again chuck ill say, i wish they would let the PARENTS know about these drills if your wife is a teacher then of course you know about the drills but those of us with kids are always left in the dark

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